Friday, April 2, 2010

More left-collectivist lying slime. (But I may get a chance to sue this one.)

Meet Glynn Wilson (tiny head in proportion with brain).

Glynn Wilson claims to be:

a reporter, writer and photographer for almost 30 years. He spent nine years in academe. For the past 12 years he has experimented with publishing on the Web Press and pioneered in the field of Independent online journalism. His primary goal is to continue the fight to keep the Internet free of taxes and regulations and keep giant corporations from destroying the potential for the democratizing influence of the Net to spread far and wide. Glynn Wilson’s Specialties: Covering politics, science, health, nature and the environment. As a photographer, I specialize in wildlife, especially birds.

He SAYS his work has "has appeared in The Nation magazine, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and other publications. He is the editor and founder of The Locust Fork News-Journal at LocustFork.Net."

I say "says" because the man is a demonstrable liar and not particularly in touch with reality or the truth. For evidence, I offer this screed which I will rebut ad seriatim as we go along.

Living in a Land of Rising Right-Wing Hate

Thursday 01 April 2010

by: Glynn Wilson, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

Northeast Jefferson County east of Birmingham, Alabama, has long been known as a white-flight suburb and home to a crowd of racist rednecks, mostly good old boys and gals who work for the power company, the gas company, the phone company and in construction. Bordered by rural and mostly white Blount and St. Clair counties to the north and east, it has become the poor side of town. The money went south. The black migration from the city has in recent years about taken over what was at one time the largest, mostly white suburb in the country called Center Point, which was the halfway point between the industrial city of Birmingham and the countryside in the 1950's and 1960's.

Now that the citizens of the United States have elected the first African-American president in US history, however, there are racist, conservative activist groups popping up all over the place - and not just the Tea Party. One man has put his area on the map like no other.

Michael B. Vanderboegh of Pinson, Alabama, hit the national spotlight last week and is now under serious federal law enforcement scrutiny since calling for right-wing militia-style activists to toss bricks through the windows of Democrats on his SipseyStreetIrregulars blog, designed to appeal to the so-called Three Percenters, or three percent of American gun owners with the most radical view of the Second Amendment.

Vanderboegh may have been able to continue blogging in relative suburban obscurity, except that somebody decided to carry out his call to throw bricks in New York, Arizona and Kansas. One brick that crashed through the window of the Democratic Committee headquarters in Monroe County, New York, had a note attached with a quote from Barry Goldwater: "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice."

"I guess that guy's one of ours," Vanderboegh said in a telephone interview with a Montgomery newspaper. "Glad to know people read my blog."

Another brick slammed through the glass doors at the Democratic Committee's office in Rochester, New York, and another was thrown at the window of Rep. Louise Slaughter's district office in Niagara Falls.

MBV: Wilson, if he was at all sentient, would know that Slaughter's office window was broken BEFORE I issued my call.

Reports of brick-throwing at Democratic offices were also reported last Monday in Arizona and Kansas.

Thanks in part to a new Southern Poverty Law Center report on the Rage of the Right, the guy's story, such as it is, has been repeated in The Washington Post, not once but twice, and MSNBC on National Public Radio and in hundreds of newspapers, thanks to the AP wire.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center's intelligence report on Vanderboegh, he has tried to portray himself as a moderate, first in the militia world and more recently in the anti-immigration movement.

"But he hasn't always sounded that way," according to the report. Back in the mid-1990's, he wrote a document entitled "Strategy and Tactics for a Militia Civil War," in which he discussed the utility of snipers using "violence carefully targeted and clearly defensive: war criminals, secret policemen, rats …"

MBV: An out of context but accurate quote. This guy has obviously not read Prof. Churchill's book, To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face.

As of November 1, the tiny group of Three Percenters gave itself another name - the Alabama Minuteman Surveillance Team - and the mission of making life miserable for any business that hires undocumented workers.

MBV: The moron left out the year, 2005.

"We hereby put exploitative employers and crooked politicians on notice," Vanderboegh declared after ending the patrols and deciding to return to Alabama to concentrate on the situation there. "We intend to make it toxic for anyone doing public or private business to use illegals. If I were a politician in Alabama right now, I'd start getting REAL careful about who I accepted money from. Because we're fixin' to flip on the light switch."

