Monday, September 13, 2010

Gestapo spank: "Health & Human Services" Chief threatens health insurance industry with "zero tolerance."

Michael Barone says "Gangster Government Stifles Criticism of Obamacare."

Apparently Kathleen Sebelius hasn't yet grasped the fact that "zero tolerance" works both ways.

Practicing zero tolerance for communists.


Anonymous said...

He ought to be more careful...

Dennis308 said...

Congradulations to Kathleen Sebelius she has eaned to way to the list. Damn it´s getting longer everyday. We gonna need a lot more rope.


Sean said...

Dennis308, not more rope, Electric Bleachers.

Anonymous said...

"It's a basic law of economics that additional benefits incur additional costs."

But HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, (like most apparatchiks) is supremely indifferent to economic law and the "invisible hand" of the market because she commands the "visible fist" of civil government.

Sebelius earned a reputation for combativeness when she governed Kansas, an attribute she is gonna really need when the new Congress zero funds Obamacare. :^)


Defender said...

I guess after they destroy the insurance industry, they'll bail it out by raising our taxes again. Or borrowing from the Chises some more.
Pelosi already wants to tax "windfalls": income from careful investing for retirement. If you have any of that left.

Bad Cyborg said...


Bad Cyborg X

J. Croft said...

I see only one thing wrong-that shooter's not using a sling or support. We're going to need every round of ammunition.

And opt out of the system. Completely and go underground-or rally Patriots and stage a recall election in a corrupt small town and politically take it over. Only two ways you're going to get relief until we can clean this country up.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I thought they already paid off the heads of the insurance industry. If they have not, I see another bailout coming this way, there is a reason the insurance industry cooperated rather than fight Obamacare.

Defender said...

Meanwhile Michelle Antoinette Obama lectures the restaurant industry on cutting fat. That upraised finger looks just like Osama's when he talks about the Great Satan.
The International Monetary Fund says we are in the midst of the worst jobs crisis since the 1930s. Nice priorities, Michelle.
Keep talking. Elections are coming soon.

Anonymous said...


My prediction...

Remember where we were yesterday?

Here we are today.

Imagine where we will be tomorrow.

It isn't going to matter who wins the elections. I mean really ... do you want it dry ... or lubed?

CowboyDan said...

"We gonna need a lot more rope."

Why? Using it doesn't use it up. I bet you could use it at least a few times before you'd need to replace it.

Unless, of course, you're buying it on a government account. (Ducking, running, and weaving..)

Anonymous said...

Blogger Dennis308 said...

Congradulations to Kathleen Sebelius she has eaned to way to the list. Damn it´s getting longer everyday. We gonna need a lot more rope.


September 13, 2010 9:45 AM
+1 From a fellow Texan.


Defender said...

It may be poetic justice, what goes around comes around. The restaurant industry doesn't like state laws "allowing" guns where alcohol is served even if the armed person doesn't drink -- not just dive "bars" but family restaurants too. Criminals are catching on and robbing and killing people in restaurant parking lots.
If Moochelle's -- and the sand is definitely running to the bottom of that hourglass -- suggestion becomes a fiat law like Bloomberg inflicted on NYC, well, I wrote them about how freedom and trusting the people who patronize their business are good for everyone, and maybe you did too, so on their own head be it.