Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PETA chides VP Biden and offers advice about what to feed our troops.

"Damn PETA. Tofu tastes like shit."

I kid you not. Of course this is based upon the vast combat experience racked up by PETA members, I'm sure.

Remember when Vice President Joe Biden pretended to be a hot dog vendor on Comedy Central's "Colbert Report"?

PETA — well-known for dogging politicians with various protests — didn't see the humor in that. The animal rights group has sent a letter to Biden "urging him to stop feeding returning U.S. troops fat- and cholesterol-laden hot dogs and to give them lean, nutritious veggie dogs or other vegan food instead," according to a release.

The case is thus: "One in four Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 [is] too fat for military service, and research shows that vegans are far less likely to suffer from obesity as well as leading killer diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes."

"You can't expect the troops to be lean, mean fighting machines if you're stuffing them with fattening, artery-clogging meat, eggs and dairy products every day," PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman says. "These men and women have seen enough violence, so the nicest thing that the vice president can do is to spare animals from the violence of factory farming and turn our servicemen and servicewomen onto the lifesaving benefits of delicious vegan food."


Anonymous said...

Guess PETA doesn't realize they make vegetarian MRE's.

1389 said...

There is no such thing as delicious vegan food.

Vegan food tastes bad because it does not contain the nutrients that a human being needs.

Soybeans are also very tough on the digestion, as anybody who has to live and work too close to anybody who eats them will no doubt notice.

tom said...

Based on all known medical research, soy products are full of estrogens and eating much of them causes an imbalance. Body builder friend of mine says that in his experience, having significant soy in one's diet will actually cancel out steroid use.

Arthur's Hall wrote an article about it a few years back, too.

PETA want to turn soldiers into women that can't fight.

The case thus far: According to my estimation, 100% of vegans can't strip, clean, and reassemble a M-240 blindfolded...100% of vegans can't throw a grenade past it's blast radius...100% of vegans are annoying.

You can't expect to have a good fighting force if you pump them full of estrogen (soy).

The nicest thing that could happen to vegans is to die in their sleep and, barring that, avoid military service.

jdege said...

A soldier in the field can eat more than four thousand calories a day, and still lose weight.

How long do you suppose they'd last on a vegan diet?

Toaster 802 said...

For God's sakes.

try serving that sh*t is a sure way to start a chow hall riot.

I remember reading somewhere a soldier's grace was before eating "A grateful Republic rewards me again".

Not with this animal feed.

Pat H. said...

Not only does tofu taste bad, it contains phytoestrogens which men should never consume.

Really, PETA is a dangerous entity which should constantly be exposed for the whack-jobs that they are.

Defender said...

Every PETA press release means a steak dinner at our house.
Michelle Obama probably inspired them, wanting restaurants to cut the fat.
Some congresswoman from Florida is worried about carbon emissions from military vehicles too, over there.
I'm sure Achmed is laughing. Maybe it'll interfere with his aim.
Then again, it'll probably encourage him to do almost anything he wants.

Anonymous said...

to recall a phrase from my childhood

"That is SO on drugs"

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

The boys who liberated France and all those south Pacific islands basically lived on Spam, right?

I'm just sayin'.

Reminds me of one of Letterman's Top Ten Lists from long ago, it was British excuses for losing the American colonies:

Our diet- tea and crumpets; their diet- raw squirrel meat and whiskey.

drjim said...

If vegan food is so "delicious", then how come all the meat-free stuff I see at the grocery store tries to pretend it's real meat?

The Trainer said...

So now there's a FIFTH finger of death?!!??!!??

Oh man....this will NOT be well received.....

Anonymous said...

Toss in a half pound of bacon, two pork chops and a big T bone steak and then scrape out the vegan stuff to feed the hogs. Now you've got the basics of three good meals.

PETA can go feed our enemies.

Mountain rifleman

j said...

I am not a fan of 'factory farming ' of animals for a number of reasons. But my hatred for PETA derives from their most vile, pukeworthy hypocrisy. For those who do not know -PETA kills more animals each year than most local humane societies. The animals that are turned in to PETA cost money to feed and care for, and that means LESS for the hot shots, so - euthanize the little critters ASAP.

= Ingrid Newkirk, the biggest of wheels at PETA, has publicly stated her agreement with the Adolf Eichmann of Princeton, the diabolical Peter Singer, in stating that having sex with animals ( id est, using live creatures, without their consent, as masturbatory toys to gratify the perverted lusts of the owners ) is perfectly OK. Oh, they ALSO both agree that it shoul;d be legal for parents to euthanize their infants up to two years old, if the kids start revealing flawed or imperfect natures which would require costly medical aid. Little Bobby has ADHD? Pillow over the face! Sally has Down's Syndrome? Let's get the doc to give us some of those pills for her oatmeal.

You can check any of this out, to see that I am not making it up!

So these god-accursed degenerates want to offer input on MREs?
Bravo Foxtrottin' Sierra!!!!

Anonymous said...

PETA is a bunch of liars who want to reverse evolution. They are the same as Al Gore, no meat for the peasants, but banquets for the elite.

Mickey Collins said...

Didn't somebody mention in a comment to the Four Fingers chapter that the Kosher and Veggie MREs were of higher quality than the regular ones?

Defender said...

While PETA worries about saving cows from soldiers, and Michelle Obama lectures the congressional Hispanic caucus about obesity, St. Louis is grateful for some Saudi money. The *60* billion dollars in F-15s Obama is selling the Islamic kingdom will provide jobs. I thought it was "only" $30 billion.


Sean said...

Why not a little trial, where them "vegans" sign up for a tour of Afghanistan, w/ the Marines, and eat their vegan diet all the time and still function with the rest o' the troops 24/7? Next, they'll be telling us we should all go barefoot, because our long ago ancestors did.

