Saturday, September 25, 2010

This just in from Daniel Almond

Naming names: 2nd update on the gun confiscation incident in TN.


daniel said...

Call to action!

Has not a hornets' nest been stepped on here?

EJR914 said...

I just posted this over at GeorgiaPacking.Org and nobody even cared.

I swear, its like some people don't even care unless it happened to them.

Chuck Martel said...

Never voluntarily let the cops search your car. Never let the cops in your house without a warrant. Never go to the police station with the cops unless you are under arrest. Never give a statement.

Anonymous said...

OK...I'm looking for advice here...

I have an 18 year old daughter traveling from Colorado to New Mexico next summer.

I want to know how I can arm her for travel that won't get her in trouble with the "powers that be" in case she should have an encounter similar to the case in Tennessee.

She's been going to the range with me since age 14, is well drilled in the 4 rules, and is a better shot than me with a couple of my guns.

I am leaning toward a pump .410 with a pistol grip.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Dennis308 said...

Anon-Tom, go to Open they have maps that you can lnk to and see what the laws are in each state.


Mark Matis said...

For Dennis308 responding to Anon-Tom:

You obviously fail to understand. The pigs don't CARE what the laws are. What Dan Howley did was COMPLETELY within the law. EVEN WITHIN those parts of the law that rape the Constitution! But in spite of that, it cost him at lest $1000!

It doesn't matter what the law is. Pigs are pigs. May they rot in hell for what they've done to this country!

Nancy 'Scarface' Peeloosey said...

another thought, whatever the decision. IF you have a good gun lawyer ( or if GOA can hook you up with one in your area ) have her carry several of his business cards. If, God forbid, she is stopped by a knuckle-dragging, tenth generation inbred crap for brains Slave of Obama, like that miscreant smegmaphile in TN, tell her to provide only her name and destination and to counter ANY other question with a question, like-
"Are you prepared to testify in court that you have any legal reason to ask me that question? " or, " Are you prepared to go before a court of law to explain and defend your 'probable cause' for detaining or harassing me? Here is a card for my attorney who will be happy to meet with you and your attorney to discuss my options in pursuing legal action in this case."
Sometimes when you face a typically gutless 'only one' who gets his erotic jollies by intimidating innocent citizens, making it plain that screwing with you WILL end up in multiple lawsuits against his employers, himself ( civil case) and his supervisor, they will back off rapidly, leaving a trail of yellow poop as the go.

I have no use for these gutless inbred bastards who KNOW where the local dog fights, crack houses, whorehouses and gambling houses are but fear that they might get hurt going after criminals... so they choose to do the Gestapo routine on the law abiding citizens.

Worst case scenario - get her a pair of crossbow pistols to keep loaded and on the seat covered under newspaper. A bad guy will bleed out just as fast from four slightly rotating razor sharp blades hitting his torso, as he will a FMJ or maybe even a JHP. Plus, there is something pretty damned scary about having a cocked crossbow with a serious broadhead bolt pointed at you from a few feet away. Really.
FINALLY - never forget that a couple of cans of wasp/hornet spray on the seat are totally legal, require no explanation, much less permits or other BS and have a steady stream reange accurate up to ten feet away, and they cause instant blinding ( sometimes permanent, sometimes not... do YOU feel lucky today, punk?) and close the throat up way faster than pepper spray. Under six dollars each, available / replaceable in any town across the US and easy to ditch if you need to.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that Federal Code 926A & 478.38 allows interstate transport as long as the arms & ammo are unloaded, in a separate compartment, or locked in a separate box.

Dakota said...

This is why the second you believe that an LEO is pursuing a path that is building a case against you that you "SHUT THE HELL UP" and not speak another word ... period!!!!

I can see several things that only infuriated this non Constitutional "PIG" and got him in trouble. What kind of a chicken shit excuse is that to stop someone anyway? An out of State car with too dark of window tinting? Sure enough .... and then to admit that he was carrying weapons? Idiot comes to mind.

I guess the old cliche` of the toothless sheriff with rotten teeth from the South is still alive and well...."yo in my county now boy" ..... remind me to never go to Tennessee.

Toastrider said...

Er, that's the point, Anonymous. And this git of a peace officer fined the guy and confiscated his stuff anyways.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all who responded to my question. There is a lot of good advice here and you all have given me much to think about.

Miss Nancy....thanks for the prod to think outside the box weaponswise.