Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Magazine Does Battlespace Preparation for Leviathan (and unwittingly does us a favor).

"Locked and Loaded: The Secret World of Extreme Militias" is full of the usual lying conflation of constitutional militias and racial collectivists. Funny, they don't consult Professor Robert Churchill who is the premier authority on the subject since his well-researched book, To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face. Neither do they quote long-time constitutional militia leaders like Bob Wright.

Without bothering to inconvenience themselves by interviewing me, they quote me nonetheless:

Regardless of what conscience tells them, what chance do would-be armed rebels possibly have of prevailing against the armed might of the U.S.?

One answer comes from former Alabama militia leader Mike Vanderboegh, who wrote an essay that is among the most widely republished on antigovernment extremist sites today. In "What Good Is a Handgun Against an Army?" Vanderboegh says the tactical question is easy: Kill the enemy one soldier at a time. A patriot needs only a "cheap little pistol and the guts to use it," he writes, to shoot a soldier in the head and take his rifle; with a friend, such a man will soon have "a truck full of arms and ammunition." Vanderboegh is hardly a man of action himself, living these days on government disability checks. Even so, when he wrote a blog post in March urging followers to protest the health care bill by breaking windows at Democratic Party offices, they did so across the country.

They do not mention the Three Percenters. This is unfortunate. Can you imagine the effect that the concept of "One Hundred Heads" in a national rag like Time would have on the collectivist tongue cluckers of the Ruling Class in their deliberations?

The "Letter From the Editor" which accompanies the cover story frets:

True patriotism is not owned by any party or person. Nor is there a one-size-fits-all definition that would please all those who consider themselves patriots. We each define the idea — and act on it — in our own way. But there are some definitions that cross the line, that pervert patriotism and take it to a place that is hateful and dangerous. Barry Goldwater famously declared in his acceptance speech at the 1964 Republican Convention that "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." Fine. But some forms of extremism in defense of a misguided sense of liberty can be poisonous. And such noxious extremism can come from left or right — or anywhere.

In this week's powerful and disturbing cover story, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative correspondent Barton Gellman explores the world of extreme antigovernment alienation, from the training protocols of America's militias all the way to the deranged plans of a neo-Nazi who sought to plant a dirty bomb in Washington. In recent years, rhetoric on the left and the right of the political spectrum has grown more incendiary, but both sides still aim to achieve their ends with ballots, not bullets. The story portrays those who believe that government is more than just the problem; they believe it is the enemy. The most extreme militants do not believe in change through peaceful means and think it is only a matter of time before they will have to take up arms against the federal government.

Now I'm a "noxious extremist." Noxious. Who knew?

That the Ohio Defense Force violated one of my frequently expressed prime directives and allowed Time to embed a reporter and photographer on an FTX ought to be cause for condemnation. But looking at the overall result, I can't work myself up to be angry about it.

Look at this series of photos. Then look at them again. What do you see? What would an average member of the public see? You know what comes through these photos to me? Although I'm sure that the purpose was to focus on the scary firearms, what I see in these photos is the militiamen's (and women's) essential humanity. On the move and at rest, they look like nothing so much as those photos of American soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Though certainly a conflationary mess in its entirety and full of qualifying language to achieve its purpose, the article's quotes of the unit members are of the same sort that you would hear from the vast majority of constitutional militia units, causing Time to admit, "As militias go, the Ohio Defense Force is on the moderate side."

Of course they go on to say:

"Scores of armed antigovernment groups, some of them far more radical, have formed or been revived during the Obama years, according to law-enforcement agencies and outside watchdogs. A six-month TIME investigation reveals that recruiting, planning, training and explicit calls for a shooting war are on the rise, as are criminal investigations by the FBI and state authorities."

I'm not so sure that this message is a negative one for our ultimate purpose. Is this not the idea we have trying to get across?

"If you try to take any more of our liberty, we will kill you."

Although they try their damnedest to conflate us with racial collectivists, this message still comes through. In attempting to do battlespace preparation for a federal crackdown, Time has also helped us.



parabarbarian said...

The article does mention the three precenters but not in a complement. Eighth paragraph on page two:

"Those most inclined toward violence sometimes call themselves three percenters, a small vanguard that dares to match deeds to words."

Dennis308 said...

I do wish that just ONCE someone would do a piece of Journalism that was Un-Biased on the ¨Constitutional Militia Movement¨
"noxious extremist."??????
What was that was said it is better to be despised by the despicable,,,
I saw this piece and was going to forward it to you seeing as they took the the liberty of putting your name in it. But I have been a little busy with the RTC Rally Brownsville.
had do to a little promoting hope you don´t mind.


Johnny said...

The MSM is never going to write a fair and balanced article... they couldn't to save their life! And the old standby is to smear the opposition as racist, which Obarmy is ideal for by some strange coincidence.