Vanderboegh denied any suggestion of vigilantism, telling a Birmingham newspaper that all his group sought was enforcement of existing laws. He had similarly shrugged off criticism of the para-militarism of the militias back when he was associated with groups including the Alabama Constitutional Militia, the Tri-States Militia and the 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment of the so-called Constitutional Militia.

MBV: I was never associated with the Alabama Constitutional Militia organization. That was John Hassey's bunch.

Take note that was during the Clinton years. He seems to only have a problem with Democrats, not Republicans, an indication that his so-called "revolution" is not exactly as nonpartisan as he tries to claim.

On his blog and in other documents on the Web traced to him, Vanderboegh talks about President Barack Obama as a "tyrant," but he uttered not one word of criticism against President George W. Bush while his administration dismantled the Fourth Amendment against illegal searches and seizures by authorizing illegal spying on every American's email, Web browsing habits and phone calls.

MBV: This is total bullshit as anyone who has read my stuff recalls. I denounced Bush in the most vigorous terms for the PATRIOT Act and his failure to protect our borders while growing government exponentially. Indeed, as this collectivist putz would know if he had done ANY careful research about the Window War, my first short story dealing with the subject was prompted by Dubya's embracing of the misnamed "Gun Show Loophole" bill. The fact is that the story presented the breaking of the windows of BOTH political parties as a desired tactic. I am not a GOP party member. Not that facts seem to mean anything to this lying moke.

Now that policy is about to trap Vanderboegh in a legal juggernaut, and he may get the chance he seeks to get arrested for the cause to tell his story to a larger audience. He openly seeks publicity on his site and writes that he fully expects to be arrested.

A spokesperson for US Attorney Joyce Vance's office in Birmingham said it would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing investigation. The chief deputy for Jefferson County is referring all press calls to the public relations agent for the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has so far refused to return phone calls after interviewing Vanderboegh Tuesday.

While Vanderboegh tells TV reporters he's not a racist, a Google background search on Michael B. Vanderboegh shows he recently purchased this book from "White Rage: The Extreme Right and American Politics," by Martin Durham.

MBV: This is a damned lie. I have never purchased anything from I do not have a credit card and haven't had for years. I do not have a PayPal account. I do not own this book. I have never read this book. I did not order this book. A damned lie.

This week, Vanderboegh claims he is getting death threats himself and said he called the FBI to turn in an Easter card he allegedly received in the mail with bird mess inside. He thought it might be anthrax, he says, so he claims he started taking antibiotics. Yet he continues right on blogging about his "hate," even after several police vehicles and a hazardous materials truck showed up to claim the Easter card, and he was not treated as a hero or a patriot.

MBV: The "claims" are a matter of record, both here on this blog and in police reports. Something that this alleged "journalist" would know if he had bothered to check.

"I must admit that I am starting to develop a healthy hate, one that I must guard against if I do not want to become the same kind of beast that collectivism apparently manufactures so easily out of these godless assholes," Vanderboegh writes. "Acting like bugs, they've just about got me convinced of their absolute lack of any humanity.

"As I have written before, when you can think of them as bugs, as they think of us, it makes it easier to kill them," he continues. "I am now to the point where I almost DO think of them as bugs. Like Zander to the Brain Bug in Starship Troopers, I want to scream, 'One day, somebody like me is going to kill you, and your whole fucking race!' Collectivism has finally convinced me that it is a race unto its own.

"They have also demonstrated that this is an existential war of extermination, one way or another. Them or us. I vote them," he writes. "They still have to shoot first. But it will be the last temporary advantage they get. There ain't no live and let live with bugs."

He signs his posts Mike III, for Three Percent of gun owners.

Also this week, the manager of a local wildlife refuge at Turkey Creek had to notify Vanderboegh that he would no longer be allowed to deliver history lessons to schoolchildren.

Taylor Steele, director of the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve for Birmingham Southern College, said in an interview that Vanderboegh would tell stories as part of the park's programs and seemed pretty well-versed in history.

"I had no idea what his political or social faction was," Steele said. "Of course, when that story broke, I told my volunteer that we deal with kids, and that we can't have that element being part of that education program."

As a result, Vanderboegh writes on his blog in a classic example of the white Southern racist playing the victim, "So, I'm fired from a job I never took a dime for. It was perfectly predictable and I am actually amazed the collectivist academics took so long."

