Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lindsay Grahamnesty folds.

Hearing the soft sounds of hangman's nooses being thrown over tree limbs in South Carolina by his own constituents, Graham tosses in the amnesty towel, for now anyway.

This doesn't mean Dear Leader won't try on his own. After all, they didn't need the South Carolina lamecock to pass "health care," now did they?


Anonymous said...

Obama is definitely brave enough to try it...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Reid accepted the handoff and will try rushing it himself.


Anonymous said...

From article:

"Mr. Graham has been working with Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, to write a bill, but he said any effort to bring it up now would so anger Americans that it would kill any chance of getting the issue passed this year and in the near future.

"If immigration comes up this year, it's absolutely devastating to the future of this issue," he said. "

Since when are they worried about angering Americans?

Dan Galena said...

What I've come to understand, after many years of bad-mouthing career politicians, is simply those professional politicians bear little or no responsibility for their self-serving actions. They're NOT responsible. YOU are ! You who failed to vote for the new guy trying to make a difference. YOU who failed to give a donation to the guy begging for a buck to help him/her get the word out. YOU who complains about taxes and regulations but doesn't offer to put a lawn sign out for the political challenger. YOU who aren't even registered to vote, let alone vote intelligently.

No....Lindsay Graham isn't the problem. The problem lies in the citizens who fail to remove career politicians before politics becomes their career.

What say YOU ?


Pawmetto said...

With the noose on his neck Little Lord Lindsey cannot deny that he is

Anonymous said...

I say, shut up, Dan.

Anonymous said...

No....Lindsay Graham isn't the problem. The problem lies in the citizens who fail to remove career politicians before politics becomes their career.--DAN III

I have helped to vote out a few bad actors from office but somehow, a few years later, another bad guy takes their place.

It seems politics attracts unprincipled individuals the same way rats are drawn to a garbage dump. There seems to be no hope for it other than to ruthlessly restrict the scope of government.

This has little prospect of success in this era of government activism, however.


Tom Wolff said...

Dan Galena,

With all due respect, who the Holy Hell do you think YOU are addressing in that tone, sonny? I hope not ME!

I'm gonna go so far as ta say HOW DARE YE insult ANY of us who post or read here? How do YOU know what each of us has done in the past 50 yrs to slow the tide of incumbent hacks? Were YOU at MY local meetings where we were grasping at straws trying to find someone to unseat Bingaman or Udall?

Who made YOU the Grand Arbiter of what constitutes proper action in the nomination and selection of candidates faced with an opposition that is deeply entrenched and financed to no limit?

Dude, we try. A LOT! Please do not disparage the efforts of people you do not know. THAT is pure folly. YOU have NO idea of what we have done.

As long as I'm at it, your whinings about OathKeepers pulls me offa the bench on that one.

How the Hell are you certain that MAYBE our entire military was not threatened with the possibility of
Article 32 charges if they attended
an event that involved so-called
"domestic terrorist" speakers?

I don't know, so I cut OK a LOT of slack. YOU don't know, either.

So, Dan, please STFU. You are doing more to divide us than to bring us together. Get with the program, man.

I'll back you and most anyone here to the hilt if they are focused on the objective. If not, screw 'em.
Dissension in the ranks ain't helpin' nobody. Take that or leave it.

Lord help us, we have enough problems without having ta deal with fighting each other.

And ya wonder why the OPFOR sits and laughs at us? C'mon, guys. FOCUS!!!

I hope Mike would call people on this BS before it gets stupid.

Michael said...

"If immigration comes up this year, it's absolutely devastating to the future of this issue," he said.

It might be more devastating to the future of Lindsey Graham's position in the US Senate.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Calm down! He's talking to those who voted for RINOS in the primaries. Or for those who didn't vote at all. If you do not fall into one of those two categories, then Mr. Galena was not talking to you.

Talk about divisiveness!


Dan Galena said...

Dear Tom Wolfe,

First off....I have little use for the decepticons at Oath Keepers. If you want to support their cowardly actions that's your perogative.

Secondly....it is YOU....the electorate that has provided us with the sorry-ass politicians we have today.

I see you didn't answer any of my questions. So perhaps you are one of the FEW people who are actually stepping up to the plate. Good for you.

Oh and your sorry ass comments about me whining about Oath Keepers....perhaps you should be the one to STFU as you so elegantly put it. Oath Keepers is little more than a joke. If you choose to follow them so be it. But Rhodes and his BoD are people who talk out of one side of their mouth while doing the other.

Yeah....I'm "whining" about OK. Too bad you don't like it.

And in closing Mr. Wolfe....I never addressed anyone specifically in my comments....when I write "you" it doesn't mean YOU Tom Wolfe. It means "you" as in that citizen who failed to exercise his civic duty INTELLIGENTLY. Of course you didn't address any of my specific comments. Rather you ATTACKED my commentary which is your right to do so. However, your lack of commentary on legitimate questions I offered tells me you're as much a part of the problem as the guy who doesn't vote intelligently.

