Sunday, April 11, 2010

"We Are Everywhere" in Florida: Martin County Democrat Party Headquarters


I am reliably informed that the Martin County,FL "Democraptic" offices are located on the 2nd floor of a strip mall in downtown Stuart and that for "the fat ass collectivists" who will take the elevator up one floor to their offices, an introduction has been left.

Further, their door

and window

signs now have a bit of Three Percent color.

Well done, Florida. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.



Anonymous said...

"It starts..." :-)

Smince said...

If you guys are feeling extra frisky, make your stickers scratch-n-sniff "burnt cordite".

Mayberry said...

excellent work...

Pat H. said...

Simon Jester lives.

Anonymous said...

They became complacent.
After the window breaking episodes at other Dem offices,they had a police watch in the parking lot for about a week or so.
Then they believed it was all over and cancelled the police watch.
Yesterday it was an empty parking lot with easy opportunity.
I am sure the police watch will be back on duty again this week

Anonymous said...

Remember, color printers are trackable.

Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers
By Mike Musgrove
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Use a B&W.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to remain bi-partisan when planning which collectivist to 'sticker.'

E said...

Well done! And so it begins...

Unknown said...

It's great! They will be so confused and paranoid when, everywhere they look, they see the III

Let the bastards have to guess what and when.

There's a reason for that old Irish toast, 'Confusion to our enemies!'"


frosty2 said...

Simon Jester had a forerunner -- Tom the Tinker. See "The Whiskey Rebellion"

Dakota said...

Where can I get some of those stickers?

Anonymous said...

The link to the article on the tracing of images from color printers is should end in 'html' and not just htm.

If it makes you feel better, the Secret Service says the color printer tracking is only for counterfeiters, comrade.

And for that matter, presume that all internet traffic is sniffed too, warrants and the natural rights of man be damned.

Anonymous said...

Is graffiti a felony?
Got the mother of all WE ARE III
pic's waiting in the wings if it is not.

Fusion III

Anonymous said...

What is this warning un-authenticated content thing now popping up on this site?

Slap one right over their card
reader slot elevator dude

Fusion III

Anonymous said...

Ton's of click hijacking warnings on this site now since my last post.
Or so firefox and my collection of plugins tells me.

Fusion III

III more than them said...

"Is graffiti a felony?
Got the mother of all WE ARE III
pic's waiting in the wings if it is not.

Fusion III"

Graffiti may be a crime of sorts, but taking a pic of it surely isn't.

Anonymous said...

I did not have my camera with me this morning, but a black and white III'per shipping label got sucked onto an "Obama 08" bumper sticker on a car in a parking lot nearby.

I do not consider it property damage, because the Obama sticker (really faded) was already on the paintwork.

All you have to do is carry a few around with you, neatly cut up into separate labels, off the sheet and then, when the opportunity arises, peel-and-stick.

Will it last? I do not expect it to. What I do know, is that it has now effectively messed up the Obama bumper sticker. Objective achieved.

Will it cause some attention? I really expect it to


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to have the III "We Are Everywhere" put on postage stamps? I think it would really send a message if they were delivered by the US Post Office. On you can have pictures put on stamps but I'm not sure I could reduce the size of the III sign and I'm not sure they would do it for me. Might make the message more powerful if the post office is the ones delivering them.

Anonymous said...

Finally Like minded people who really see what is happening and won't sit still for it.
I refuse to be "politically correct" While the Constitutuion & Bill of Right are slowly being wiped out by un-constitutional laws and the sheeple just sit and watch it happen.
For other Floridians of like mind,
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