Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reid the pander bear.

Needing every illegal vote he can get.


Brock Townsend said...

"......he doesn't know if he has enough votes."


sofa said...

Call his bluff: DO not let it pass.
Defund the military, if that's the choice Harry would give us. It would clarify things for those who have not been paying attention.


On the other hand, Should this pass-
Is this a tripwire? Legalizing tens of millions of illegals is a pretty extreme act. It would irreparably harm the US (which is one reason they are pushing this).

Anonymous said...

Ship some bricks to his office in the Hart building via those "Flat Rate Boxes". Tell him to finish the wall, or he can use those bricks and boxes to build a house after he is made homeless after the election.

Skip said...

Damn, I just drove through Searchlight.
I coulda checked my scope.

Dedicated_Dad said...


My blood is almost literally boiling.

Never has there been a better example of why bills must be considered separately - no unrelated crap tacked on.

For G*D's sake, any bill big enough to have some hokey acronym attached and followed by "Act" certainly shouldn't be an amendment to anything.


DADT? Needs AT LEAST as big a hullabaloo as their HC takeover, and this amnesty sickness even more.


What better definition of treason could there be than for the SML to set up a situation where everyone else must in essence vote to defund the .mil in the middle of a war, or decimate both it and what remains of our culture with Marxist social-engineering?


Every Sailor/Soldier/Airman/Marine I've spoken to has said they'll resign or refuse to re-up if DADT is passed.

What will they do then?


Force people to continue serving beyond their contract?

Anything these morons do to further alienate the .mil is - IMHO - A Good Thing. Part of me agrees with Sofa - maybe this will be enough to set people over the edge.

The combination of the two could potentially - dare I hope? - help to hasten the coming of Restoration Day.

God help us - and God Save our Republic!!


PS: This WV thing seems - lately to be off by only a letter or two.

Perfect example is this one: "betrar" == "betra(ye)r" or "betra(y)"

Some days I think the computer making these is prescient...

TPaine said...

These illegals have to one of two things: serve 2 years in the military, or attend two years of college. And I guess that now that the govt. is in the business of student loans, we'll have those illegals applying to Uncle Sam for the tuition, too.

If this doesn't put Harry Shotrocks in the dumper in November, nothing will.