Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sportsman's Guide has "wooly pullys" for twenty bucks.

With colder weather approaching, from the Trainer comes this tip on "Wooly Pully" availability at Sportsman's Guide. I always liked the reinforced elbows.

WX2-173035 - Used British Military Wool Sweater, Olive Drab
Compare at $50.00
Club Price $17.97


Chuck Martel said...

Those things have been impossible to find.

Anonymous said...

Helluva price. In cold weather, I like one of those under my M65 for a great outdoor jacket. Good for standing around a campfire too.

Anonymous said...

plus you guys look *great* in wooly-pullys! :) That and a pipe? Ooh-la-la.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't your book commercially available for sale in any form today? Your continued tips on gear, etc. are interesting but are absolutely NOT unique. There is no shortage of people who are willing to sell gear. None. Your unique contribution is in your book.

Just do it. Birth it now. It will never be technically perfect.

Do not let the gear drive the plot. Make the plot drive the gear.

Can I have it now, please? Warts are ok. I can even wear protection while I handle it, if medically necessary.

Corporal Clegg said...

I say Guv'na, that will look absolutely fab with my Sten. But a bit of a itchy witchy wooly pully, what.

Anonymous said...

They never have the XLs!!!!! They either must all get issued and taken home or nobody wears an XL at 20-25 years of age.

Thanks for the tip, but the last thing I need is another "too small in the neck and shoulders" sweater.

Johnny said...

I've still got (one of) mine, more here - Jersey Heavy Wool.

Anonymous said...

These were standard issue in the USMC in the late seventies.

Don't know about now.

Ryan said...

Got one and it is a good sweater.