Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harken, all ye clandestine Beefeaters.

A secret message (delayed in decryption) from MI-5 to all agents of the Queen in the former North American Colonies (soon to be reclaimed by our marvelously insidious plot).

1 April 2010
1200 GMT

Viscount Michael Van der Boegh, O.B.E., K.B.E., V.C., D.S.O., Laird of Sipsey Street and all-around nice guy shall be departing Alabama for the fiendishly concocted plot in Northern Virginia on the morning of 14 April. Thus, his previous secret message forwarding service at will only be capable of handling light traffic, and of that, only of the most important kind. Routine messages should be rerouted per Memorandum Q.

All members of Her Majesty's Secret Service are commanded to render the Viscount every possible assistance. Recognition sign is the secret "Winston" handshake, followed by a reference to the current colour of the Cherwell Boathouse, Oxford.

Signed, for Her Majesty,


c: Miss Moneypenny

NOTE: If you are a lying collectivist moron or a LaRouchie (I'm sorry, I repeat myself) you will not get this. And if you're a neoNazi or a mistaken "Identity" who has been convinced since the '90s that I was an agent of the ADL, SPLC and Mossad, you won't get this either. But, hey, you're neoNazis! Since when did y'all get anything right anyway? Enjoy your confusion, all of you collectivist meatheads.-- MBV.


Anonymous said...

Can we expect the SAS to be involved as well? Perhaps Felix from the CIA?

bander1643 said...

Let us know when the "Eagle has Landed." Nudge, nudge, say no more.

RotfLm derriere off!

Although I like good gin, and you just denigrated Beefeaters

Anonymous said...

Travel well, M'Lord.

Anonymous said...

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