Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making the world safe for bureaucracy.

Evil, illegally-parked woman gets a dose of street justice while a vicious crowd of pre-criminals shouts imprecations at heroic, kind policemen.


Pat H. said...

I see seven readily identifiable targets, with two additional possibles.

And a victim who is mostly out of the line of fire.

It's tactically good.

Mickey Collins said...

So, was her conduct lawful, or did she park in a no-parking zone and then refuse a polite law enforcement request to simply move the car?

If she was illegally parked and would not relocate the vehicle, then she would need to be removed from the vehicle before it could be towed. This would necessitate force, and after that we're just arguing about how much force is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Alvie.
It's "my country my ass" 8)

Back to the OP obviously that woman
was a "financial terrorist".

Send her to Guantanamo.
(sarcasm off vox populi vanished and vacant)
They want everyone to know
"why we need them"!

Wheels just fell off brace yourself,
Wile Coyote went off the cliff
straight down from here except it hasn't registered due to inertia.

Mike has been a busy bee!
Kudos, Fusion

Alvie D. Zane said...

If you don't get wordplay, I ain't 'splainin.