Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finding unexpected enemies in all the wrong places.

David Codrea posts a link to this from Neal Boortz, the "libertarian" Lothario of the talk circuit.


By Neal Boortz

@ April 20, 2010 8:53 AM Permalink

There is one particular group of anti-big-government protestors out there who have decided it would be a good idea to take guns to rallies ... to legally take guns and openly display them at rallies. This is idiocy. Talk about playing into the hands of the left. What idiot thought this stuff up. The ballot box still works, folks. At this point it's not the trigger finger that will save us from tyranny, it's the voting finger. If that changes, then I guess that all bets are off.

David's comment?

Go to hell, you self-serving fraud.

The only one I see playing into the hands of the left is the one siding with the satisfied Rapex customers.


Somebody's gotta say it.


Sloboskya Rotchakokov said...

It occurs to me that MOST of the radio big shots, Glenn Prick at the head of the list and Boortz nudging right behind, just use the conservative themes to make a lotta bucks and pay for the latest Rolex and keep stocking those offshore accounts. Any time that any caller mentions actually USING the Second Amendment, or talks about the need for the citizens to arm themselves and be ready to mount true resistance, these gutless, loudmouth suckholes almost crap their silk panties saying, no no noooooo, that's crazy talk, folks, we can't be like THEM, we must use the vote!!!
Like THAT has made a difference!
The only one that I have hope for is Mark Levin who sometimes seems to be edging the right way. Savage has made a few comments in the past months that might indicate a drift toward this reality,
And IF our old friend Russ Fine was on the air locally, I rather imagine he would not be too reluctant to urge people to consider the serious application of the 2 A.

Semper Fi - and David, well said!!
- j3 -

Peilthetraveler said...


No...the ballot box does not work. Obama got voted in because black people thought he was going to pay their mortgage, pay their gas, give them checks for millions of dollars and all that. Just go to youtube and type "obama money" and you can see how idiotic these people are that are voting. So either change the voting system or we take our country back by force. A reasonable way to change the voting system would be to charge people $100 to vote for a candidate or if they want a waiver, make them take a 250 question test on what the candidates policies are. If they fail the test, they dont get to vote free.

But will they ever charge people for voting? Will they ever make people take a test before voting? No. Why not? Because then they wont get that majority of stupid voters who vote based on slogans, not policies.

Dr.D said...

I usually agree with Neal as He usually gets it right, but there are times he vexes me mightily, and this is one. It's the same principal as a strong national defense, we have all that military hardware because potential enemies are afraid we will use it, the stalemate brings peace with it.


Anonymous said...

Sad but true- well said David!

Anonymous said...

Boortz "souled out" a long time ago,he's up there with hannitwerp and beck on the sellout list.

rexxhead said...

If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.


rexxhead said...

Oh, and by the way, S Rotchakokov, this isn't up to your typically high level of snark. You'll have to markedly improve your snarkiness ;-)


Son of Sam Adams said...

I gave up on Boortz about 2 years ago, when he started trashing Ron Paul. The guy is to Libertarians as Olympia Snowe is the Republicans. At least his base isn't taking this lightly.

Brock Townsend said...

From the comments.

"Neal, from reading thru the comment section, it seems a vast majority of Americans say you are wrong."

Smince said...

It occurs to me somewhat odd and hypocritical that if a fellow Libertarian does not agree with 100% of what you believe, that the most appropriate and intelligent response is "fuck you". During a revolution, the guerrilla resistance depends on the civilian resistance heavily, even though the civilians may not ideologically be willing to put a finger behind the trigger. Threepers have many allies in the nation right now but if they start taking an elitist and cannibalistic approach towards any difference in opinion then they're doing nothing but alienating themselves and playing into the whole "extremist" pejorative.

CorbinKale said...

