Thursday, September 23, 2010

One more thing that ATF leadership doesn't want to answer questions about under oath.

The MSNBC headline: "U.S. bid to stem flow of weapons to Mexico cartels misfires."

"Project Gunrunner suffers from poor communication, turf battles, report says."

The actual report.

This is what we waste billions on.


Bad Cyborg said...

No surprises there. Typical bureaucratic nonsense. Remember, folks, "Those who can, do. Those who cannot go into government so they do not have to." Last I looked pigs are not team players.

Bad Cyborg X
Burying your head in the sand only makes your ass a better target.

Anonymous said...

The MSNBC article is full of bogus numbers and outright lies. The number of weapons seized @75000 is wrong. No laws about weapons trafficking? Bullshit. Laws exist covering smuggling, Straw purchase, etc.
Most of the weapons seized appear to come from Mexican Army deserters and sources in eastern europe, and south america.
BATFE is incapable of wiping its own ass in the dark without a flashlight. This article is just another attempt to create a reason to have more gun control.
The BATFE only seem to have minor successes when it comes to persecuting people like Olafson.
Paul in Texas

Defender said...

Sticking to that 90 percent statistic still, even though it's been thoroughly hashed in the blogosphere. Mainstream media right there with 'em.
Sprinting toward irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

Yes they come from the U.S, from the U.S. gov't police aid programs(Hillary). Then traded to the drug cartels. Then captured back by the police and we the U.S. civilian gunowners take the blame. Why does Hillary spend so much time south of the border? Making deals and selling out the U.S. so the UN sanctions can be implemented against gun trafficking, with us as the felons. Sure, some of the weapons come through from central america, but most of this is a deliberate action on the part of the US/Mexican gov't. Thanks Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered where the hundreds of thousands of M16s, M60s, 1911s, millions of rounds of ammo for those weapons went with the fall of Saigon in 1975 ?

Yes, it's been a lifetime has anyone ever questioned what the Commies did with those captured weapons ?


Anonymous said...

"The report also faults a timid investigative strategy by ATF that concentrates on low level “straw purchasers” of illegal firearms rather than high level weapons trafficking organizations."

From a gunshop owner standpoint, that is where they feel the pressure needs to be applied.

So many straw purchase attempts are thwarted at my local shop, as the clerks have absolutely no interest in furthering the media propaganda campaign against border state gunshops.

Frankly, if ATF were serious they would ban the sale of any and all firearms in border states to non-US citizens.

Either that, or Mexican nationals who want to purchase weapons in the US would have to get permission from their consulate in order to do so.

Put the ball right back in Mexico's hands.

Anonymous said...

U.S.'s failure to crackdown on the illegal weapons flow, much of it stemming from gun stores along the southwest border

Whoever wrote this is not going to be fired. No one will complain about this blatant lie.

Witchwood said...

Defender and Paul in TX have it right. There is simply not much in the way of evidence that would prove a flow of privately-owned firearms from the U.S. to Mexican cartels. Why spend $400 on a semi-auto AK when you can get the real thing from South America for a quarter the price?

More likely this incompetent showing by the BATFE is intentional. One good massacre north of the border and the federals will have "proven" that Mexicans are killing Americans with our own guns and the "flow" must be sealed, permanently. Guerrillas in the SW should be prepared.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Others have covered the other points I intended to, but left me this juicy tidbit...

The most striking finding to me hardly rose above the noise and thus has to be sought - the usual "low hanging fruit" approach by the BATFEces.

Why bother doing what you're there to do when you can just harassing dealers? ESPECIALLY when the job you're there to do could get dangerous??!!


Lazy, pig bastards


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Did you see that the BATFE is going to have its own sycophantic TV show?

Oh, goodie--the heroic kitten-stompers will finally get some respect.