Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama to empower Tea Parties: "C'mon, Brer Bear, knock mah haid clean off. But whatever ya do, pleeeze, don' fling me in dat briar patch, Brer Fox!"

What a WONDERFUL idea.


Alvie D. Zane said...

My sentiments exactly.

Concerned American said...

Time For Chaos

Defender said...

Bush tax cuts for "millionairs and billionaires" AND people who work six day weeks of 12-hour days and create jobs for two to five others and end up with $250,000 a year before taxes. That's the American entrepreneurial spirit. O wants it dead.
Tucked in the health care bill is a 3.8 percent special tax on real estate sales, and other nasties.
He'd never have the gall to do these things, knowing people would find out before the election, unless there's some disruption planned.
Better the "Tea party anarchist" you don't know than the career devil you do know.

TPaine said...

I happened to be at the "Grand Opening" of our local GOP HQ yesterday, and was hoping that more of us Tea Party people would show up in full colors. I was disappointed that only one other person who would admit Tea Party affiliation was there, and she was "undercover". As it was, since I was apparently rabid Tea Party, I got a lot of strange looks, leading me to believe that I was in the midst of a herd of RINOs.

I do hope that the Dems succeed in their bid to link us to the GOP...I thought they had been trying to do this for a long time anyway. Karl Rove and other GOP gurus are learning the hard way not to mess with us.

Anonymous said...

You'll know who the RINO's are because they'll have an affinity for homosexuality.

Scott said...

"You'll know who the RINO's are because they'll have an affinity for homosexuality."
In other news: You do all know that the $250,000 is ADJUSTED gross income... don't you?
That means you can actually gross half mil, three quarter mil, a whole million - and if you have an accountant with half a brain, your legit business expenses/deductions will drag your AIG below $250,000 - and your home free.
Are you/your paid accountants that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Please post the above link. This is a case study of the Tea Party and how it operates as an open source political movement. This is what I have been advocating for the 3%. Pay close attention to the details about how the group is leaderless and uses modern communication tools to spread The Idea. Their idea is that they will alter the culture and bring it back to our roots. Its great although I think it is rather too late to accomplish the goal without violence. We have our own Idea that needs to be spread.