MBV: This moron doesn't even know that I was born in Michigan, raised in Ohio and didn't come to Alabama until 1985?!?

"Still, it hurts," he says. "It hurts a lot."

One of Vanderboegh's documented links is to another group called the Oath Keepers, which tries to recruit police officers and members of the US military to join their anti-federal government, racist cause.

MBV: Jeez. How many lies can this mook get in one sentence? I am not a member of Oath Keepers. I do look kindly on their efforts and have spoken of them with approval on my blog, but what "documented links" is this putz talking about? And what is he talking about Oath Keepers, a group that merely seeks to remind soldiers and police officers about the eternity of their oaths and the fact that it is to the Constitution and not to a man, a political party or even to an administration, as "anti-federal government"? And where does he get "racist"? Stewart Rhodes is the proud descendant of, among others, migrant Mexican farmworkers and Apache Indians. These are facts. Wilson would know them if he had done ANY research.

Writing on his blog about the FBI raids on militias in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana this week, where evidence suggests a group of right-wing radicals were planning to kill police officers and bomb their funerals, Vanderboegh calls it a "well thought out, perfectly targeted, craftily planned, brilliantly executed and impeccably timed" bit of public relations and "propaganda" on the part of the Obama administration, specifically designed to discredit him, his groups and their plans for 'revolution.'

"For the Imperial Feds, this was a propaganda coup of the tenth order of magnitude," he writes.

His advice to the "brotherhood" of white racists?

MBV: This flat out lying son of a bitch could have found out, had he done an even cursory Internet search, that I have fought the Klan, neoNazi and Identity terrorists all my life -- at street level where you risk something more than a bruised ego from being called a name.

1. I made a speech to a national militia gathering in 1995 (covered by lefty -- but intellectually honest -- journalist Dick Reavis) denouncing the racists, anti-Semites and neoNazis who were then trying to infiltrate the constitutional militia movement. I did it facing down "Prophet of the Most High Yahweh" Willie Ray Lampley and his bodyguard entourage -- all of whom were armed -- and I did it without a weapon of my own. (Although I must thank SGT Steve Studley, 1st New Mexico Militia, for sticking a .45 in the ribs of Lampley's bodyguard as he rose to do something, with the word, "Sit down, shut up, and listen to the nice man's speech." The bodyguard did. I didn't know Steve had been positioned for that moment but I'm damned glad he was. Lampley and his entourage left right after that, never to return. He was later busted on a terrorist bomb plot.) Wilson would know about this from Reavis' story if he did due diligence in a simple Internet search. He did not.

2. It was militia commanders like Bob Wright and me who carried out Operation White Rose, to get across to the racist and Identity terrorist-wannabes that it didn't matter if the FBI was giving them a free pass, that if anything else blew up the FBI could not protect them from the constitutional militia. This is documented in To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face. Did Wilson even know of its existence? Even if he had, it would have gotten in the way of his most cherished preconceived delusions.

3. It was my "Unwanted by the FBI" poster and my friends from the Virginia and New Jersey militias who put them up in Philadelphia that embarrassed the FBI into finally arresting Michael Brescia, a member of the Aryan Republican Army bank robbery gang. This is mentioned in Prof. Mark Hamm's book, In Bad Company. Also, Wilson might have consulted the George magazine article by James Ridgeway about J.D. Cash, Glenn Wilburn and me which has a photo of the poster. Or he might have consulted Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's book The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, or, again, Churchill's book. He obviously did none of these things.

"My recommendation: Stand fast. Await word. But be ready if this turns into another Waco."

Not far from Pinson in the southern Appalachian foothills in the towns of Springville and Trussville, other right-wing groups of Vanderboegh's ilk also thrive, and some of them have the official imprimatur of elected officials running for higher office.

State Sen. Hank Erwin, who is running as a Republican for Alabama lieutenant governor, is taking part in a Tea Party protest in Montgomery Tuesday, according to his Facebook page, where he calls himself "very conservative."

But not long ago, he attended a meeting of another radical right-wing group that has sprung up in Northeast Jefferson County, a modern-day Ku Klux Klan without the white robes that is also connected to the Tea Party movement.

