Saturday, September 25, 2010

The latest from America's secret political police.

I'll be very surprised if this isn't just BS done to deflect attention from some other matter. Is pure political speech now to be considered "terrorism"? Because, you know, I ain't terrorized by a bunch of lefty anti-war types. One wonders who could be.


Defender said...

If they're going to investigate socialists ("Freedom Road Socialist Organization") and people aiding Hamas and Hezbollah, they better hie themselves over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There's a live one. I forget the address for the Capitol, but it's not hard to find.
A Palestinian state is closer than ever. Terrorism works.
Will the terrorism end with the formation of yet another Arab Islamic nation? Not as long as Israelis continue to suck air.

Anonymous said...

NCCM is claiming visits from the Feds.

Mike you have any intel?

Anonymous said...

If it's true they're supporting FARC and Hezbollah, then they can burn. If they're just hanging around being dopeheads, then it's a problem.

I'll wait for a follow-up from you.

Kerry said...

The guys at Powerline said that among the people the Fibbies talked to was the lawyer defending some of those responsible for various protests at the Repub convention here in St. Paul. Two of those 'peaceful' protesters, one involved in an idea to molotov the police and another who threw concrete blocks off a highway overpass are serving some 13 months and 3 1/2 years respectively.

Dedicated_Dad said...

@ Anon in re: NCCM -- The page you link is undated.

The "wayback machine" has nothing new on that site since 2006.

It COULD be that old.

I don't know.

I'm not sayin'... -- I'm just sayin'...


Rhodes said...

Token leftist raid perhaps? Maybe they have a quota system to satisfy you know one lefty per hundred just to fair?

I give up understanding anything this regime does any longer.

Defender said...

Purported to be a real TV commercial by the Penn. Department of Revenue.
"We know who you are. Find us before we find you."'s+TV+ad+here&AID=2334

Anonymous said...

They must be an unauthorized operation. You don't have to go all the way to Minnesota to find active commies who are a threat to the nation. That can be found and investigated fully at the DNC in D.C. Not that anyone will actually do it.

And everybody knows it.