Sunday, September 5, 2010

"My country, my ass."

Pete offers us a new anthem.

Be sure and go to all the links and consider doing the action items.


Defender said...

A great song that will resonate with many people. I sent a play request to the big country station here, as well as the we-play-anything station. The country station is owned by Cox, a HUGE media network, and the other is affiliated with a large group of similarly formatted stations. Their programming directors might pass it on themselves.
I might send a link to my senators and congressman too.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Sad to say the lyrics are right on the money. I never worried about the "goon Squad" approach to law enforcement until a fellow officer indicated to me that he didn't want to see citizen concealed carry because "we" were the only one's who could legally carry and he wanted it to stay that way.

I told him that that was a rather limited and selfish view considering that he and the rest of us were then waiting 20 minutes or more when we needed back up. I asked him who did he think was going to be available to help him when the SHTF for him.

There is and was (I'm sure it's gotten worse) an "us" and "them" attitude in law enforcement. We do have enemies there who will follow the orders they are given. They will accordingly be given no refuge or quarter and deserve none. Remember there are also some who do ascribe to our American values and are valuable to America, where they are.

There are things that law enforcement does today that I would have gone to prison for doing then. Just imagine the future under that influence.