Thursday, September 30, 2010

More battlespace preparation from the media.

Commentary and video link found here.


Defender said...

I'm willing to compare police/fedgov body counts with those of the Tea Party/patriots/militias any time.
Why aren't the media?
Because if they alienate their masters, the lapdogs don't get any more treats.
Because the writings of the Founders are unknown territory to them, even though they've been political and crime analysts for decades. They know who's who in the state house, city hall and the Capitol, and that's all they need to know to get those press releases to rewrite.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW that kid was bad news!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some good work by the media. Hope it continues over the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Now. Was this show done, crafted and presented, by persons who are even marginally interested in the truth? Or, did they have a goal in mind? Since they do the same activities repeatedly, we can presume that they know exactly what they are doing and have specific goals in mind with respect to the public mind.

These are the same things that they have been doing, year in and year out for years if not decades. They will not stop and anyone who believes that there isn't intent behind their activities, has no excuse while the Internet is still functionally useful.

Bitter Clinging Texan said...

See, what a lot of these "enlightened progressives" fail to realize, is that the Tea party...Beck, Hannity, Palin ETC ARE THEIR BEST FRIENDS. I know if I WAS Brucey Q. Progressive, I would much rather the "bitter clingers" watch Beck cry in front of his chalkboard than read one of Vanderboegh's praxis posts on field telephones or bayonets, or youtube a bob wright RTC speech or attend a GOA/JPFO event.