Oh...and your comments about "dissension in the ranks"....if you mean guys like me having no use for Oath Keepers....perhaps you should look at how Oath Keepers has thumbed their noses at "the ranks".

Oh and Oath Keepers.....if you appreciate them, good for you. I don't. And I'll whine about them as often as Mr. V. allows it.


Tom Wolff said...

(Mike, Sorry fer the following novella)

Mile 66, your point is well taken, I have had a burr under my saddle fer 30 yrs now with the way the gov’t has been acting, and I am sometimes quick to respond to perceived slights to my integrity. I get sensitive sometimes.

I hate ta bring our laundry out where millions are now seeing it, but at this point, I don't care. I
make mistakes just like everyone else. Statists don’t admit their errors, but FREE men/women DO.

I also know that in today’s American climate that it is better to make a friend than an enemy.

Dan Galena, did you read that? (BTW, that is "Wolff", NOT "Wolfe", 2 f's. I am not related to Claire, although I like the cut of her jib.) I was in a bad mood when I wrote that and I went over the top. But it was both our faults. For my part, my apologies. I ain't a happy camper. However, I should not let that be an excuse fer unloading on you.

NOW, whether you or I support OK, it is irrelevant now. We have bigger fish ta fry. They are still small fry. The focal point is still clear. The Restoration of the Constitution. Can I get an “Amen?”

That OK 4/19 stuff is water well past the bridge, and ultimately the truth behind their decisions will come out, so I am back on the bench on that one. I have not looked at their site to review the comments on this issue.

In the interest of getting us all back on the same page, what questions are you asking? I read yer stuff on SSI and came up with one. I answered the only relevant question of why OK might have backed out on April 19. I posted it, JMHO: Possibility of retribution for our active guys attending the events.

If you know more than what everyone else knows about this, please tell us. We ALL wanna know.

Tom Wolff said...


You are correct in saying that me and mine do what we can in the political arena. We may not be doing any good, given the rampant apathy and "sheep mentality" of prospective voters. There is also blatant voter fraud. Still gotta try, though. And yes, I DID address your specific comments here. Perhaps not verbatim, but I don't think I skipped a beat. If I missed something, lemme know, I did not avoid any question intentionally.

As to creating "dissension in the ranks"? Well, I think you should still kick back and let the truth come out about OathKeepers. If the leaders are a buncha frauds without standing, we will find out.

If they are honorable Constitutionalists, we will know that as well. Don’t throw it all to the dogs just yet, all right?

However, that should not detract from anyone who joined who believes in the principles they set forth.
If the leadership is wrong or right, THOSE people should be known to be independent of any association with OK, because their beliefs naturally hold them to no alliance but to our Constitution. NOT a group. Enough said?

To our both arguing in the midst of a Constitutional Crisis that has been building over 100 years? That has ta stop. Right now, man.

Now, my olive branch. Back when we were kids and up to this day, some of my best friends turn out ta be those that I went toe-to toe with initially over what later turned out ta be silly disagreements. Ta hell with this arguing, we are being read by millions now. We should show how we can disagree on minor points yet still agree on the MAIN point: How to restore a Constitutional Republic. ALL else is secondary or even tertiary to that primary objective. I say we dust off and go have a coupla beers and discuss who our REAL enemies are and how ta deal with them and remove them peacefully. ;)

Given the way we started out, you may be doomed ta being one of my good friends. Sorry, but it usually works out that way, even on the internet. I’m kinda persuasive and a likeable guy to most. Especially with hardheaded guys like myself. Well, in most cases. Howling Moonbats are excepted. :)

These here interwebs are an amazing thing. Information and communication in an instant. One can say things that one will have to explain to the multitudes later. People can get pissed and voice their thoughts in the heat of the moment to the whole world and it is preserved for eternity now. As well as being recorded by the statists. (Hmmm, do I care anymore? NAH! Molon Labe!)

However, those things one says should be able to be explained and justified and should be treated with open honesty, otherwise why clarify those statements? One could hide easily enough, and not reply, OR everyone paying attention will call BULLSHIT! when someone tries to cover a mistake with lies and obfuscation. That separates the men from the boys. Honesty, Honor, and Integrity. Things the statists do not possess.

A lot of people say stuff here under a semi-secure blanket of anonymity and will not stand by their words, but I'll say PRECISELY what I say to anyone on this internet what I would say to them face to face. I do it every day. I have no regrets, but sometimes ya gotta smooth some fur that ya raised up.

The reasonable among us can argue then laugh over a beer. We can also admit when we were wrong. Can alla y’all say that about y’selves? If not, then think about that and correct it…

Now enough of this, I ain’ kissin’ no butt, but I’ll be damned if I’ll alienate a possible friend.

Dan, ya ready fer a cold one?