Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome also to our new friends at the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security.

Especially the current visitor from here. There's been a lot of .gov and .mil visitors lately. Oath Keepers, you think?


Brock Townsend said...

You're awfully popular today and let's hope at least some are Oathkeepers.

Anonymous said...

vee are seeing you Mike. Good to know your loved!

btw didn't know the Coasties were under homeland security thought that was a branch of the military?

wl moses

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe....that USCG pic you posted is hilarious !

Oh, regarding Oath keepers and Stewart Rhodes....what a money maker for Rhodes. If nothing more he and his management crew at Oath keepers are pretty smart getting all those membership fees from well-meaning people.

When Stew baby canceled out of the Rally I called him and his management cronies every cowardly name in the book.

Oath Keepers ? No thanks. No use for them.


Anonymous said...

How in the world did these guys ever get a .mil address?

The USCG is DOT.

Defender said...

Drug war mission creep?
I've never been comfortable with the Coasties being all military and boarding private boats even on inland waters, while armed. Kinda paved the way for internal checkpoints on land.
I wonder if you've been visited by the federal agent who worked with the Lebanese immigrant in Chicago. Someone set him up the (fake) bomb to plant in a Wrigley Field trash can.
Fedgov. Maybe not all your terror plot are belong to us, but a good number. You have no chance to survive make your time.
No, I don't have a brain tumor. That's bad translation from the Japanese video game "Zero Wing."

Anonymous said...

I would sure hope so :)

Mayberry said...

One would hope...

DC Wright said...

I hope they're Oathkeepers! By the way, got a GREAT video from my brother in AZ: Heather Alexander - March of Cambreadth. Need to find a safe way to get it to you. It's 18.4mb.

Semper fi, bro (though you didn't serve in my Marine Corps, you're as much a brother as ANY Marine I served with!)

DC Wright
USMC Retired

Uncle Lar said...

March of Cambreadth is a fine war chant, on a par with Men of Harlech, the Welsh battle song made famous in the movie Zulu. Several variations of Cambreadth can be found on YouTube.
In the spirit of too much information, the performer Heather Alexander left us late in 2006, had a bit of work done, and reappeared in 2007 as Alexander James Adams. Not for me to judge, but definitely a WTF moment in my book.

tom said...

You should try being linked through comments at your page and previously having public domain particle physics information related to the manufactur of "interesting devices" on your web page when you're a known threeper.

I got to talk to Nuclear Security/DHS liason folks at Argonne and Brookhaven National Labs over that one last year before I killed my blog for unrelated reasons. I only posted it because I found it of academic interest and anybody with access to an engineering library could get most all of the data anyway.

Was funny, I pointed out that I come from a military family with significant ranking officers in it, some that were at one point cabinet level (no joke), and am not and do not intend to be a criminal, and a significant part of the now defunct website was rants AGAINST terrorists, so they must have me mistaken with somebody else. Figured I'd nip things in the bud before they got too many crazy ideas about me, being as I was getting 30 hits a day from Federales, National Labs, and various .mil like the DOIM at Garrison Redstone in your home state of Alabama.

Every time I'd update my web page, even if it was just a pic of a fish I caught, they'd all dogpile to see what the new content was, was pretty funny.

Of course, you hit the world press, so you're an obvious revolutionary for suggesting that the USA return to the constitution that birthed it :-)

Post "interesting physics" related stuff on your page and you could get an astounding amount of even more government hits that you currently get, overnight, even.

Anonymous said...

Just keep writing the truth Mike.
The truth has a way of resonating above the propaganda and indoctrination because there are questions which they can only answer with lies. When they do, they are exposed and freedom and liberty win.

Now if only some of this was seen on the networks.... Well, they'll never let that happen!

CorbinKale said...


You should look to your left and right before you pass judgement on who is worthy to defend our liberty. We are everywhere.

RLJ said...

Likely among them you will find heroes seeking 'terrists'. I believe it was Russel Means who said, "You are all Sioux now."

Speaking of heroes. Remember the comic strip 'Grin 'n Bear it' from the 50's? The Russians all wore hero stars on their lapels. We've come a long way, baby.

TPaine said...

Sleep well tonight, Mike. Your federal government is watching over you...very, very closely over you!

Anonymous said...

"The USCG is DOT"

beeeep. Wrong answer. (sarcasm)

The USCG has been DHS since 2003.

Anonymous said...

Well Korbin, I am sure there are some well meaning people over at the OK'ers. But, do you actually read what some of those OK'ers post and believe? I know a lot of good solid people who were taken in my your OK'ers. Solid, educated, reasonable constitutionalists beaten over the coals just to be spit out.

Their only crime was the truth.

My prediction: When the SHTF in this country, 80 percent of your OK'ers will collapse. And your cops will once again say, "The LAW is the LAW. If you don't like it, go vote against it!"

You know it's true Korbin. Dan knows it is true. I know it is true. And the people I know who were once members of your unicorn fairy dust organization know it is true.

When your organization quotes Washington on conduct, you would be well served to look exactly at the actions and deeds of his conduct.

CorbinKale said...

Devil Flea,

Oath Keepers is just a tactic. A specific tactic, that is narrow, and focused. Lots of well-intentiond patriots have a hard time grasping the concept, though. They have this vision of everyone on line, and marching straight up the middle. Those folks try to turn Oath Keepers into some generic anti-government, mitilia organization. To preserve the mission, those folks who can't get their head around the unique purpose of Oath Keepers, have to go.

Ask a sniper, Scout or a LRRP grunt what it is like to be under the control of some 'by the book' Commander who only knows the book way to do things, and you'll get an idea of what it is like to be berated by people who don't understand your mission and purpose. Things may collapse and we'll all be infantry fodder at some point, but for now, psyops and flanking manuevers, feints and outright deception are the order of the day.

We are prepping the field and shaping the battle to our advantage. When the SHTF, we will be better off for it. If you don't understand, that's fine. But please, point your guns back down range. Your spraying friendlies.