Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Russia Today Covers the RTC Rally

Be sure and watch the video.


GunRights4US said...

For all the handwringing and whining (from even some so-called 2A advocates) it should be VERY apparent which 2A rally on April 19th got the lion's share of the attention.

Anonymous said...

So, if that woman wants to talk about treason...did she miss out on what Congress has been up to for the past year and a half?

Jay Stang said...

GunRights is right!!! There were 10 times the people at the SAM but we got all the attention. I was talking to some of the people going to the SAM in the lobby of the Sheraton National, and they did not know about the RTC rally, or else they would have gone.

Hey Ma!! I'm on tv!

Anonymous said...

I saw this photo in the making and had to turn the other way and laugh into the wind so as not to ruin it.

Well done, you unhinged, brick totin',cane using patriot.

I was the one who picked up your lunch at Dave's on Sunday for gracing us with your wit at the table. Thanks again, I'm glad we did what we did.

- A Patriot

Chuck Martel said...

You got fairer reporting than you would from the Big Three, PBS, MSNBC or CNN.

rexxhead said...

"Russia Today"? Looks to me like they gave us a square(er) deal than much of the domestic MSM...

I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

“This is my neighborhood. I live here. And I am just not going to take that" Laura Austin

1: you just defined the movement
2: apparently she will stop this

1894C said...

Ironic that the most balanced articles about the 2nd amendment rallys I've seen so far have been al jazeera and russia today.

Go figure...



Kevin Patrick said...

My wife and I are the thumbnail on the RT page for the video, before you click play. It was a heck of a rally, and next time it will be 10 times as big. We need to wake as many people up, including those with their fingers on the big red buttons, in hopes of avoiding a hard conflict.

Good luck friends, and thanks to who attended!

Anonymous said...

Unintended Consequences:

You held a rally that resutled in little attention from BIG MEDIA. You were armed. It wasn't a newsworthy event - regardless of their reasons.

This means: Open carry of arms is now that much more normalized.


Anonymous said...

>My wife and I are the thumbnail on the RT page - Kevin Patrick

Is that a Rifleman’s patch on you jacket there?
Good Job Sir! I’m still working on mine.

Anonymous said...

That woman in the video towards the end is exactly the reason America is now a plane crash that never hits the ground.

"Democracy! I want! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! Now!"

No concept of representative government, no concept of the rule of law, no concept of the history of even America, let alone the world, no concept of anything other than "I do not approve of this, and therefore no one is allowed to live differently than me."

Some people might be disappointed with the turnout. As far as I'm concerned, the present-day political open carry was first brought to the attention to average non-Constitutionally minded Americans by William Kostric less than a year ago. Back then, I told all my friends, most of them big government types, that this was the start of something big and they all laughed at me and brushed it off. A couple of days later, there was that black guy carrying his AR-15 in Arizona at a protest, and then some started to come around and see that this was just not some isolated event, but still didn't grasp the totality of it. Now less than a year later, we have entire events (albeit small at the moment) based on that concept.

Living Americans, especially in the "we know what's best for you" parts of the country are not used to seeing firearms period. Let alone in public, let alone in a political context. In a way, I don't even think we understand fully the effect this has on them.

Any numbers are good numbers, and if there were 75 people at this thing, there had better be 76 at the next one, and 77 at the one after that, and so on.

Moe Death said...

Remember that a lot of us IIIpers had to work that day (and probably quite a few who refuse to fly anymore), so that might explain some of the low attendance. I am personally PO'ed, though, that I missed a chance to share a Bushmills with Mike...


Witchwood said...

Laura Austin, in this instance, personifies the Left. When things are going their way, they chide us that democracy has spoken, the law must be respected, and it's time to move on. When things aren't going their way, civil disobedience and references to a higher, moral law are the order of the day.

We are not all in this together. Some people are patriots and others traitors, and the chasm between can never be bridged. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured IIIpers, that for every one of you who did attend, there are ten thousand more who for whatever reason could not attend, and a hundred thousand more who currently or will in the future lend support for the cause.

Thank you for being there, it made an impact.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Anonymous said at 4:03am, 4/22.

I refuse to fly. Haven't flown since 2005 to protest the unconstitutional laws enacted after 9/11 and because every time I did fly I would get pulled off to a isolated area and searched and questioned while ragheads with distinct middle east appearances and accents were waved on through. The last time I made a very loud observation: "Damn, I never realized I looked so much like an Islamic Jihadist!"

I don't. I look just like what I am. An American redneck who will defend the Constitution to the death for the benefit of my grandkids (and theirs).

It was probably the American Paratrooper tatto that scared them so bad. Only thing I can think of.

Also, I, like most patriots, actually have a day job. Makes it hard to get away on weekdays. Would've loved to be there.