Thursday, April 15, 2010

"We Are Everywhere!" -- Denver Tea Party today.


dennis308 said...

Seen III% flag at D.C. Tea Party Rally on T.V. today Must be driving MADCOW crazzzzy ha ha ha.


Longbow said...


Charlie Mike.

Watch your six.

Ironwill said...

Thanks to E. for making the sign and flyers to pass out. He drove down all the way down from the next State for the event.

Some of our stickers mysteriously and surreptitiously found their way on various poles, parking meters, structures and vehicles sporting Ă˜bama bumper stickers. No photo proof though, too many people around. A police officer tried to remove one off a light pole but he failed. ;)

More to come.


Smince said...

Nyberg flag and III patches were on display at Atlanta Tea Party rally yesterday.

PKL said...

Guy on the left is wearing a Appleseed shirt. I got one at the Ramseur Rifleman's Bootcamp that's just like it.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could just get the three million Three Percenters to go through the Appleseed Program and score rifleman then we would have something.

Eric said...

I'm the guy on the left

I passed one of my fliers (had 'what is a three percenter? on it) out to a guy wearing a 'life time member' NRA shirt, he took it, read it, gave me a semi-disgusted look and said thank you and walked off. That helped to reinforce my view of the NRA.

I have pictures coming of the stickers, but i'm having computer problems and can't upload 'em at the moment

Romeo Charlie said...

I am an NRA Life Member and I carry a Nyberg Battle Flag of the Three Percent to the T.E.A. gatherings. I am also a Vet and a member of the Oath Keeepers. Please do not judge all NRA members by the reactions of a few. We are not all like that.

Anonymous said...

What Romeo Charles said. Same holds true for me. I am an NRA member too. We Are Everywhere, even in the ranks of the 4 million members of of NRA.

What you encountered, Eric, was an NRA member on the GOP wing of the so-called "Tea Party." Probably only owns long guns for the purposes of hunting and shooting targers.