Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to all our new fusion center friends.

Especially those from Indiana and Michigan. Glad you're here. Poke around at your pleasure. Try to recall that you're a free American, not some collectivist stooge. Remember your oath and that it isn't to the new Fuhrer. Don't cooperate with anything tyrannical. And now an appropriate selection from the Glenn Miller AEF Band first broadcast to some other collectivist stooges from England in 1944.

Or, if you just act like a secret political policeman but don't understand German . . .


Anonymous said...

Why are all your propaganda models white girls? You talk a lot about diversity and anti-racism, but you don't show it.

Just sayin.

Defender said...

Got a fusion center here, located at the state police headquarters. The same people who took unconstitutional gun purchase criminal record check information and unlawfully shared it to waiting local police. People didn't even make it out of the gun show parking lot before they were arrested and their gun confiscated. They had PASSED the background check but were on some other "list."
Come to think... I don't know who any of the employees are, so it's very hard to talk liberty to them. I guess that's true most places.
So I complained to my state delegate, who forwarded my concerns to ... the state police.
Their actions were "entirely within policy," of course.

Sean said...

I'd buy that for a dollar!

johnnyreb said...

Hey Mike. I'll, uh, have one of those to go with nothin' on it.

Anonymous said...

what color would you prefer; purple, green, orange, pink....?

What a stupid remark. I'm white and live with a black woman, but even I can't find anything racist in that poster. Or this blog. Grow up and take your trolling elsewhere.

Or maybe to appease this idiot, let's make the next 20 posters multi-colored lesbians. That should be diverse enough.