I posted the following comment on Boortz's site:

The nerve of citizens flaunting their Constitutionally protected 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights! In public! Right out in the open where children could see them, for gosh sakes! /sarcasm off

You call them idiots for legally carrying guns but, ironically, you are the one who shot himself in the foot. Google 'zumbo'.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who votes in a democracy to elect a president or any other office holder. Is Peilthetraveler suggesting that in a democratic republic the votes of certain minorities, such as Blacks, are not legitiment? Or has he just admitted what we all know, but the militianaziright is too cowardly to admit openly: that this movement is just a thin cover for a reactionary racist position? Peithetraveler also proves what I have been saying all along: that this is basically a bunch of narcisistic cry babies who feel they should have their way regardless of what the majority wants. The majority has spoken. Suck it up, and be real men!

Shy Wolf said...

ROFL, Piel... try reading the Constitution and you'll know why a fee can't be charged for voting...

Concerned American said...


Your point about the sea in which insurgents swim is correct.

Except in this case, the object of the "go to hell" was not the general populace, but an elitist celebrity media Republican lawyer.

Codrea was too polite, if anything.

Dedicated_Dad said...

"Piel" is a f***tard, not a threeper.

He's also likely a sock-puppet for "Anonymous" who showed up right behind to denounce him EVEN BEFORE THE "PIEL" COMMENT WAS APPROVED AND POSTED.

Go figure (roll eyes.)

In line with the other sub-thread, I've got 2 words for both of you:





Smince said...

If you're offended by Neal calling you an idiot, then I think you're wearing your feelings on your sleeves. If you listen to him with any regularity, you'll realize that he calls *everybody* an idiot at one point or another (including me during a live call, of which I convinced him otherwise a few moments later). It's his radio persona, it's his act. However, he's a pretty reasonable guy if you talk through your argument with him logically and intellectually. All of these famous personalities must walk a fine line with appeasing the mainstream and their bosses, so I for one fully expected this response from him. He's a capitalist and he's in the business to make money, not change the nation. But I pay him the respect of introducing me to Libertarian ideals so he does some good, too, otherwise I would not be here. Beck, Hannity, Boortz, Limbaugh, Savage - these people are not real leaders and I don't think they should be held to a leadership standard. They should be taken for exactly what they are, entertainers, and with a grain of salt at that.

Anonymous said...

Okay now dammit! You lefties need to listen here. We don't give a FUCK what 52% of voters think. We have rights and freedoms! I'm not going to suck any godammned thing up. You keep insisting that just because a majority is okay with it, the cause is righteous and just, and that is not the case.

Read the Constitution line by line. Read the Federalist Papers. If you fuckers don't back off, we will start shooting! And we will be JUSTIFIED. Every judge in the country would agree that if a group of criminals is trying to forcefully enslave you, you are justified in killing all of them on the spot. Why is it different when a group of Tyrants have been "elected by a majority"?

And the formerly mentioned majority would have voted differently if they had known how many lies they were being fed during the campaign. They took the Dems and the President for their word and now those who have been elected are breaking every promise they made to the electorate.

I'm taking this fucking seriously. This is a personal affront to my freedom. You can tell me to grow up all you want, but I was raised by REAL men who taught me not to sit back and let criminals be criminals. You don't let assholes pillage your family/friends shoot them.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to find a stone etched copy of the US Constitution?

I think beating Communists to death with paper would be tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there's a niche to be filled. We need a talk show host who's willing to "go there."

Beck at least mentioned the "armed rally" on his TV show April the 20th stating that it went incident free. His people contacted the event's organizer (me) and asked to confirm this. They also asked about the speaker line up, so they are aware that Mike V. and the rest of the lineup spoke, save for Sheriff Mack, who was unable to make it but wanted to.

-Daniel Almond

Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver said...

Smince -
Regarding Boortz being a 'pretty reasonable guy' - ask him about Jesus Christ sometime. You will hear the bigoted fraud begin to sputter, fume and generally have a hissy-fit worthy of Bill Maher or Barney Frank.

Scott J said...

As I posted over at WOGs: I tired of Boortz when it seemed like he turned every show into a rant against us who take a sanctity of life view of abortion.

It really became a dead horse of his.

Smince said...

