Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Professional politician overthrown by Tea Party-backed candidate in GOP primary turns to Libertarians.

It is all about the appetite for power. Some folks just can't give it up. More interesting is how the professional pols sneer at the Libertarians at the same time they are courting them.

Reports on Tuesday did not indicate whether the Libertarians may have reconsidered, but Bitney alluded to the possibility that a deal might still be struck.

"They could want everything from a lunch at the Capitol to who knows what," Bitney said. "I think these guys are a little bit star struck, and they're getting more attention than they've probably ever gotten in their whole lives, and it's got to be intriguing and exciting all at once."


d3vnull said...

You make it sound like a libertarian versus tea party issue when in fact the tea party is a libertarian, ron paul movement at its core - not a sarah palin fake conservative movement.

Brock Townsend said...

Alaskan libertarians:

If you wish to cut your own throats, then by all means go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Well if Bob Barr (UN guy during the first reign of Hillary) can run as libertarian, I guess anyone can.

I guess Daddy's Lil Girl is annoyed that the peons took her seat from her, that Daddy gave as a speshul present.

Defender said...

As a small-L libertarian myself, it seems to me that the Tea Party and the Libertarian party have similar goals. Murky should take the hint and get a real job.
The Libertarian party is next in size behind the Ds and Rs as the largest ORGANIZED political party in America. They get mentioned once a year, a few days before the election as also-rans by the major media.

Until now. Hee hee.

Defender said...

Wow. Candidate has "connections" to videos saying government agents MAY have been involved with the deaths of innocent Americans:


Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: What follows could be considered a rant against the current Libertarian Party leadership. It is only fair, then, that in the interest of full disclosure, that I point out that I am what is derisively known in libertarian circles as a "purist," and that I take an extremely dim view of the direction the party has taken. So dim, in fact, that I am no longer a member of the Libertarian party, or registered Libertarian. Caveat Lector. (End Disclaimer)

With all respect to principled, hard-working individual libertarians both in and out of the Libertarian Party, I would caution readers that the people now running the Party have an unfortunate tendency to pander and call it "being inclusive," to sacrifice principles for political expediency, and to make alliances with those who are the obvious and self-proclaimed enemies of liberty in order to acquire short-lived and largely illusory "influence."

This should all sound depressingly familiar to those who have been following the bizarrely self-destructive antics of the NRA, and indeed, the results have been similar--a purge of principled leadership, followed by a betrayal of and subsequent exodus by disgusted members.

An "L" after a candidate's name should mean, to a voter, the same as an NRA endorsement, which is to say exactly nothing. The candidate may be excellent; on the other hand, they may be a amoral political hack looking for political cover from a bunch of easily-bought wannabe kingmakers.

It's never a good idea to let a political party, or political organization, do your thinking for you. At best you'll never really know who you voted for; at worst you might find out--the hard way.

Here endeth the rant. Thank you for your attention.


Anonymous said...

The term "WHORE" comes to mind when I see these peckerheads resurface like a boil that won't go away. If you have any self-respect,morals,principals or any of the other good stuff that makes you into a trustworthy individual,you can't jettison your core beliefs and still have any credibility.We need a Monster Vac for the Congress. Suck them all into a running woodchipper.Knuck

EJR914 said...

This is absurd and slap in the face to the LP everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Dave hit it. LRC covered this under the price of Libertarians is one million dollars (said in a Dr.Evil voice).

The CATO crowd has become neocon in many repects.

I used to be registered L but became an ancap in worldview and somehow registered R just to help in the Nov blood letting. So that makes me a hypocrite I suppose because Reagan as well as The Contract with America got us zilch before. I'm in it for hope and change expressed in the form of electoral revenge come Nov.


Defender said...

Well put, DMS. When I went to local Libertarian meetings, they always complained about how the party leaders were getting sucked into the game. I guess that makes us(gasp!)... anarchists.
150 years of publik skools teaching that America has a TWO-party system has done its job. When you tell people you're libertarian, you might as well be saying Liberian, libertine or Liberace.
Maybe the Tea Party is fixing that somewhat. If only more of them they would realize that they're not Republican, that their party left THEM, nbot the other way around.

Flight-ER-Doc said...

And if the Alaska Libertarian party goes for this bull it will prove, once and for all, that there is no Libertarian party. Just libertarian ideals including smaller government (which the Murkowski family clearly doesn't believe in).

This is about family revenge, pure and simple. And the simpletons in Alaska will allow it to happen.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are politicians. It's an animal we all know and recognize. Some times we don't see that some of them (not all) have a very bad side and some, no principles at all. But that doesn't speak to the overriding concern, which now influences everything that happens in politics at this point, and that is the influence of the Marxist left (commies if you're old school) in news and information, entertainment, education and the legal system.

Why it's almost like somebody planned to have it work out this way. They did and we are watching it unfold before us without any recognition or reporting of it. Except for talk radio, Beck and the Great One Mark Levin, a thousand blessings be upon him.

Make no mistake this is a takeover and we are very close.

Kerodin said...

She is obviously doing nothing more than sending a LOUD message to Establishment Republicans that if someone doesn't offer her a peachy gig in DC, now that she is an unemployed Senator, she'll hook up with the Libertarian ticket, split the vote in the election, and let the chips fall where they may.

It's a job negotiation, not a serious run for the office.


H. Nelson said...

Lisa has history. Her big break was when her dad (former senator Frank Murkowski) ran for governor, won and named her as his replacement for the remainder of his term as senator.

Sarah Palin ran against Frank in his second run for governor. The republican party snubbed and would not support Palin. She ran as an independent and won. This is part of the reasoning why Palin threw her weight behind Joe Miller. She had an ax to grind with the Murkowskis and the republican party.

A lot of folks don't think much of Palin. She is PRO Constitution and sticks to her guns. She's not a snooty elitist wench like Lisa is.

Anonymous said...

As a result of the USSC "Jones" decision (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Democratic_Party_v._Jones), the Alaska Libertarian Party rewrote their by-laws to prohibit opportunistic politicians, such as Lisa Murkowski, from hijacking the primary election process. I know this for a fact because I served as Election Committee chairman to the Alaska Libertarian Party when Ron Windler offered the amendment for consideration.

In my experience,DMS is exactly right about the Libertarian party's lack of principle, but Scott Kohlhaas and the remaining members of the Executive Committee would be inviting a costly lawsuit if they approve Lisa Murkowski as the Libertarian Party candidate.


Defender said...

Gov. Rendell of Pa. says the Republican party is being taken over by "wackos."
What passes for political discourse today.

Anonymous said...

@ H. Nelson

Sarah Palin probably has never read the Constitution, and she was wildly popular in Alaska for being a moderate, and was VP picked because of her social views and ability to fire up crowds.

And look up what she said about a guest worker (amnesty) program.

If a single illegal is legalized by not going through the official process that exists today, then that politician's plan cannot be supported.

TPaine said...

Just goes to show that even the Libertarians have a price. And the Tea Party is not a political party, whereas the Libertarians are.

I'll listen to Ron Paul - I won't listen to the Libertarians.

Anonymous said...

So this means that she's willing to settle for third place?

Anonymous said...

"I think these guys are a little bit star struck" is the new "They should be thanking me".

What scum. What pure scum. And the fact that she probably doesn't even understand what scum she is the really disturbing part. She spoke openly about wining and dining the poor, stupid Libertarians to ruin the people's decision. I'm going to laugh extra hard next time someone tells me we can just vote out "the bad ones".