Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can terrorism save the Obama regime?

Well, OKC saved Clinton's, didn't it?


Bad Cyborg said...

It's 40 days until what some are calling "the most important election since the Civil War". More than enough time for an "October surprise". Something tells me the shit ain't far from the fan now.


Bad Cyborg X

Defender said...

It's all about the O.
He dishonors the 9/11 dead and makes that devastating historic day sound like a mosquito bite and an ACCIDENT.
Not only is he the best gun salesman in Amerian history, but the best spokesman for giving American socialist Democrats a ticket on the fast train to the private sector. I think he's starting to scare even his own sycophants.
Keep talking, Barry. Impeachment is still on the books.

Defender said...

When Obama spoke to that Hispanic group -- leaving out "by their creator" -- from the preamble of the Declaration of independence -- he talked about the wonderful cultures that were here on the continent "before America was even an idea." Big cheer when he said "Mexicans."
Sean Hannity pointed out that bit of historical revisionism. America: 1776. Mexico: 1810.
An invitation to La Raza and MechA? He'll give ya amnesty.

Anonymous said...

Yes it can. And it will be domestic in origin as Nappy Napolitano and friends are loudly proclaiming in these few days before the mid-terms. A Reichstag moment may be in the works right now.

Anonymous said...

Waco was wrong !!
OKC was wrong !!
McVeigh should have studied the work of Michael Collins
Paul in Texas

cmblake6 said...

This miserable communist has got to go. This is beyond insane that it occupies the Whitehouse!

Anonymous said...

If they can't manage it by themselves, Pootin can educate 'em. After all, they are blood brothers.

Dedicated_Dad said...

" Anonymous said...
Yes it can. And it will be domestic in origin as Nappy Napolitano and friends are loudly proclaiming in these few days before the mid-terms. A Reichstag moment may be in the works right now.
September 23, 2010 7:09 AM"

Sadly, I believe this comment probably NAILED IT.

I pray I am wrong, but I feel a surety that right now, somewhere in Amerika, some deep-cover operative is working with his Demmunist handlers to put the finishing touches on something truly horrific.

He'll already have established his bonafides - including plenty of pics and video of him, strangely front-and-center in every pic or vid - as a loud-and-proud "teabagger", Constitutionalist/Conservative, 2A supporter...

The bottom line is that this guy will be the poster-boy for the Demmunists "two-minute HATE" ceremony -- it wouldn't surprise me if his name were "Emmanuel Goldstein" but that might be too jewish-sounding for them.

The op will be something truly horrific -- maybe shoot up a school-bus full of poor, black children, or something equally vile that I'm not sick enough to think of at the moment.

This will be enough of an excuse for all the "crack-downs" they're dreaming of - "right wing extremists" "gun-nuts" and so on (and so on).

Most of the people will now approve - having been shown that even McVeigh isn't the biggest monster -- it's those evil TEABAGGERS. THEY'RE ALL DANGEROUS ANIMALS!!

Having accomplished his mission, our
"Hero" will be paraded before the cameras and given all sorts of chances to further the stereotype in the public mind. His trial will be a huge spectacle, during which he'll further play his assigned role to a "T", then he'll face "execution" before being whisked away to a comfortable retirement somewhere.

At least that's what he's being told -- the truth is that he'll probably end up just as dead as Vince Foster - an "obvious" "suicide" - first chance they get. There's no way they can leave him alive to talk.

I pray I'm wrong, but I really don't think so.

And - FTR - YES. I *DO* believe this bunch is not above

TPaine said...

It's a scary thought, but a few of us were talking last night, and someone came up with this scenario: There is an assassination attempt on Obama (maybe he even gets wounded), and the leftists go into martial law mode. Elections are canceled, streets are cleared, curfews are established, and the cops are going door-to-door looking for weapons. The NG is put on hot alert, troops are dispersed throughout the big cities (LA, NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, etc.).

All of this is done by the leftists themselves - it's a set-up. Why is Pelosi so cock-sure that the Dems will remain in power after November, unless sshe knows something everyone else doesn't.

Of course, this would essentially start our next civil war, but I think that's what these guys want in the first place. Collapse the government and take over as a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned pootin?
The man who wrote this book got polonium in his drink

Pat H. said...

The US government has been putrifying for more than 140 years.

Obama's value has been to galvanize those needed to remove the US government from part, perhaps all of America.

Can anyone really say that California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut don't deserve at least two more years of him?

aughtsix said...

"Can terrorism save the Obama regime?"


Can we III save the Republic?

Get on board, in spite of doctrinal/dogmatic differences, and let's find out.

I'm all through, completely done, beyond ennui, with the endless pissing contest between "libertarians," "conservatives," "constitutionalists," "minarchists," "anarchists,"

Remember Mike's post, "Beware of the theorists?"

Those of us who believe in and aspire to LIBERTY, however formulated, had better put aside our "theoretical" differences, or there will be no LIBERTY, however defined and codified.


Kerodin said...

There are forces in the world who are just waiting for a serious ruckus in CONUS. They see opportunity if we are distracted internally.

Those who would be our Masters, possessed of the Left ideologies, are global. How many in power today in America would really put up a serious defense if global Leftists made a move on us?

There is a bigger picture.