Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just got back from a recon of Fort Hunt/Gravelly Point.

Summary: Good plan by organizers. Park Police obviously already at least partly up to speed with prepositioned fence barricades, etc. Two great spots. We will begin in the morning at Fort Hunt and then convoy with USPP escort to Gravelly Point. Camera shots at Gravelly Point will have the Capitol dome and the Washington Monument in the background across the river, and it is right underneath the flight pattern for Reagan National. Rachel Madcow should go flipping nuts.

I was able to contribute some observations on how collectivist counter-demonstrators / provocateurs might gain access to the sites (I used to be one myself, you know. "Hoi Chanh!")

Anyway, having walked the ground I am much more confident at Daniel's and Tom's plans. A lot of thought has gone into this.

And when they pull this off without incident, what then will be the excuse in retrospect for folks condemning it and not showing up?



Anonymous said...


How many do you think will show?


Anonymous said...

Have asked c-span this morning if it will cover this, the Mall event, or both; no answer yet.

typeay said...

Prayers for all who will attend, and for all who will be with them in spirit.

Godspeed, Patriots.

bander1643 said...

enough 4 the mass-a-cree, pilgrim! (gallows humor attempt, do not try this at home)

Hope someone is on countersnipe, Mikhail Vanderboga. Way to many sixes.

(I'm still mad at you for ruining Beefeaters for me, btw :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck and God speed.

bander1643 said...

We'll be supporting at the March on Texas state capital where legal carry of long arms will result in arrest by Austin PD. Good thing Marion Morrison is asleep in his grave

-Sign will read "Gandhi no Texan!"

-Bringing JPFO Uncle Jack pamphlets, esp. "Gun Control is Racist"

Anonymous said...

I have a feelsing that many will attend.
BUT - when "nothing" untoward happens, what will be heard from the MSM? (chirp - chirp - chirp)

B Woodman

wv: "adulato" a grown-ups coffee.

John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utah said...

Wow, Mike!!!

I was beginning to think I was the ONLY person left in this World who knew what "Chieu Hoi" and "Hoi Chanh" meant!

Man, that was a long time ago, but I still remember a couple of Vietnamese words, although I rarely have any use for them nowadays.

By the way, I have four (04) souvenir Chieu Hoi leaflets that were dropped by helicopter in the 101st Airborne's Area of Operation.

Maybe I'll e-mail photographs of them to you.

Thanks for the memories!

Pat H. said...

After having done extensive publication of the March, I have chosen to recommend Southern men and women NOT attend.

It is a collective "begging" of the US government to do its duty and enforce the Constitution.

The US government is not going to do that.

The US government is beyond repair.

All good southern men and women would do well to look elsewhere, to those groups you refuse to allow to be linked, Mike. You know, the ones who don't accuse you of corruption.

Redleg said...

What will happen is the Sunshine Patriots will have been shamed.

I wish I could attend. This is the only time I wished I lived near the cesspool of D.C. as oposed to the People's Demokratik Republik seeing as there isn't a whole lot of difference other than the weather.

I will be there with you in spirit! Hopefully someone will be able to post updates throughout the day.

God Bless you all and may he watch over your undertaking!!!

Happy D said...

bander1643 could you guys pack toy long guns? Or decoys?

Quaker cannons can be quite effective.

jon said...

it's a good question, but when the time comes, i don't plan to rub it in that i went and someone else didn't. well, not hard, anyway.

Scott J said...

Godspeed to you and all the other patriots attending.

I wish I could have joined you but home and Church committments wouldn't allow it.

I'm still playing quatermaster on the home front.

Scored 145 pounds of range scap for casting for $25 today.

Mike said...

"Those not showing up" would be the irrelevant and totally insignificant Board of Directors of OathKeepers. A man I respect used this analogy that I think is quite appropriate to OathKeepers...
"If you take the King's shillings, you are the King's man".

Stewart Rhodes and his fellow King's men should just go quietly into that good night and lick the hands that chain them. They have made a huge mistake and have drawn the ire of many a good Patriot. No surprise to me however, as I saw through this group months ago.

straightarrow said...

"If you take the King's shillings, you are the King's man".-Mike.

Afraid I agree with Mike. When I used to go to their website I used real life examples concerning employment, pensions, etc. etc. to question how many would stand on principle and not succumb personal interest in violation of them. I was vilified. I didn't mind because there was some room to interpret my questions as advocacy of chickenshitedness. Stewart Rhodes himself asked me to contact him. I did. He never answered.

I fear they are hollow shells who wish to enjoy the benefits of patriotism based on words without actually living up to requirements of it. I am sure not all there share that hypocritical stance, but enough do to tell me that they are not an ally which can be trusted. