Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fatal Stupidity. Maybe he should have come to a militia training session.


In 16 years of training militiamen, I've NEVER witnessed anything close to this stupid. No fatalities, no serious injuries. Twisted ankles, heat injuries, mild hypothermia, a snakebite, and once (and only once) an instructor cut himself with a piece of an improperly aimed bird bomb during a "react to artillery" drill. That's it, that's all.

Oh, yeah, and once a half-dozen New Mexico boys came to Alabama and all of them got a hellish case of chiggers. I promised Bob Wright I'd never rat him out in public about the details of THAT one, though.



Anonymous said...

Condolences to the family of Officer Dan De Kraai.
ANd for the un-named other officer, he should be brought up on negligent manslaughter charges at a minimum. I wonder, with an "only one" involved, how far this case will really get?

Just shows, "friendly fire", isn't.

B Woodman

DB said...

The way I read it, sounds like this may not be an accident. If the other officer was demonstrating something to the one who was shot, why was he shot in the back? And why was the officer pointing a loaded gun at him with his finger on or near the trigger? Guns don't just go off on their own and it usually takes a firm press to fire.

Gaviota said...

"I promised Bob Wright I'd never rat him out in public about the details of THAT one, though."

If that's a picture of Bob Wright's foot, I can see why you had to promise him that you wouldn't rat him out. He's wearing nail polish.

Harley Acorn IV said...

******************************************************* you need not print this at all, but wanted you to know that down here, since the 50s, decent folk don't call them 'chiggers'... they are referred to as chegroes.
A little respect, si vous plait.

parabarbarian said...

De Kraai was shot in the back! What the hell was the shooter demonstrating? How to pull an Amadou Diallo?

EJR914 said...

Any there are people out there that think that "only ones" should be allowed to have guns and nobody else. Unbelievable. How can you be so stupid?

Anonymous said...

This dosen't pass the smell test. Where in the hell was the range officer? Before the investigation is over I bet some dirt will surface,

Bad Cyborg said...

" first reports appear to point to safety protocols not being followed."
Ya think?!?!?!??

I am sorry to read of the man's death. Five is awfully young to lose your father. On the other hand the widow is likely young and possibly attractive so the little girl shouldn't be fatherless for too long.

I do not expect the asshole to get more than a reprimand. The "good ole boy network" can be expected to close ranks. They don't like anyone disciplining one of their frat brothers but them.

It said De Kraai was from Ottumwa. Reckon Radar will attend his funeral?

Bad Cyborg X

Holden McGroin said...

Does anyone think maybe the man firing the kill shot was perhaps demented from too much Monty Python, as in, pretend this banana is a knife and attack me with it...
It IS tragic, but the obvious answer after to many of these things happening consistently, is this:
DISARM all police; ARM all citizens.
Result - more law and order, more peace and security and less LEO fratricide. Save a police officer today - take away his gun and give it to a grownup.

Anonymous said...

here is another one a few years back.

TPaine said...

Reminds me of the DEA agent who shot himself in the leg while demonstrating firearms safety to kids. I do some sky-diving, too, and most fatalities nowadays are experienced (and expert) jumpers who push the envelope thinking they know it all. Being a firearms guru or a police officer doesn't defeat stupidity.

And down here in Florida, if your ankle looked like that, I would have said you stepped into a nice little fire-ant hill.

Anonymous said...

Lost a cop in our local PD a few years ago because he didn't clear his weapon and managed to shoot himself in the chest.


J. Croft said...

range safety rules are for us not them.:)