Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gee whiz, I hope they weren't looking for me.

Because ever since they pulled that neat speeding ticket trick on me when I was on my way to a Georgia friend of mine, I've been taking the back way. But of course this is said to be a "counter terror operation" so surely it is targeted at Jihadis and not "right-wing extremists." Right?

Of course there WAS that time, on the night of 18 April 1995, when the Fibbies were out on all the freeway overpasses of Oklahoma City with their RDF hoops looking for a rental truck they knew was coming.

Maybe this is just another little sting operation that "got away from them."


Mayberry said...

Oh noes! Yer not talkin' comspiracy crazy talk like that Alex Jones feller are ye?

Dutchman6 said...

As tongue-in-cheek as the reference was, it is always important to remember that even paranoids have real enemies. Even this paranoid.


Mayberry said...

Touche! And roger that.

Kerodin said...

Can anyone say...October Surprise...


Pat H. said...

I'd call that a target rich environment, particularly that really expensive scanning device. One wrong move and all the smoke will leak out.

Anonymous said...

Fourth amendment died eons ago.


Anonymous said...




Bad Cyborg said...

Reckon what article of the Constitution would authorize pulling everyone over and searching vehicles? Or using a scanning device such as that? "Plain View" doctrine I understand but, other than nobody being stupid enough to challenge them, how is that legal?

Can't be long now.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

I was caught in traffic for hours because of this dog and pony show!

I think this was way more than "just an exercise."

You should have seen all of them lined up with their new SUVs doing exactly NOTHING, but wasting all of our time. Bunch of bull man.