Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Latest episode in the bloody soap opera, "The Dog Killers of Prince Georges County."

Why should anybody think that calling the cops is a good thing?


Anonymous said...

This type of gross injustice has been allowed to continue for far too long! It's everyday news of cops body slamming little old ladies, shooting innocent citizens some have even been deaf and failed to heed their commands and paid with their lives. When will it be enough?! When will citizens unite at these police buildings where these crimes occur in their respective communities and put a stop to this BS! In every such case these bastards get rewarded for their brutal dealings with folks! This is always investigated by their superiors and deemed justified by "The LAW"! We can get po'd about all of the crap coming down from DC but this BS has to stop! Guys, it's way past time to take a stand against this total abuse of power! We all like to talk about not backing up but we actually are backing up with each and every time we allow this type of criminal activity to occur unchallenged! Are there not even a handful of patriots willing to challenge this in their community where this occured? Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey! Every offense emboldens these bullies! Offenses of this sort have been on the steady increase since 911. We must seem to them as complete chicken sh*ts who talk out of both sides of our mouths!

Jimmy the Saint said...

Presumably the dog was guilty of the same crime as Irwin Fletcher in "Fletch Lives" - "Felony Pissin' Me Off Towards A Cop".

Police *really* need to start thinking before they act. Hell, it should be a fairly simple matter to give at least some of them the same training and equipment that Animal Control officers have. It would avoid a lot of this sort of thing.

Bad Cyborg said...

"Why should anybody think that calling the cops is a good thing?"
These days is frequently isn't. Maybe if - as happened to a friend of mine's son - your place of business is broken into in the night. But if something is happening in the neighborhood it is probably a bad idea to call it in. I've had pigs (cops don't do such things) threaten me at gunpoint when the problem was a block over. I've even been ordered to "shut the fuck up!" when talking to a friend in a restaraunt. My daughter had a male friend shot and killed in her apartment when pigs burst into her place by mistake (actual problem was in next building over) saw her friend looking at a set of cheap Japanese Samurai swords. The pigs ordered him to drop the weapon, when he hesitated - he didn't realize he was holing a weapon - two of them shot him a total of 7 times. I don't know how my daughter escaped unscathed. When the family tried to sue their lawyer said that the report had been written up air tight and they didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. My daughter even had to pay for the cleanup and door replacement.

It would have to be a VERY special set of circumstances, indeed, for me to call the police.

Actually, Jimmy, the dog was guilty of capital pissin' off a cop. Looks like the people at the house were just guilty of felony pissin' off a cop.

Bad Cyborg X

EJR914 said...

Stop calling the criminals to come to your house. Its fairly simple.

rah45 said...

Isn't this where Mike is supposed to say, "Got Militia?"

III more than them said...

One more poor pooch added to the Pushmata Brigade.

Sad as hell. Animals are innocent. We're the ones that made "the fall".

Dedicated_Dad said...

"...Barlow was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including insulting an officer. Police say the officer acted appropriately when shooting the dog...."

Insult a pig (peace-officers don't do this sort of crap), and we'll kill your dog?

What am I missing?