"There is a popular city in Alabama that is slowly but surely becoming recognized in the political atmosphere as a 'must' visit. The town is Trussville, and in the last six months it has been a breeding ground for political action groups," Erwin claims on his Website. "The most recent group to join in the trend is serving as a counterpart to the women's movement, as a number of men demonstrated their frustration with the current economic crisis at what hopes to be the first of many 'Conservative Patriots Club' meetings."

The formation of a men's club comes after the so-called success of a women's group known as the "Republican Women of Trussville," which last month generated "one of the largest Tea Parties in the state," Erwin claims, with nearly 2,000 in attendance.

Leading the first meeting for the Conservative Patriots Club was Springville resident Harold Mathews, a small plane dealer and owner of Mathew's Manor, a private wedding chapel at the corner of US Highway 11 and Old Springville Road, where meetings take place every first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM.

According to three sources who have been asked to attend these meetings, but refused, that is now the official meeting place for the group, a fact unbeknownst to the Southern Poverty Law Center. In fact, during a call to the center's public relations office Tuesday morning, the SPLC said it had never heard of the Conservative Patriots Club, and would not comment on Erwin's conservative activism, since it is a nonprofit organization prohibited from taking part in politics.

Mathews runs a conservative email list, and three weeks before the election of Obama as the first black president in US history, he sent me an email message containing a death threat.

"You ignorant Boob!" he wrote. "The Obama machine slanted it so bad … This is what happens stupid, when people can get great gifts and benefits from government, it bankrupts the government. Now, we have all our taxes paying welfare at a exorbitant amount to people who aren't even a citizen of this country giving health care away like it is candy. Where does it stop? I guess when government gets so big that it tells YOU and the rest of the Liberal News rags WHAT TO WRITE and how to WRITE.

"You guys do not get it. They are already telling you and you are so blind to the facts of what is going on that when you do see it, it will be too late to fix without a revolution!" he continued. "Well maybe a revolution is good now and again. I know just where to put my first Bullet!"


I contacted Wilson on his cell phone, 205.960.3639. He hung up after calling me, among other things, a "motherfucker." I called him back and told his voice mail that I was putting him on notice of the factual errors in his screed and told him that if he did not retract them, I was going to sue him. I have always longed to own the property of a left collectivist blogger.

I will now send this to his email address,

We will see if his mouth has written checks that his ass refuses to cash.



Anonymous said...

Wow, he put a lot of time into that...some people..

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we know who 1 of Rachel Maddow's 14 viewers is!

Seriously, his whole piece reads like something that cites only his lefty sources of info, SPLC, MSNBC, DNC-Talking points, etc.

Maybe it's time to stick a Locust Fork in Mr. Wilson's story.

III to get ready

Carl Bussjaeger said...

Great Ghu, an "investigative reporter"? And he didn't think anyone could fact-check him?

Man, for his sake, I hope he has a real good attorney who will advise him to immediately admit his screw-ups, apologize, and settle for the minimum Mike's attorney will allow. And take away his keyboard before he loses his house.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Sue. You have ALL the Good Stuff on your side.
As you said, it would be interesting to own a Collectivist Liberal and his property - however little that amounts to.
Maybe, as appropriate punishment, you can MAKE him listen to Glenn Beck reading from his book "Common Sense". Since the Libtard is already insane, it can't hurt him any.

B Woodman

Legal Alien said...

Now this could a totally different take on "We are Everywhere"!!

Mike sue his ass off, take over his Collectivist Locust (a bug of all things - imagine that!!) web site, and keep on blogging from there are well.

Total inflitration!

You could feed the Collectivists with some real wayyyy out there stuff that they will more than likely swollow hook, line and sinker.

We are inside your heads as well!!!

Legal Alien

Orygunner said...

Since Mike posted his cell phone number, there are a few ways to send SMS messages for FREE to cell phones, but you have to know the carrier...

That number, (205.960.3639) is AT&T.

Don't stoop to the collectivist's level and issue any threats, EXCEPT that he's going to get SUED for LIBEL!

Milt Phlebotomistica said...

Well - it is common knowledge that this guy was the one who killed JFK; he was blackmailed into doing it by the CIA who had pictures of him committing sodomy on a chicken while reciting the Table of Contents of a banned edition of Audubon's Avian Erotica.
Actually- that is, as far as we know, a parody. Who this bastard actually IS, no one knows. I have some friends who live in the area that he describes as a refuge for racists - some of my friends are white, some are black - and will share his contact info with them, in case they might not agree with his 'common knowledge' of them... since the four that I spoke with had never heard of the inbred cretin, much less been interviewed by him as to their beliefs.
By all means sue the bastard; if you need any witnesses, character references, etc., there may be a few thousand of us very eager to see some serious justice done in such cases.

