Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Mean Tribe

Global Guerrillas provides this link which argues that the "Ultra-Rich in Finance Are Meaner Than Rest of Us."


EJR914 said...

Ahh yes, those evil rich people!

I've never seen a poor man give another poor man a job.

Defender said...

Henry Ford doubled the wages of his workers. I'm not saying he didn't care about his employees, but he also knew that happy cows give more and sweeter milk.
He also set up a foundation to encourage statism and socialism throughout the world. A very high cost for a pay raise.
I kind of long for the days when CEOs would throw us a carrot instead of threatening us with the stick. They're very aware that today ther are 300 people standing behind you waiting for you to be laid off.

Anonymous said...

Love the irony the studies (2 of 3) were from Berzerkeley. Complete double rainbow surprise.

In the same study, rich people were found to more often "harsh your mellow" than poor folk - but nobody's talking about that.

Rhett III

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new here. King Solomon had this observation 1,000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ:

The poor man utters supplications,
But the rich man answers roughly.
Proverbs 18:23 NASB

Or, the poor are on their knees but the wealthy are on their high horse.


Dennis308 said...

Henry Ford and the Cadburrys did´t have unions DEMANDING that their wages be doubled and their work time cut or Housing Provided or Financed by their employers.

I´m not Rich by any means of the word,(dreamed is the closest I´ve gotten so far), but I would not employ people that would DEMAND anything. I attempted to start a small company one time but I shut it down because of such demands by people that wanted pay for jobs they were not even completing. I had to complete the jobs Myself in order to collect the money owed and pay-off most of the debt I incurred,Nearly when´t bankrupt
I told the employees to find other jobs that My business was closing. A lie as I just branched into a related more profitable section. That I transferred to my Wife´s name and I stay far in the background. Fuck√©m!

In the Thirties and Fourties their were Employers that were Unscrupulous to say the least. But that same lack of Scruples is now present in too may Unions(SEIU,UAW to name just two). Note My FORMER Employees were copying these type of demand´s,and one was even steeling and the others were aware of it.

So yea the rich are ¨Meaner¨ but in today´s world Kindness and Respect for the lives of Employees are interpreted as WEAKNESS. A luxury most inverters cannot afford. After the Burdens of Govenment Regulations and Un-Fair Taxation and the Movement of Society toward Progressiveness(communism), I in a way cannot blame them.


Defender said...

U.S. loaned national Mexican oil giant PEMEX a billion dollars last year for Gulf of Mexico drilling, promises another billion this year.

Anonymous said...

That was some of the laziest "journalism" I ever read. Not even half-formed nonsense. Heck, I've read "studies" that say the exact opposite; that the rich are nicer and give more to charity.

Seriously, the guy who wrote that has a job doing this. Think about that. So does his boss that thought it would be a good idea to publish. These are the people entrusted with informing us about our government.

Justthisguy said...

The former Director of the Public Library here (where we have some rich folks) said that thefts of library books seemed to be disproportionately done by rich people.

This is just in the last thirty years, or so. We used to have a better class of rich people here, like the ones who founded the library, not so disconnected from general American culture.

Defender said...

Maxine Waters and Boston mayor Menino fail to help poor as promised. Bankers doing extremely well, however.

Menino was featured on the evening news oohing and aahing over an art program for Boston kids -- the same kids he condemns to nasty deaths by denying gun ownership.