Saturday, April 24, 2010

We can "vent" all we want. They are going to insist on giving us "health care" whether we want it or not.

Tool, "Health Care," Preparation, Mark 1 Dash B. Instructions: Use regularly before and after "venting" your opinion to the nice men with submachine guns who come to your door.

My thanks to Threeper TypeAy for forwarding this.

Only hours after the Florida House and Senate voted to “opt out” of the new federal health law, the top U.S. health official said Thursday night that will not be permitted.

Without mentioning any particular state or going into detail, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that state and local officials can vent all they want about a so-called “federal takeover” of health care. But they cannot deny their citizens access to its benefits or requirements, she told the Association of Health Care Journalists.


thedweeze said...

Well, here's another wrinkle.

I live in Florida, specifically FL-19, a deeply blue district. My ex-congressthug, the Dishonorable Robert Wexler, resigned his seat back in January. At the time the HCR vote was held, I had no Representative.

Does this mean that those of us who live here are exempt? You know, Taxation Without Representation?

If this is anything more than a vain hope, Palm Beach County might well become the physical home of Threepers. Sun, warmth, beaches, currently cheap property, and your car won't rust out as quickly.

Any lawyers out there? I'd sure love to stop being the only Threeper around here.

Anonymous said...

They're really going to do it, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

You know they just don't get the fact that powers were delegated to them, not self-declared unilateral power grabs nor do the states derive their power from the federal government.

Pretty typical of the feds though, they have it all ass backwards.

Toastrider said...

Or what, Mrs. Sebelius?

The feds are already facing a challenge in the form of Arizona's immigration law -- enacted due to the federal government's refusal to actually secure the border. This is going to get mighty interesting.

What you could see is the feds saying 'fine. No more federal funding'. And the states respond with 'Guess you didn't want to collect federal taxes in our state anyways'.

typeay said...

thedweeze, I live in the northern panhandle of Florida. I'm a 50 year plus Florida resident, they don't much make those anymore. I've lived and was raised in Miami for over 20 years. I've also worked and lived in Miami, Orlando, Leesburg, Pensacola, and Tallahassee. Trust me when I tell you that you probably would be a lot happier simply moving northward a tad. From Ocala northward and into south GA, AL, and MS, is swarming with IIIpers, and gun culture folks.

Anonymous said...

Don't bring that attitude to GA, Kathy.



Witchwood said...

The Boresnake is one of greatest inventions ever. I have three to cover my entire arsenal and have thrown away all my cleaning rods and pads.

Witchwood said...

You know they just don't get the fact that powers were delegated to them, not self-declared unilateral power grabs nor do the states derive their power from the federal government.

On the contrary. I think most understand that very well, and they simply don't care. They follow in the footsteps of Julius Caesar.

This follows from the belief that the Constitution is a "living, breathing document." No document in the history of the world has ever lived or breathed. If the Constitution was actually meant to have the elasticity that the feds believe it to have, it would have consisted of just four words: Do What You Will

straightrrow said...

Did she not have a clue as to whom they would likely vent?

This is why I say the war is inevitable. Because we "can vent, so long as they can ignore us".

Unknown said...

Hey, Mr. M. V.

Typical of any bully (federal or other) the fed is in the process of letting their crocodile mouth overload their hummingbird ass. There is no way the fed can take on all 50 states at once. but they will have to do more than posture. from here on!


Anonymous said...

From Ocala northward and into south GA, AL, and MS, is swarming with IIIpers, and gun culture folks. --Typeay

I can speak from personal experience that Valdosta, Georgia is hostile to long-haired hippies, too or at least they were in 1972 as I passed through there on my way to the Republican convention in Miami Beach. :^)


Bill St. Clair said...

I'm with Witchwood. BoreSnakes rock!

Scott J said...

Others beat me to it and, yes, it's sort of off-topic to the post but the bore snake has amazed me.

It combined with Gunslick foaming bore cleaner really eases cleaner.

Although, I have discovered with my Garand that the Gunslick will expand through the port into the gas system. I've been thinking of trying some of the other pull-through systems out there that will allow you to use a traditional wetted patch.

Sorry to hijack this into a praxis, Mike.

tjbbpgobIII said...

The Fed. gov. feels that the powers they have taken were all theirs after "The War of Northern Agression" so they must think they have all the power. they should remember what the Jap admiral said about a rifle behind every bush.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to take baby steps in civil disobedience, for Galt's sake pick a plan which produces practical results. Reviving the lodge doctor system among your preparedness group is a fine thing. Even the Canadians are no longer prosecuting doctors and patients who have made one-on-one private arrangements for treatment.

First, you have to find a libertarian doctor (hahahaha). Perhaps a doctor trained outside the US medical-industrial complex government monopoly medical schools? Does your doctor want to improve healthcare delivery to the working poor, or does she want to set a living example to urge Socialism to be more humane? Does she always have one eye on her daddy, the State, who she is constantly trying to impress? Is her end goal to get tax-funded whatever to deliver more stuff?

You recognize Socialism by its forcible intrusion into areas of your life, not by the claims on its master planning sales pitch documents. Any activist who is willing to expose themselves to the world press should also be willing to interview area doctors to find out who might theoretically work for cash and no tracking paperwork...unless the activists' goal is to reform Socialism. Be libertarian today, or be force-marched down Leviathan's healthcare carbon cap gaia worship VAT mark of the beast Trail of Tears tomorrow. Your choice.