Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If you're going to be a bomber, it is important to be smarter than the bomb.

A local politico thinks this was a suicide. If that makes him feel better, he's welcome to his own opinion. Based on the description, I don't think this was a suicide. I think the bomber was an idiot. Now he's a dead idiot. Mo bettah.


Anonymous said...

If the bomb went off and killed him, wouldn't it pretty much be obliterated? How then was there a pipe bomb to be found near the body which the police safely detonated? Sounds to me like he had two bombs, one which exploded accidentally while the other remained intact.

He lived 2 blocks from the school, so he was "near the school" from the moment he left his home. This does not mean the school was his intended target, for he might have walked by it on the way to his yet-unknown intended target.

Just exactly where was this man going at 4am with a bomb, if not two bombs? He could have been a terrorist targeting innocents, a Patriot targeting tyrants, or something else; we don't yet know.

A case of "oops", perhaps, but worthy of ridicule? Even the best of trained soldiers have contributed to or suffered from friendly fire on the battle field. Tillman is a perfect example, but we don't call him an idiot. Is it not true that we must first know their cause before we can judge them for better or worst?

If this guy was a terrorist, good riddance and let's hope all of them suffer a similar fate. But what if this guy was attempting a Boston Tea Party of sorts against known tyrants? Would we have a different attitude about him then?

Let's hold off on the judgment of his mentality until we know more about what he was doing, why, and what went wrong.

Pat H. said...

There's some loose strings with that story.

First, just his head was missing. How did that happen without some specificity in the weapon?

Second, the body was found outside the home, by a dog. Doesn't sound like an accidental location to me.

Last, "a smell of gun powder" was observed. What does that mean, black powder has a unique smell as does dynamite and smokeless powder, none of which are the same.

Off hand, I'd say there are other shoes left to drop, but we're not likely to hear about them.

hazmat said...

I, too, read that story this morning. Sounds kind of iffy on the suicide thing.

That would have to be one heck of a shaped charge to dislodge ones noggin without much damage to the rest of him.

Of course, he may have been enrolled in the Wyle E. Coyote School of Bombmaking, and may have been checking out his handiwork when the KB happened, too.

Bottom line, one less D.A. in the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Suicide only takes one device. He was carrying at least two. The local cops and his family want to believe the least troubling scenario, I can certainly understand why.

I know things I did as a teen for my own entertainment and with no intent to harm myself or others were at least this dangerous. We may never know what Colin intended, but suicide seems unlikely.

Stupid hurts... Ignorance mixed with juvenile testosterone and household chemicals kills.

Anonymous said...

mayhapse he tried to hang himself with Det Cord?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Too much doesn't add up.

Funny how family is now claiming suicide after "15 years of depression" but all his old school-mates talk about an upbeat, optimistic guy.

Something's rotten, here...