Anonymous said...


You should contact Amazon and inform them that a dipsh*t blogger is claiming individual purchase records from Amazon are available with simple searching on the internet. Such a statement is false, dilutes the valuable Amazon brand, and creates actionable torts against the blogger and his publisher.

I'd think a stout cease-and-desist from Amazon would take some starch out of that delusionoid and his moonbeam mothership org, "Truth-without." Presumably his editors at that organization would be keenly interested in checking their deductible on their libel coverage.

<( o )>

We're everywhere.

Chuck Martel said...

How do you do a "Google background search" and determine that anyone bought anything from Amazon? Huh? I want to know how you do that.

rexxhead said...

Woodman, you are an EVIL person ;-)


dennis308 said...

PLEASE SUE MIKE! the way to realy hurt this kind of Bastard is to TAKE what they cherish most Stike Now While the Iron is Hot! the libs say,print,and broadcast any thing they want no matter how stupid and when someone disagrees with them they are riddiculed as Rasist,Bigots,or(flavor of the week)Extreamist! so PLEASE STRIKE BACK FIGHT THIS ASSHOLE! While you/we still can.

rexxhead said...

Mike, I don't think you have a good tactical position. If you take him to court it will become public knowledge that you're an MI-5 deep-implant, and you wouldn't want to risk that, would you?


Dedicated_Dad said...

You came so close with this comment:

"...Not that facts seem to mean anything to this lying moke..."

It's hard to shake the persistent but deadly delusion that these people are simply good-hearted folk who are misinformed and have been misled by TPTB. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They - The Enemy - are LIARS. They lie, libel, slander... All deliberately and with malice aforethought.

Truth - like morality - to them, is RELATIVE. They "know" that deep in our heart-of-hearts we're all nothing more than violent, racist rednecks, and so they spare no ink in broadcasting that description to any and all who will listen.

Once you realize the simple fact that they really are evil, devious liars, then the things they say and do will make much more sense.


patriot_ohio said...

Sue him Mike. Just sue the ever lovin' crap right out of him.

They need to learn a lesson, him and all the other Media Militia.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I found something interesting. A Google search consisting of the terms Vanderboegh and "White Rage" shows 9 results. One of those is the Google online version of the book White Rage, which references you. From page 61 of the text:

"In late 1996, an officer in the Alabama militia, Mike Vanderboegh, was joined by a number of other militia figures in signing the Alabama Declaration, which accused government agencies of having had advance information of the Oklahoma bombing while describing McVeigh and Nichols as part of an anti-Semitic terrorist group which hoped to 'destroy the American Republic' and bring about 'a Nazi American Reich'."

Happy D said...

Strategy and Tactics for a Militia Civil War?

Repost repost I beg please repost! Google can't find it for me to read. The other search engines I use have failed so far as well.

Oh and sue the low life if you can win. And it will not bankrupt you. They sue all the time.

Anonymous said...

All right, here's the source:


I'll check back if the "URL" HTML tag works with blogger comments. My point in posting that link is 3-fold:

1) The author couldn't know if Mike bought the book;
2) The book cites Mike, and even then it's really hard to find a linkage; and
3) It's an academic book to begin with, not some how-to manual urging people to become skinheads and nazis.

Of course, this slimy little shit thought most people wouldn't know that "White Rage" was an academic text on the occasional overlapping of the white pride and militia movements. I'm sure he thought that most people would just buy his sad sack of lies.

theaton said...

Wow, Mr. Wilson is not in control of all of his faculties. There is so much there that is nonsense but what really irritated me was his comment: "and the mission of making life miserable for any business that hires undocumented workers."

What is wrong with making their lives miserable? They are breaking the law! Mr. Wilson has no trouble with people that make the lives of gun-owners miserable, gun-owners that are breaking no laws. The hypocrisy of the left is becoming more obvious daily. The MSM is in bed with the Left so they do nothing to expose the hypocrisy. In fact they perpetuate the lies and deceit espoused by the Left.