Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where are the "We Are Everywhere" stickers?

I've sent out well over a hundred templates and no photos back yet along with reports of where they're been stuck on ENEMY TURF. Anybody mailed one to Rachel Madcow yet?



Eric said...

Next weekend Mike, next weekend

Anonymous said...

Got to get to the city to buy Avery Labels. I'll get to it.

The Old Guide

Eric said...

Here's a stencil ready version

Supplies you need for signs

Tyvec house wrap 3'x150'... Home Depot, $70

Grommets... Home Depot

Spray paint... WalMart

String and zip ties... WalMart


Take a large piece of cardboard from walmart (go there at night while they're stocking)

Print out We are everywhere stencil pattern

Draw stencil on cardboard big enough to cover 3'x3' piece of Tyvec.

Cut out stencil.

Spray paint stencil on Tyvec

Install grommets in corners of sign

Hang in favorite locations, (overpasses, chain link fence, road sign, etc..) the possibilities are endless

Larry said...

You didn't send me one!


Brock Townsend said...

I can't get them to come out correctly.They are smaller, and four to a page instead of six. Something to do with the Google conversion, I believe.

Computer Illiterate:-)

David T. McKee said...

Downloaded and ready to fax to government offices everywhere. I don't have the resources to convert to a sticker (yet) but for now I made a directory where you can get this gif as well. You can also get "" which is the complete zip of the Obama file website, "" which is all of the emails disproving global warming, "Poor_Mans_Bullet_Proof_Vest.pdf" a complete instruction manual, and finally a video on how to turn a super-soaker into an effective flame thrower.

Get it here:

-David T. McKee

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, but this sign exists everywhere in America and represents one of the things many Americans are really upset about. I think it would be interesting to see how many could be tagged with a "III" in the next few weeks.

Nairb said...

Is there someone who can print out a durable sticker like a bumper sticker? If so, I would like to buy a few for my cars and extras to give out.

Anonymous said...

Home Depot 95th and Metcalf Overland Park Kansas....but I forgot my camera.

Defiant III said...

Hang in there Mike! I have a few rough stickers printed up on regular paper labels but I am waiting for my order of weatherproof labels to come in. I am spreading the labels I have so far around to friends.

Defiant III

E said...

If people are so paranoid that they are worried about the micro-print from the printer, and paying for a new printer in cash, and then dumping the printer after doing a big batch of stickers, wearing hats, sunglasses and gloves through the whole process, I really doubt many people are going to take pictures of their own work and then send it to you. Now you may see something pop up on a news network, and get a picture of it that way, but I wouldn't expect too many sending you pictures of their work. I for one know I wouldn't. I have however have used "III We Are Everywhere," on a few items.

Smince said...

Forthcoming... It is spring break in many regions of the Union right now and attention is otherwise temporarily diverted to the needs of the immediate family unit.

Anonymous said...

They're all sitting as files on the computers of the 14 people who affiliate themselves with your comical 'movement.'

You guys are not even a laugh. Maybe a chortle.

J3 said...

Hey, Bro -
Even JOhnny Applseed didn't go back a week alter to see if the trees were bearing AP fruit... ya know?
Plus as you know, some of us got no cameras anyway. All our limited funds are tied up in things like food, shelter and ammo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Anon, we all really hate it when people get work, huh?

Anonymous said...

Comment on E's comment . . . there are a LOT of old, used, NON-traceable printers to be had at thrift stores (and maybe the local landfill). Typically people donate them (or toss them) because it's cheaper to buy a new printer with an upgrade to their computer than buy a new cartridge, thanks to this throwaway economy. So, all you need to do is get a cartridge refilled at a local Walgreens for $10, and voila! - cheap printer that can be re-donated when its intended purpose is fulfilled.

Also, the local copy shops often have self-service copiers and trusting cashiers (they can see the counters on the machines, anyway). Just take in a manila folder and crank 'em out, and put them in the folder before paying.

The thing to be careful with is WHERE you plaster these - if it's under a camera or not. WALK up to the area in question, do NOT drive up and leave them. Wear sunglasses and head cover of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4-20-20 5:55 PM

Ms. Mancow, is that you?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:55PM - you'll think 'comical' when 250 grain .338 Lapua HPBT's are whizzing by your head at 600 m/s - from a guy over 7 football fields away. Putz.

DB said...

Disclaimer: addresses for fan mail purposes only (cause we all love her so much!)...
Disclaimer's disclaimer: elements of the disclaimer may have included sarcasm.

Rachel Maddow. 62 Sterling PL, APT 2. Brooklyn, NY 11217-3257

MSNBC says she spends half her time at her wife's house (Susan A Mikula) here: 79 W Main Street. Cummington, MA 01026-9717

Crustyrusty said...

LaserJet 4L - slow as dirt but the print quality is good, and as far as I know it was made WAY before any of this super secret printer registration hooey got started....

Kyle said...

Anon @ 2:53PM...I have seen the signs and I agree. How about we add EVERY SINGLE Census 2010 ad we see as well...followed up with a " count this!"?