Travis - yes, point taken, he is quite immovable on some subjects, almost to the point of exposing some deeper-seated conflict that he doesn't want to expose of himself. Fortunately, Jesus Christ extends his forgiveness and died for all of us sinners, and I still pray for his eventual salvation. Time is running out, though.

Dan Galena said...

Regarding this NeoCon Boortz, why listen to him ? Why pay any attention to him ? Why post commentary on his website. Beyond annoying yourselves it just provides Boortz with attention and that's what his commercial sponsors like.

My suggestion is to stop listening to and commenting on Boortz. If you can't do that then perhaps boycott his commercial sponsors.

Forget Boortz and spend your time reading the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. You'll be glad you did.


Scott J said...

Daniel Almond has an idea. Perhaps you need a radio program, Mike.

You do know some folks in the radio biz. I know the one of "the" names in the local radio ad biz.

I wanted to be an on air talent briefly in my youth. Then I realized there's not much money in the radio biz and it's rife with people of questionable character.

Plus I doubt I'm interesting enough to be on a radio show.

Anonymous said...

In The Beginning (of the US of A), wasn't the vote limited to business and property owners? And restricted from slaves, indentured servants and women? The concept being to only allow the vote to those who had a vested interest the well being of the (new) Republic, instead of the entitlement?
I realize we can never return to the original voter concept (via the 15th and 19th Amendments - and this is a Good Thing), but is there any way to restrict the vote from those on entitlements? That being a self-perpetuating ever-growing drain.

B Woodman

atexan said...

I agree with Mr. Woodman. The vote should be restricted in some way. Possibly to people who have served in the military?

Smince said...

Pay to play...bring your 1040 to the voting booth. If you paid Federal income taxes since the last election (not just payroll taxes), you get to cast a vote for a person who is going to spend (or save) it. The liberal, progressive constituency would quickly disappear and some might even be inspired to actually go do something for a living besides leech off the producers.

Anonymous said...

1. The ballot box is not working.
2. With nearly 50% of the population with their hand in the till, there's not much hope in it working again.
3. Boortz also believes unborn babies deserve whatever their mother decides, including killing them.
4. And now his lack of RTKA support rivals that of Paul 'just in your home' Helmke.

Boortz is not our Constitutional friend.

Bob Katt

PeaceableGuy said...

The elections of democrats should come as no surprise to folks who noticed the spendthrift ways and overbearing power grabs of the republicans, in particular the first bank bailout attempts.

Then, instead of allowing a principled candidate to run, the GOP steamrolled over any attempt to allow votes or delegates for anyone except their good 'ol boy, McCain (in Nevada, at least 29 of 34 national delegates for Ron Paul were chosen by state delegates during the process provided for by republican state rules, until the chairman, Bob Beers, broke those rules to recess the vote, allowing the party muckity mucks to decide via a private conference call that all 34 delegates would be for McCain).

Unpopular republicans with a weak, treasonous candidate versus democrats with a very charismatic candidate who speaks many popular promises? Is it really a surprise that republicans lost?

The real trap in the voting process is to imagine that there is any significant difference between either major party... and to be unaware of the corruption of some of the third parties.

Paul X said...

Geez, you guys are starting to sound like anarchists. ;-)

Boortz, just another Beltway Libertarian. It's interesting how this "guns at rallies" issue filters out the phonies, eh? Separates the wheat from the chaff...

Anonymous said...

For the UMPTEENTH TIME: I have read the Constitution of the United States of America (about 50 times), and what most of you are saying IS TOTALLY NOT SUPPORTED BY IT! What the F---k are you freaks reading? By the way, you shouldn't read iyt when you're sloppy drunk.

Anonymous said...

I joined Corbin Kale in disagreeing with Neal Boortz.

Neal Boortz: "At this point it's not the trigger finger that will save us from tyranny, it's the voting finger."

Reply: At this point, it's Congress giving us the middle finger that has these folks upset.

Bailing out the Wall Street elite with taxpayer dollars and forcing socialized medicine on an unwilling public makes it evident that the ballot box has reached its outermost limit of utility as a bulwark against tyranny.

I am rarely in disagreement with NB but he kicked the tar baby this time.