Sunday, September 19, 2010

Undoubtedly the greatest load of horseshit about the Tea Party I have ever read.

Slate illustration of a "Tea Party anarchist."

Not only that, Collectivist Weisberg manages to misrepresent anarchists, too.

Actually, to call Weisberg's "analysis" horse crap is an insult to honest road apples everywhere.


Concerned American said...

i like the graphic.

Can someone shop an AR into the left hand?

Toaster 802 said...

To say this piece of propaganda is sh*t was being nice.

Little more than dehumanizing the "enemy" so left leaning type will cheer a round up of these "terrorists", and demand gitmo type treatment for them.

Rhodes said...

This person uses the time honored tactic of making claims and then forgetting to back the point up with fact. I call it sound bite assassination where any thing may be said as no one requires proof. Well the Tea Party, Three Percent, Oath Keepers and all now demand proof of the wild claims and assertions no longer slaves to state media sound bite yellow "journalism".

Anonymous said...

Looks like it would make a nice Halloween costume. As well as a "Yankee Doodle"-style counter-statement. A laugh BACK at our conflationist collectivist enemies, showing that we can take their mockery and scorn, twist it to suit and laugh at ourselves, as well as laugh at our enemies silly ideas.

B Woodman

DB said...

Ah, Mr. Toohey. I was wondering what name you were hiding under!

rexxhead said...

"...the most extreme libertarian view: a Constitutional fundamentalism that would limit the federal government to the exercise of enumerated powers."

Somebody help me out here. Is there some other (rational) position?

Anonymous said...

...did this asshole just put quotes around career in career politician?

Also, when exactly did this constitutionalist-capitalist system never exist? Is the pre Civil War era not part of American history anymore or something?

Defender said...

Vicious and petty. And frightened.

There's a show on this week about mega-yachts. One of them is the Europe-based historic SS Delphine, where FDR, Churchill and MOLOTOV -- inventor of that cocktail -- met to prepare for the Yalta Conference to decide where that ol' Iron Curtain was gonna go.

Anonymous said...

The left is about lies and lying about lies and it's liars.

It is their way to power and their way to maintaining that power with the addition of fear as a suppressant.

And they will be there and doing their utmost until they are removed.

Bad Cyborg said...

I for one am glad that the opposition (which includes the left and the RINO GOP) continues to underestimate and marginalize the movement. You're the historian, Dutchman so correct me if I'm wrong but to the best of my knowledge nobody ever lost an engagement due to their opponent underestimating them. So long as they believe we are kooks and anarchists (which, truth be told, to an extent we are) they will not take us seriously and will keep being surprised. I'd bet a week's pay Carl Rove never believed O'Donnell could possibly have won.

There is a downside to that, however. Since they neither respect us nor take us seriously they are not afraid of us and so they absolutely will not listen to us. They will not even SEE the line in the sand and thus will inevitably cross it. Their blindness makes a revolution a certainty.


I did wish my new grandbaby would be able to live an the 21st Century as opposed to the early 19th.

Bad Cyorg X

TPaine said...

Apparently, none of these morons can read past the "Fun with Dick & Jane" primer they first saw in kindergarten. They have never heard of Saul Alinski, Cloward and Piven, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers Communist Manifesto, Van Jones and S.T.O.R.M....nor have they looked at Obama's open past, let alone his hidden one.

And then there's George Soros, and the multitude of horrors behind him.

The Tea Party is rapidly growing, and none of these idiots is going to be able to hide from it.

Legal Alien said...

The Liberal progressive democrats are scared shitless about what is unfolding before their eyes.

They are trying their best to compartmentalize and put in a box the Tea Party movement, because only when they have it in box, can they give it a name and attempt to develop a strategy to counter it. In a box, the Tea Party movement has identifiable and 'limited' shape.

With an amourphous undefined movement, with a strong end-goal of taking the country back, they are not able to determine where, how, when, what to attack.

They are scared shitless because they realize that, like an amourphous amoeba, the Tea Party movement is going to engulf them as well. They do not have a response for it. They do not have a strategy for it. They want to deny it's existance, because, like the bogeyman, if it does not exist, it cannot hurt them.

They are scared shitless, because they realise that what the Tea Party movement is now doing to the Republican Party, is exactly what the Progressive Socialists did to the Democratic Party. They see their own strategies being implemented on the right, that they used so effectively on the left. Let's face it, the majority of democrats are still blissfully unaware that their party has been overtaken by and now is being run by Progressive Socialists and Communists.
They are scared shitless, and their only defense is name-calling and slandering the Tea Party.
Their end is near.

BrianF said...

Concerned Americansaid
"Can someone shop an AR into the left hand?"

see my post here:

Concerned American said...

Awesome! Thanks!