Friday, September 24, 2010

Radio show with Doc: "We are all riflemen in the brigade of freedom."


WarriorClass said...

Great interview Mike, it's always a pleasure to hear your voice. I do worry, as that one caller said, that its just us old men left who have any idea what our founders thought of freedom - that it's not given by any constitution, but by God. There was no constitution in 1775.

Also, remember that David got cross with the Lord for counting the people. God does not need numbers to win, as He showed with Gideon's battle.

No doubt our country is under His judgement. And will be until we have showed our resolve to change.

For the Lord, for His Torah, and the freedom that comes from it,


EJR914 said...

Great interview, Mike! I'm 28. I'm one of the younger ones.


MamaLiberty said...

Unfortunately, two of the four segments would not play. Will check back later. :)

Bad Cyborg said...

What is the source of the video playing in the bottom corners of the windows? It is good to see and hear someone whom I respect and have read for some time.

BTW, I am not sure that anyone inside the beltway is capable of "getting it" with regards to the whole tea party movement. They do not understand people working in concert without active collusion. They do not understand a starfish. Neither can they understand how a bunch of bacteria or viruses can harm or even kill a highly organized organism without themselves having any organization.

Bad Cyborg X

CorbinKale said...

Thanks, for all of your efforts, Mike. Both, "Absolved" and your front line leadership, are key factors in the fight for liberty. We are blessed to have you.