Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Be warned, the American-German economist William Engdahl is a lefty and often advocates pushing Europe in the direction of the East. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't a KGB/FSB "agent of influence." Still, he may have a point with this geopolitical/macroeconomic analysis. His observations about Goldman-Sachs and the Greek crisis are interesting.


jjet said...

"Engdahl argued that the Earth is cooling, not warming.[5] He claims that global warming, like peak oil, is merely a "scare" and an attempt "by powerful vested interests to convince the world to sacrifice that they remain in control of the events of this planet".(sic)[5]"

With all due respect, Mike, that doesn't sound like a "lefty" to me.

I do know that disinformatzia works both ways....

rexxhead said...

I wasn't able to find anything in that interview I disagreed with.

dennis308 said...

Who is George Soros and the other Hedge Fund Groups Engahl is talking about,I've seen stories about Soros being the real money behind the Obama Campaign in 2008 in the N.R.A. Publications.
What do these People have to gain by destroying the U.S.and World Economy's,What would People that Rich have to gain by a World Socialist Government.
Unless they Plan on Being the New World Government.
I've wondered who it was that set off the speculation frenzy on oil prices in 2008 and was a major factor in the economic crunch that we have now it would take more than a New Housing Market Failure or a Mortgage Failure,Both were accelerated by the Oil Price Speculations and all this speculation was found to be utterly baseless that's why I believe,no I'm pretty sure that the Oil Price Speculation Frenzy was Artificially Manufactured and by someone or someones with nearly unlimited funds.
Have these people declared a Secret war on the world to gain absolute control of everything and everybody?
If our Leaders really are OUR leaders why hasn't someone started a serious investigation into these people.


pdxr13 said...

Control of oil, food, and money is the control of all macro human events.

Individuals who are determined to be free might disrupt "The Gods of Money". Successes of free people might make the self-appointed gods insignificant in various ways.

If we can make and control our own fuels and food, we can be free people. Paper and digital money is a convenience for trade, as well as a means to destroy free people, depending on who controls it. Good money is commodity-based, redeemable in material or a promise of material (at a certain place/date, minus storage fees), with the finest money in the form of silver and gold coin held directly by the owner.

Inflation is one side-effect of criminal breaking of trust. Anyone with eyes can see a shit-storm coming, even if they disagree on the nature of the event or exact timing/impact.

Power is what power does, and power un-exercised is uncertain.


bullbythehorns said...

George Soros was the money man behind gun confiscation in Austrasia after the Port Arthur shootings . Wiki "Rebecca Peters" , this maniacal lefty toe rag now works at the UN and she's coming after your guns.