Monday, September 20, 2010

My apologies to all I could have met on my trip (and for my lack of candor about what I was up to).


There are a number of you who have contacted me by comment, email and phone expressing rightful chagrin that I did not give you a chance to visit with me either at my destination(s) or along the way. There are several reasons I did this, not the least of which was that I seem to be having trouble driving places these days without having unexpected interfaces with local and state cops. I made no announcement of trip or itinerary this time and had no problems. Not necessarily a cause and effect, but a relief nonetheless.

Also, the trip was expense-subsidized by Threepers who asked me to help them out (chat with them about various topics, "wargame" potential future scenarios, give a speech, etc.) It was important that every goal of the trip be met without difficulty or complication. This too was achieved. The speech (not a very good one in my opinion) was given. (It will be posted on the web soon for all to see.) I got to meet the folks who had done so much to get me there. New friends were made. I got to meet new folks and put names to faces of old on-line acquaintances. In all, a very successful trip.

Finally, I took the opportunity of going to the Midwest to see my mom in Ohio, who is 81 and in increasingly problematic health. I left Alabama early Wednesday, got to her house that night, spent all day Thursday with her, left early Friday morning for Indiana, arrived in Michigan Friday afternoon, gave the speech on Saturday, had great fellowship with those folks I had come to see, drove south to northern Indiana again, spent the night and made it home not terribly late on Sunday evening.

I was away from computer terminals for most of that, and I know I caused some of you concern, but it was unavoidable.

For that, and for robbing some of you of the opportunity to meet me, I do apologize sincerely. May God grant us the days to accomplish all that we need to.



DavidIII said...

Sometimes you just need some to "get away" Mike. I pray for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

OPSEC is a good thing...No need to apologize for anything.

the out to lunch sign (post), should have been enough for any of us, and more info that you "need" to let any of us know.

Ken said...


Teddy K in Hell said...

All the best to your family, esp. your Mom.
Wondered if all was well, but Jack Bauer said not to worry, you'd "gone dark" for operational security and obviously one cannot announce that they are doing so, for that would call attention from the unwanted agents of evil.
btw - check your snail mail

EJR914 said...

No need to apologies, Mike. We're just a paranoid bunch, especially about someone who the government doesn't like very much.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back safe and writing.

Anonymous said...

Ya got friends that you earned, by steadfast devotion to America and mother Liberty.
You have no apologies to make. I'm sure you have contingencies for contingencies.

Sean said...

What's this candor stuff? And whoever said you had any? ANYTHING you were up to would not suprise me.