Bad Cyborg said...

Recruiting tool post start-of-hostilities:
"Come over to our side. We serve REAL food!"

Bad Cyborg X

in the vanguard said...

The country is breaking apart at the seams and these PETA freaks can't seem to focus on what should concern them most. Let things go as they are now, and they'll have their heads handed to them - and still they plod along with numb, blunted brains.

By the way, soy, I concur with TOM, DIE ETC., ain't no good for you. In Gerson's cancer therapy I do believe, if I remember correctly, the product is a no-no. Let me correct that, ... cancer cure!

Anonymous said...

"When you reach into a bag and pull out a handful of goo that used to be a lunch, you'll know what to do."

Dedicated_Dad said...

"Tom, ..." and "Pat H" beat me to it.

Males should eat as little soy as possible, for reasons already explained.

Ever wonder why the rabbit-food-eaters seem neutered? They are. Chemically, anyhow.

A little won't really hurt, but a full-on diet of it and...

Likewise -- while I'm on a roll -- barring anemia or other diagnosed disorder, men should avoid anything fortified with iron. Since we don't lose blood every month like women, it builds up in our systems and can reach toxic levels if supplemented.

Which brings me to another point: Give blood as often as possible. It helps keep your body from overloading iron and other heavy-metals, and also helps rid the blood of other crap - including cholesterol!

Studies show men who give blood have lifespans nearly equal to women. I (and many others) think menses explains their longer life-span, and giving blood helps equalize that!

"J3M..." - I've occasionally proferred the suggestion that - since abortion is legal, and the biggest argument seems to be when a fetus becomes a human, I say it's when they're old enough to vote.

Anyone who has teenage kids will likely see the wisdom in this -- "You know -- I can still abort you!!" would eliminate backtalk, misbehavior, and likely delinquency as well! Guaranteed it would be more effective than threatening their cell-phone or x-box... (/sarcasm)

In closing - in the words of the great Ron White (PBUH) - "That ain't food -- That's what Food EATS!!"


PS: AGAIN with the WV!

"Fented" -- We stuck a pack on his bony, effeminate vegan @$$, handed him a rifle, and he got 3 steps before he F(ai)NTED!"

Carl said...

Stay away from tofu, it inhibits male hormones. All soy products that are not fermented have this property. My sons won't touch soy products. But don't worry, soy sauce and the like ARE fermented so you can put it on your favorite Oriental dishes and still be a man.

In my house PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals!


Defender said...

Michelle has spewed her spiel to the BLACK Caucus now, reminiscing about the vegetable man that used to drive through the neighborhoods.
Even as California cops are raiding places, guns drawn, that sell fresh raw produce.
Meanwhile, CBS News admitted on air that the unemployment rate IS 17%, as someone here said, rather than the popularly-cited figure of 9 to 10%.


tom said...

Hey Sean, Barefoot has it's place:

Rick Rescorla often ran barefoot as he wanted to still be able to be mobile if his boots went to pieces.

He learned that fighting in Cyprus, Rhodesia, and VietNam.

More to read here about a true Commonwealth AND American hero. And he ran barefoot on a regular basis up to the day he died for exactly the above reasons.

"He told Hill that if he lost his boots in combat it wouldn't matter. This was something he'd absorbed from his years in Africa. "You should be able to strip a man naked and throw him out with nothing on him," he told Hill. By the end of the day, the man should be clothed and fed. By the end of the week, he should own a horse. And by the end of a year he should own a business and have money in the bank."

Never hurts to be prepared for contingencies :-)

Allen said...

I went to the commissary the other day and they had actual military MRE's for 7.25/ea. unfortunately all they had left were a few of the vegetarian ones. I picked up 4, just to try them.

I have a standing order with my mom (the one with the retired-dependent ID card) to get me 4 MRE's every time she goes. and I don't care what kind. even the vegetarian ones. food is food.

Happy D said...

Question; How many thriving colonies of vegetarians are there in the world?

Answer: None.

No you are not thriving if you are replacing members by recruiting new fools PETA pukes.

Anonymous said...

First I thought, "Ya gotta be kidding me"! Then I realized It's not "reality world" that I currently live in. It's "I want it to be so, no matter what, world."

I mean it's not like you can have a rational discussion with these people. They aren't interested in the truth and yes, There are Marxists at the bottom of this effort too!

Justthisguy said...

I thought the "caveman" diet was optimum for humans. You know, small animals, small fish, fruits, veggies, roots and nuts. No grains, though. Those are for feeding peasant slaves, or making beer.

WV:renethfu. If I knew who reneth was, and were angry at him, I might agree.

Bill S. said...

Vegetarian---old indian word for 'bad hunter'.

Seriously though, what pisses me off about the article is the idea that eating meat is why so many of our kids are fat.

No, it's inactivity and eating all sorts of chemically adulterated crap labeled as food--and a whole bunch of vegetarian 'meat substitutes' qualify in this category. Fast food will do the same thing to you.

A diet of meat, vegetables, fruit, with minimal grains and very little dairy is the diet you need. It isn't so much the fat that makes you obese, as it's the carbs and chemical junk.

Defender said...

British newspaper says public venues such as Wembley Stadium are serving *everyone* meat that has been ritually slaughtered according to Islamic halal rules.
That means throat slit and bled out while alive and screaming while a prayer to Allah is said, not after being stunned or humanely killed. Will PETA condemn the practice?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could give blood, but like so many military, having served in Europe, the Red Cross won't take my blood anymore. I think they're afraid I may have eaten beef tainted with Mad Cow, and developed the human variant, Crutzfeld-Jacob's.

ANy other suggestions, such as the ancient medieval practice of blood letting? (joking)

B Woodman