But all publicity is good publicity. The good guys will do due diligence via the back channels and more will be brought into the fold by the truth.

The MSM are printing the propaganda they're told to print. The PTB are going to have decide, either come to accommodation with the Militias by starting to have balanced articles written or follow their own twisted logic and "stand up to them" - and precipitate confrontation.

They're caught between a rock and a hard place, because they'd have to admit that the Fedgov has over-reached its Constitutional authority in so many areas.

There are a bunch of us here in UK investigating our constitutional situation and it's pretty clear to me, and others, that the government has been acting illegally since WW2 in that it continues to use emergency war powers to provide legitimacy to important legislation, particularly as regards to integrating EU law with British law. We don't have a militia to push back with, however.

Don S. said...

Hey Mike you must have missed it, they did mention the "Threepers"...

"And yet there are exceptions, and law-enforcement officials say domestic terrorists are equally the products of their movements. Those most inclined toward violence sometimes call themselves three percenters, a small vanguard that dares to match deeds to words."

Oldfart said...

Actually, the Three Percenters were mentioned on the second page.

"Those most inclined toward violence sometimes call themselves three percenters, a small vanguard that dares to match deeds to words.

Defender said...

Mistrust of the media is at an all-time high. Most say the media are too liberal.
Details from the Gallup Poll people:

Anonymous said...

Why is this Churchill such a good militia scholar? Did he write you a good review?

Just be grateful that Time even paid out a paragraph on page five to an attention-whore like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Do I hate the government ? Not as much as I dislike those alleged Americans who have continuously supported long-term incumbency of politicians.

Do you bad mouth the politicians who have created the Leviathan, the Bully ? Or do you bad-mouth the citizens of this once great nation, who have supported the retention of politicians who, with their continuing position in office, have become tyrants ? Politicians and appointed bureaucrats who steal our remaining freedoms every day.

I have little use for those in today's government. From dog catcher to the Oval Office and everywhere in between. They can't be trusted to protect those they purport to serve. For it we who have become the servants to them.

But if we blame anyone group for the debacle we have allowed to ensue....known as "government", do we blame the politicians or the electorate. I blame the damn fools who allow those in power to remain in power. Perhaps it's time to return to a monarchy. It wouldn't be much different from the process we have today.

Militias ? We need them. And we need them en masse.


Anonymous said...

The pictures kinda remind me of the farmers in Rhodesia that were trying to stop the commiebastards and save their country. May G-d help us to do better than they did.

Grumpyunk said...

Oh my. The comments to that article are way scarier than the article itself. The shear number of folks with no knowledge of facts or history, but an opinion based only on recent politics is indeed frightening.

Somehow, many folks believe that the USA is immune from all things bad that have happened before or could happen again in the world.

It's kinda sad really. Gonna be a lot of surprised and disappointed people out there one of these days.

Anonymous said...

The article does actually mention Three Percenters. But I could see how one might have missed it. It appears to be - somewhat randomly - tossed in to the "most violent" section the end of the "rasists" section and right before the "white supremast" crap.

"Those most inclined toward violence sometimes call themselves three percenters, a small vanguard that dares to match deeds to words."

Sean said...

I understand Pravda is still publishing as well.

Anonymous said...

“The fighters shot blanks, the better to learn to maneuver in squads, but they buy live ammunition in bulk.” So? What’s your point? I like to buy toilet paper in bulk. What does that say about me? Narrow minded fools…

J. Croft said...


comment: Yes one could say the Ohio Defense Forces are operating out of a 80's/90's outlook that is going to get their membership either stretched in the federal pen or stretched out in bodybags. BUT if the beast sees we're not all pasty faced keyboard kommandos maybe some of their smarter trigger pullers will do some mental mathmatics and conclude perhaps that federal paycheck isn't worth all that much... if so then the ODF does a service to the nation. If you're going to be public don't look/act/be ridiculous.

fireplaceguy said...

Noxious extremist ain't so bad. Beats being called a journalist, which is the real noxious extremist.

Just another case of them calling us what they are - which is approaching infallibility for insight into their hollow souls.

Chris Vaughn said...

I remember the media coverage of the 'militia movement' back in the early 1990's, and at the time thought it was honest reporting of a growing trend in America. Then came the OKC bombing.

I now see that same media building the theme once again...

Defender said...

He calls Waco and Ruby Ridge "confrontations."
When you're in your own yard or house and they come in ghillie suits or tactical black BDUs pointing loaded guns, who is confronting whom?
Seventy years ago and 4,000 miles away, Mr. Gellman would have been a useful idiot convincing citizens that the Resistance was evil. Then he would have been vapor and ash blowing away from a camp.

EJR914 said...

Thanks for your help, Time! We appreciate it! :-)