Sunday, September 26, 2010

The latest from the Judenrat of the NRA: "As sturdy as a soggy role of toilet paper."


To anyone who still believes the National Rifle Association cares more about protecting your Second Amendment rights than it does about kissing up to powerful politicians, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

For the NRA, the Second Amendment has become little more than an expedient tool for raising money, striking political compromises, and maintaining access to those in power.

This week, the NRA’s Political Victory Fund endorsed liberal Democrat Congresswoman Betsy Markey, who cares so deeply about the Second Amendment that she didn’t even bother to return the NRA’s survey when she first ran for Congress two years ago.

So why did the NRA cast its lot with Markey now?

It’s simple: the NRA likes to play it safe by backing incumbents, even those whose support of gun rights is as sturdy as a soggy role of toilet paper.


Johnny said...

It's a safe bet the NRA will be turned and used against you - that's what happened with the UK NRA.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want but if it were not for the NRA, we wouldn't be able to legally own anything beyond a single-shot shotgun by now. The NRA is a single-issue organization and is not obligated to promote any particular political idealogy. It is sometimes difficult to understand the choices they sometimes make, though. But the NRA does indeed deserve our support!

Anonymous said...

Turn the spell check off, a famous writer should know role from roll!

devildog said...

It amazes me at how many of my fellow NRA members just will NOT look at the facts and continue to make excuses for them. Time to remove the board of directors as was done several years ago by the membership who became angry at the direction it was taking. No more money. No more excuses. Replace the governing body that no longer represents us.

;Yenta of Sipsey Street said...

That hot dog makes me wonder. Perhaps some enterprising III-per
could defile Park 51 with by-products from dead pigs. Yenta's thinking again...

Pat H. said...

Anon 7:18, your sycophantic screed is factually incorrect.

Non-NRA, pro-self defense rights activists have done more in the last ten years than the NRA in its entire history.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anonymous (9/26/10 @ 09:48) said... "Turn the spell check off, a famous writer should know role from roll!"

Beat me to it - though the error was from the linked article.

I'd bet a paycheck Mike left the title misspelled because he liked the double-entendre thus created. For most of us here, at this point, I think that if a ROLL was not available, the nra's apps and other junk-mail would fill the ROLE of TP quite well!

As to the OP, what did we expect? Is anyone surprised?

I went to a gun-show last weekend and **TRIED** to have a civil conversation with their on-site recruiter.

I tried being very respectful - making clear that what I had to say was not meant to be an attack on the NRA, was CERTAINLY not intended for him personally, and that I was telling him this in the hope that he'd pass it up the line.

I went on to explain - in some detail - why I haven't renewed my membership, why I changed my "life member" plans, and so on.

I explained in detail:
* the "DISCLOSE-act" garbage, and how their "deal" also exempted SEIU and a number of other Enemies.
* their even THINKING of endorsing Reid, then their cowardly "we're not endorsing ANYONE" abdication of responsibility instead of doing the right thing and endorsing the clear 2A winner.
* Their myriad other examples of Cowardice in the face of the enemy, and of taking the expedient route instead of fighting for right.
* Their attempts to undercut Heller until they realized he was going to win - then jumping on the bandwagon and actually trying to usurp the case -- acting like it was all their idea from the beginning.
* etc.

He had no response except "they do what the members want them to do" - to which I just laughed incredulously, and the fact that "they're the biggest group and thus they have more 'pull' - to which I responded that (if anything) this rightly SHOULD be an even stronger mandate for their using the power we members have given them to fight for our rights instead of constantly compromising to our detriment.

He quoted essentially the same BS as Anon-07:18 hers, then when that failed to sway me, seemed to develop quite an attitude. When others began stopping and "Amen"-ing me, he REALLY began to steam. When I excused myself - repeating my request that he pass it up the line - he even refused my proffered handshake - a fact which wasn't missed by the dozen-or-more who'd been watching...

My attitude at this point is - quite simply - "FEAFEFH."


Defender said...

If not for the NRA, things would have progressed rapidly to the inevitable conclusion and some of us would be dead, but the rest would be free and not facing the loss of freedom by inches.

fireplaceguy said...

Good God. Markey is a running joke here in Colorado. She wasn't in office in time for TARP or the first round of automaker bailouts, but since then she's voted for every serving of pork. Then, just this summer, she ran an ad saying “Bailouts really offend me” and “Bailout is just another word for cop-out, and here in Colorado that’s not how we do business”

Then she whined about receiving death threats after she voted for Obamacare.

She's not just a liberal, she's a lightweight liberal - an airhead. She's not even a good liar, which is a prerequisite. And dang right, she's no friend of the 2nd, or any other aspect of individual liberty.

I didn't leave the NRA - the NRA left me. F**k the lot of 'em, damn quislings...

Anonymous said...

Napoleon said, "A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights."

Describes NRA to a tee.