Thursday, September 16, 2010

And this. I've heard of "gold bugs" but "gold weiners?"

So why is it they are wanting to crack down on folks who buy gold, do you suppose?


Defender said...

It's 1938 all over again.
I bet all those independent Tea Party candidates believe in the right to own gold.
The price of gold isn't going up, the dollars used to buy it are going down. It's embarrassing, really, if you're one of the statists responsible.
Obamaramadana wants China to get its currency in order. Imagine. The Japanese are throwing demonstrations, and rocks and bottles.

pdxr13 said...

The best way to make gold an undesirable asset for regular people to hold is to make US Government Paper of all types "Better Than Gold". That means Hard Money Policy, underspending revenues every year, circulating gold and silver coin (with a target metal content of 70% of face value) in parallel with paper notes , eliminating not just annual deficits but the base of the national debt. It means passing legislation allowing for the early recall of Treasury Notes (principal returned and interest paid to present date, not interest for all time), Treasury Bills and other Treasury Instruments to be paid in US paper Notes or US specie (as the customer wishes). The Federal Reserve Bank should go the way of the 1st and 2nd Bank of the United States.

To get there will hurt (more and sooner), but not as much as staying on the present path will (too much and for too long).

We will be able to afford a first class military, but on-going unnecessary wars will not be financially possible. The Swiss seem to do just fine with a reserve military and firmer money.


Legal Alien said...

hhhmmmm . .. . with an active bank account still in operation back in South Africa, I could have funds transferred over there and have my relatives invest it in nice solid gold Kruger Rands . . . . . away from prying weiners.

Legal Alien

TJP said...

Possible answers specific to the issue:

* Because they're going to need it to pay off our debt holders

* Because people who inflation-proof their life savings with precious metals aren't paying into the taxation system that purposeful inflation creates

General answer that applies to everything our mostly useless government does:

* Because they have so much money that cash-fattened bureaucratic dingbats have nothing better to do

We've reached a point in our history where no further legislation-making can have any possible benefit. A constitutional defect is that this situation was not addressed. No more laws can be passed that will not harm the country as a whole. The central planners have created a kakistocracy terminally encumbered by its own weight, and no one possesses the competence to direct it, much less the intelligence to comprehend the mountain of garbage legislation on which it is built.

There are two classes of people: those who ride The Leviathan and think they hold the reins, and those that get trampled under it. Henceforth, we'll see bills with titles such as, "An Act to Bring Digital Cable to DC Hookers", and "The A.N.U.S. Act of 2010". Everything's politicized. There's nothing left to fuck up, central government workers. Go home and do something productive.

Pat H. said...

They forgot to do this F. Rooseveltian/fascist activity.

Too late for the most part, plus some of these sellers I know will take a solid "fornicate you" stance towards this law, should it pass.

You know, when I see that pencil-necked girly man, Weiner, I have to laugh. My 90 year old mother, who won the bronze star in World War Two, could kick his arse up around his ears without breaking a sweat.

Brandon Gray said...

They love the power of creating "wealth" out of thin air. Because gold is real wealth (as opposed to fiat wealth)it is a threat to their power.

ruralcounsel said...

Since they're responsible for the ship of state sinking, they also feel it is their responsibility to go around chopping holes in the bottoms of all the lifeboats!

Anonymous said...

The crackdown on people publicly and on the record purchasing gold is a side benefit. It's all there, waiting to be confiscated, a la President Roosevelt (sorry for the swearing).

The real target is to harass and threaten those who sponsor conservative talk shows and their hosts, thereby driving these outspoken people out of business and off the air.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

They hate gold because it acts as an incorruptible indicator of inflationary economic policies.

When gold begins to indicate incipient price inflation, interest rates on bonds will spike upward as purchasers demand an inflation premium. This will make it more difficult to maintain popular spending programs without resorting to Draconian tax increases.

A peasant revolt would ensue against the political class.


Anonymous said...

