Thursday, September 23, 2010

Be a starfish, or better yet, a CITIZEN.

The starfish and the spider.

I have written before about the folly of waiting for a superhero to save the day.

If we are to be saved, individually and as a nation, we must save ourselves. If the Founders' Republic is to be restored, we must restore it ourselves.



Defender said...

A good analogy.
And a GREAT reason to abandon NRA-style pragmatism voting only for "electable" candidates. If you're disgusted with the system, pick the best candidate even if they're a long shot and MAKE them electable. From soil and water conservation district on up to president. It matters.
No more "lesser evils" when chances are there's a third and a fourth choice you've never heard of but who gets it.
If enough people would build up the courage to do it, we wouldn't have to worry about splitting the conservative vote. We'd own it.

Anonymous said...

I hope it works but I gotta tell you that the existing Marxist infrastructure is still there, organized and well funded.

This assault must have follow through in that we must eliminate all vestiges of it from our government and our society. Not an easy job, and they know it. Otherwise they will make force the only option on either side.

They are willing to do that because it does not cost their lives. When it does, they won't stop because they are independently supported by tax dollars, stolen from the people and their children.

There are two things which have prevented the reckoning so far but in my judgment, that will not hold. First, hope that there will be political solutions, which is not viable to any thinking human being, familiar with the power structure and the coup that is underway. Second, fear of many types, not the least of which involve intelligence gathering capabilities and forensic prowess and consequences to actions. This won't hold either although they will attempt to story tell their way out of it.

When the dam breaks, it should be quite a sight watching the drawbridges retracted and the high speed trials through the tall grass. Come that day, it must not end until they stand before a wall of our choosing, after trail where possible.

Did you ever think it possible in our country? Marx was no genius but he is accorded that status, His minions however know the truth, which is why they hide the truth and employ the weapons of fear and the lie. They think this will be a bloodless revolution, except for our people. They are very mistaken on that point.

J. Croft said...

What the Tea Party needs to do is to build a grass roots political base as well as grass roots support. That means national and state candidates support local office campaigns and vice versa. Said it before, will say it again.

Anonymous said...

Guys I asked Mike to post this. I am not sure thats why he posted it or if he found it on his own. My motives however were not to tout the tea party as a political option. They may in fact be that and we obviously have common goals. My motive was to demonstrate the concepts of open source resistance. The Tea party is successfully using the concepts to organize leaderless resistance. read the article and watch the video......Now think about how to apply these concepts to "active" resistance. Everyone reading needs to grok these concepts so that we can move forward. Putting this together is going to be tough at the start, its difficult to bootstrap if you do not have a core group of people who understand how this works. Once you are on board we can begin to build the network small at first.


Anonymous said...'re a freakin' genius. You should have a blog. I never cease to be impressed with your commentary.

My favorite:"I too pray for peace. Peace and Justice. If I can't have both, I choose Justice."

Just AWESOME. Keep it up. :)


Anonymous said...

WE ARE the superheroes.