Monday, April 26, 2010

All RIGHT! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! "They want everything. They don't want any controls whatsoever." You damn betcha!

A sincere tip of the boonie hat to Threeper Dan for forwarding this.

Maine may have two RINO senators, but they don't lack for free Americans who know how to make a statement.

Gun advocates wear holstered weapons and bring machine gun to rally in Maine park

By David Sharp - Associated Press

Published: 04/26/10 at 6:31 PM

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) ― About 75 gun rights supporters — most of them wearing side arms — gathered in a public park to exercise their Second Amendment rights Sunday, enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs as joggers trotted by and a small group of demonstrators gathered nearby.

Shane Belanger, a University of Southern Maine student who organized the display of guns, which included a machine gun mounted on a jeep, said the aim wasn't to frighten anyone. Instead, he said, the goal was simply to show that people have a constitutional right to bear arms.

"A right unexercised is a right lost," Belanger said as the gas grill warmed up on a sunny afternoon. "We're law-abiding citizens, just having a barbecue."

Dave Nelson, of Gorham, brought his restored olive drab 1951 Willys jeep with an operable .30-caliber machine gun mounted in the back and a box of ammunition. He said he doesn't like what's happening in the country when it comes to work ethic and government intrusion into people's lives.

"Things are changing drastically," said Nelson, who wore a 9 mm handgun in a holster. "The government owns too many things. It's trying to control people."

Some critics were incredulous.

"Where does it stop? You're carrying a .38 on your hip. The next one's carrying .45," said Marine veteran Walter McKertich, 73, of Portland. "If I get a 105 Howitzer, is that OK? They want everything. They don't want any controls whatsoever."

Another veteran, Norm Rasulis, of Peaks Island, joined the group protesting the display of guns.

"I've seen no reason to carry (a handgun) since I left the service," he said.

Maine has fairly liberal gun laws, and the Legislature doesn't let municipalities regulate guns. Nonetheless Dan Skolnik, chairman of the City Council Public Safety Committee, said he'd like to see the city have the right to require permits for people to display their guns in public.

"Anywhere in the country, cities and towns ought to be able to regulate when people are walking around with a loaded weapon," Skolnik said.

The gathering in Portland, the state's largest city, is the latest in a series of such open carry events nationwide.

For the most part, police kept the two groups apart. A few people discussed their differences, and the chats were generally civil.

Belanger, the student organizer, didn't wear a gun. Neither did Peter Keef, another gun rights supporter. They said they were happy to have both sides air their views.

"I'm glad that they have the right to do that," said Keef, of Casco, motioning to the counter-demonstrators. "I'm glad we live in a country where that's possible."


Old Pablo said...

This is a great blog. You post some fine stories. In California all HELL would have broken loose. I can't even buy a single-shot .50 caliber. (Have a decent .45-70, though.) God bless America.

Anonymous said...

"They want everything. They don't want any controls whatsoever."

Sounds like the Democrats' attitude toward the role of government.

MadDawg308 said...

Amen, brother. A-MEN.

Crustyrusty said...

"If I get a 105 Howitzer, is that OK?"

Why the hell not?

My cousin in Switzerland took me to a gasthaus once that had operable artillery in the parking lot and a mortar mounted on the roof.

Out-flippin'-standing :-D

TdB said...

I lived in Maine for 4 years, mostly rural. Outside of Portland, and other Massachusetts Liberal control zones, Maine is like Pennsylvania, and New York and Wisconsin & Minnesota & Texas --Alabama.

Not far from Yuppie Bar Harbor is a place called Rebel Hill, where a large group of anti-Unionist lived during the War between the States

I hope you are all giving Alarm & Muster utmost priority in the run up to this Fall's midterm elections. Please!

Semper Paratus!

dennis308 said...

Way to go Maine!


Anonymous said...

Probably just me, but that ammunition belt is for show. The primers have been fired. It's the thought that counts.

105mm Howitzer? Sure. It's just a merging of the 2nd amendment and the 1st amendment's right to assembly. If some rich dudes want to buy one and safely store and transport the HE (might be some legitimate public safety issues here), and have a place to shoot it safely, who are you to tell them they can't, you worthless bag of douche?

Witchwood said...

"Where does it stop? You're carrying a .38 on your hip. The next one's carrying .45," said Marine veteran Walter McKertich, 73, of Portland.

This is an important point. Veterans, even combat veterans, are not necessarily on our side.

Dan Galena said...

Regarding comments by WITCHWOOD that "Veterans, even combat veterans, are not necessarily on our side." He's absolutely correct. Just take a look at two shining Army examples: the lib General Wesley Clark and the RINO General Colin Powell.

Many, many American military personnel are liberals of the highest sort. Today, with the economy in the crapper, many members of the military are just looking at military service as a pay check. Not duty to country. Certainly many of those service members have little dedication to their Oath of Enlistment and the United States Constitution. It's just something they had to say to enlist and get paid.

My favorite line of all time was a young PFC telling me: "Hey Sarge, I'm just in it for the college money."

dwayne chandler said...

Damn, it's boring around my parts!
I would have had such a good laugh, had I been witness to this.
Honestly, I'm laughing even harder imagining a 75mm recoiless added to that mix.

dwayne chandler.

TdB said...

I saw vdo of the Solothurn 20 mike mike. Mmmm, that's reaching out and touching. Oorah! I have to figure out how to fit it into my chapter in the Absolved Sequel contest.

I'm already working on a Chapter called Pocket ARF: SLAP happy Tokereva (sung to Macarena) Timmons Style. I am winning threeper patch 4 sure, maybe even the Nyberg Flag that Mike is gonna have donated for winning chapter entries (right Mike? nudge nudge). I just have to work on my Puritan & Reformed title length thingey I got goin' on, or.. maybe I'll just run with it.

who may have just volunteered himself to run the sequel contest...

Anonymous said...

Let Maine be a shining example to all of the Northern states.

And yes, we want everything...everything that government bureaucracies make nearly impossible to get!

Dan said...

The talk about the vets not being on our side are, I think, are those who we probably shouldn't worry about anyway. They want "college money" and they're not likely to risk life and limb. Probably REMF's anyway.

I've often said that I'd have a damn M1A2 Abrams if it weren't cost-prohibitive!

rexxhead said...

Yes, many veterans are NOT on our side, and the older they get the less likely they are to have ANY appreciation for what's happening and about to happen. They know what has already happened, and that's all. They are 'preparing to fight the last war'.

That's why they'll lose.


Anonymous said...

As for cities controlling loaded weapons-look at the fine example Chicago is giving us this very minute...

When will these dolts understand that control doesn't work and 2A wording 'shall not be infringed' means what it says? It's up to those that understand to hold ground...

Tom Wolff said...

I think it was Dave Workman that had an Examiner thread on this subject. I came to the conclusion that private ownership of firepower should include whatever you can afford: An F-18, 5" deck guns, a SAM site, whatever.

When I hit that lottery, I'm buying a Westport 164' and some big guns and missiles and going "hunting" offa the coast of Somalia! LMMFAO!

I draw the line at NBC's. No person and DEFINITELY no Gov't should possess such things...

J. Croft said...

Sounds like some veterans still know how to put on the government issue blackface... might as well say "yah SUH boss ahs a good slave-pay my taxes an give a jackboot a goood lickin'!"

And I'm jealous. I want a belt fed! I'd like to see John Browning's .30 M1919A6 redesigned, lightened up a bit. Maybe swap out aluminum or titanium for a lot of the noncritical components.

Take heart: most of those who support the beast can't really fight and rely on the mercenaries and oath traitors who can. They may outgun us but we outnumber them and are a lot smarter.