The dirty bastards don't want people to have any plan to survive this giant clusterfuck called the Federal Gubmint.They are trying to suffocate any efforts to leave these parasites out of the mix.I have always said that if you want to invest in precious metals,"Why not lead!" With lead you can store it easily in small,easy to carry packages,and deliver it to those whom you wish to receive it.The lead delivery systems are fun to operate and own.Gold is a bunch of bullshit! Water,food,defensible shelter,fuel,alcohol,tobacco,coffee,guns and ammo are the real deal.If there is a meltdown and you have some gold do you think your neighbor is going to give you some food,water or ammo for it? NO...He is going to give it to me because I have alcohol,tobacco or coffee.When the meltdown comes,who is going to determine what gold is worth.The same Goverment that set us on the path of this giant steaming ,pile of shit!I want nothing to do with these whores and that includes the Becks and the rest of the Media shitbags. Do not store anything you will need in the future in any facility controled by the Government.Do you think they will just open up a bank door and let you walk out with your cash and your gold and silver? If you think that ,you may want to see a proctoligist and have them remove your head from your ass.If you do make it out of the bank,how far do you think you will get through the raging hordes who will have nothing. made it out of the bank,through the mobs of shitbags;now what? Try to find honest people to get the things you need to live, by trading your precious GOLD! Too many variables and steps to take.Your best bet would be to melt down your Gold and make bullets out of it.That way you might get to keep some of your shit and not be dead.So..we come right back full circle to investing in lead from the get go.Cheaper than gold per pound and worth a lot more when the shit hits the fan. Damn,I love my convoluted,brain-damaged logic.Knuck.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see....

They want to control everything from your light bulbs, guns, ammo and toilets to your doctor visits.
Why wouldn't they want to control another asset that has the potential to make them more powerful and considering their predecessors, rich?

After all, it really is going to devolve into a contest of just who has the most gold in the trunk of their ZIL. Just like the Soviet model.

Vodka anyone? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not permitted to shop at that store, party member only.

Anonymous said...

Far better invest in an old but not worn out Kearney Trekker or Cincinnati machine (OK a B-Port if you must). They're cheap and infinitely repairable and useful.

idahobob said...

Ummm....let me see....could it be, that when the dollar does collapse, folks that have in their possession, gold and/or silver, and maybe even (gods forbid!) stored food, will not be looking for goodermint handouts?

Can we say power and control? That is the ultimate goal of the criminals in D.C.


Anonymous said...

maybe they know all the copy machine $$ the Fed is printing is leading us down the road to the cliff. If faith in teh dollar falls, it will be like Germany in 1918, pretty bad. I bought silver, glad I did it has always been used as currancy.

Sedition said...

I'd rather invest in lead.
It has far more realistic uses in the political environment we live in right now.

Anonymous said...

It is private property like a pound of nails, welding rod or lead. The elitists have ignored gold for so long that they have forgotten what to do with it.

I was at a yard sale and because I have white hair the guy asked me what an item was. It said, "It is a sailmaker's palm for a left handed man." His grandfather was left handed, but this guy had no idea what the item was good for. If I had been left handed I would have bought it.

The Old Guide

DouginSalcha said...

They want to 'crack down' on people who buy gold (and I suppose silver too) because 'hoarding' precious metals actually works.

When I was a kid, I used to occasionally hear about someone who found a cashe of Confederate Money. Close to a hundred years old then (and worthless) it was nothing more than a curiosity.

Whenever someone finds a cashe of silver coins they are worth more than the 'face value' of the original coins.

The government has no control of the precious metals that we 'hoard' so they would prefer that we have (and use paper money) so that they can tax it repeatedly as it passes from your hands to my hands to somebody else's hands and finally back to your hands.

That's a separate tax transaction on each time it changes hands (usually); there is no transaction if you (or I) purchase precious metal an HOLD it!

Sean said...

Crack on down to my boat baby, come on down where we can play.

Anonymous said...

So why is it they are wanting to crack down on folks who buy gold, do you suppose?

Because gold(and those who understand its true value as a store of wealth)is/are a threat to their fiat currency that is on the verge of collapse. They can't allow an alternate currency to aid the demise of their false empire and death grip on the world economy.

When it is all said and done FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are worthless paper back by nothing.

Every fiat currency going back to Babylon has eventually failed. Why would this one be any different?

I suspect what's coming around the bend may cause many of the lesser metals (copper and lead in particular) to rise in their intrinsic value as well.


Anonymous said...

Having ammo, booze, useful bits -- all good.

