Saturday, April 10, 2010

"We Are Everywhere" in Kalifornia.

As a resident of southern California so I suppose I am already behind enemy lines, so as I drive daily on the 405 freeway from Orange County to LA County, thousands of people will see my "we are everywhere" message. Please see attached photo and feel free to publish it if you see fit to do so. In the meanwhile, I intend to employ a variety of Sharpies both with and without the assistance of blank Avery labels. My printer is too much of an ink-hog to enlist its assistance.



DB said...


Anonymous said...

Good! I also reside within the People's Republik of Kalifornia, and though I do not own a car, I do own several $1 bills.

Up the republic!

E said...

Awesome! I love it!

Skip said...

I'v gone through 15 Sharpies so far here in the Republik.
Even helped some folks with thier signs at the Tea Party today.
P.S. Mike, that lead to AIM Surplus was great.
340 rds of 8mm Mauser was cheaper than I can reload it for and the .308 in bandoliers is perfeck.