Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anniversary: Bahia de Cochinos.

Because other events intervened yesterday, I am getting this anniversary note up a day late, to my mortification. Yesterday was the 49th anniversary of the Bahia de Cochinos debacle, when free Cubans acting with American help and believing American promises of air support, attempted to take their country back from a communist thug. Having set them up for failure, JFK choked and withheld the air support. The invasion failed. Good men died, the rest were imprisoned, some tortured, the remnant finally exchanged for ransom by JFK's guilty conscience.

Here is one remembrance by Humberto Fontova entitled The Bay of Pigs — An Anniversary of Heroism and Shame.

The money quote of the article is this:

"The liberal cannot strike wholeheartedly against the Communist," wrote early National Review columnist James Burnham, "for fear of wounding himself in the process."

Read the linked article and always remember the free men of Assault Brigade 2506.


tjbbpgobIII said...

Mike, the page cannot be found.

Michael Gilson said...

It works for me, but here is a mirror of the article. In fact this one is a little longer with some of the aftermath.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad story.

Happy D said...

Ever just want to punish someone with a Che shirt on for conspiracy after the fact to commit crimes against humanity?

Unknown said...

Mr. M. V.
If this is an example of Mr.Rhodes commitment to his word. may be he should go to the W. H. commit to B. O. and help us out that way.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Jimmy the Saint, I think what you say is true. I have read that Admiral Halsey wanted to give the dear boy a courts martial for being dead in the water with all engines stopped when they were run down. Wasn't there, of course, and strange things can happen in battle, but that's what I've read. He certainly had his engines stopped during this shit. He had some very strange advisers too. Oh Mike, the word for this sign on fits me to a tea, partfat.