But that means a BARTER SYSTEM. To barter, you've got to have something the specific holder of your desired merchandise wishes to exchange.

This means you'll end up "paying" more for everything. To wit,

You have a rice pot and I have surplus bullets for my .300 Winchester rifle. The owner of the rice pot needs bullets, but he needs .308 Winchester.

What might have cost you 20 rounds of .308 now costs you 30 rounds of .300 because he's got to find someone who will swap .300 for .308.

This is a PITA and no deal happens. You have no rice pot and he gets no bullets.

Enter gold/silver.

You give him a Morgan silver dollar and he gives you his surplus rice pot. He takes the Morgan dollar and buys a box of .308 from his neighbor, who has all kinds of bullets available.

That is trade - facilitated by currency and coin.

Barter works as a short-term or ad hoc system but you and no one wants to deal that way for long.

Gold and silver make great currencies as a medium of exchange.

Miscellaneous stuff doesn't.

ambrie said... reports that the Department of Energy looks forward to mandating more energy-efficient appliances for us all, driving yet another struggling industry/employment sector into the ground.

"Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi said Thursday that the U.S. Department of Energy has a “mandate” to issue regulations to determine what household appliances are available to Americans in the future.

...“The fourth one, which the secretary and I love,” said Zoi, “is where we have a mandate. Where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation.”

Before becoming President Barack Obama’s assistant secretary of energy for energy efficiency and renewable energy, Zoi served as environmental adviser to President Bill Clinton and the founding CEO of former Vice President Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.

Zoi said that stricter federal energy efficiency standards will “drive innovation” and are “cost effective.”

“As the secretary [Chu] says, ‘We’re going to make people save money for themselves,’” Zoi said. “They haven’t dumped the dollar bills on the ground yet.” "

EJR914 said...

Invest in lead and brass. Haven't heard from Mike in a while. Hope he is doing alright.

kdzu said...

All of the aforementioned gold, silver, lead, food, have there place.
Better get you some land to grow your next years food and firewood on, also. A good water source or two will also come in handy. Country boys will survive......those that calculate to deprive us may get a few surprises. Face it folks, you don't really want the price of any of these things to get too out of hand. Better have prepared in advance than wait too long. If you plan on being the top dog at TEOTWAWKI fire sales just because of the # of guns and ammo you have, better think again.
Did you start a worm bed for fish bait? Did you dig a little pond and stock it with bream? Do you have some cattle and sheep producing little ones to keep the larder filled. Are the seeds you bought going to produce the second, third and forth years?
The gubbermint ain't gonna come round asking for your gold and silver. Would they expect anybody to give it up. The apocalypse is not going to be anything like you expect.

Bad Cyborg said...

I think that particular genie is going to be more than a tad hard to get back into the bottle. Lot of people will be ignoring that law.

But I'm just glad to see comments showing up here. If we're lucky it means the Dutchman's back with us. It we're not then somebody's doing his housekeeping for him. DAMN! I hope it's the former and not the latter.

Which is it? Is it you, Mike, publishing these comments or is it someone else? If it is someone else, please let us know Mike is OK.

Bad Cyborg X

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anon@ 03:29 said "They want to control everything from your light bulbs, guns, ammo and toilets to your doctor visits..."

They already DO - and those are among the LEAST offensive.

Jimmy (Lil' Peanuts) Carter told us all to turn our thermostats back to 65 in the daytime and much lower at night [in the winter].

Now they're working on the "smart grid" -- and do you think they won't turn them down FOR YOU??!!

Do you realize they just enacted a 3% national sales tax? Sure - it's just on Real-Estate buys today, but wanna make a bet how soon in moves on to other crap?

[blasphemous expletive deleted], Every day a new outrage - yet the sheeple still don't want to discuss anything but sports and some vapid homos and whores at an east-coast beach.

God help us - and God Save Our Republic!


PS: WV="munatic" - anyone buying municipal bonds!!

J. Croft said...

If they want to take our gold lets issue our own fiat currency based on our labor. Each of us can be a bank and self-employed or in a cooperative and as we work on something they issue a piece of paper for it. We take that piece of paper given to us and use it for purchasing goods and services from someone who has what we want/need.

We can base it on Constitutional standards. Nice way to subvert the enemy.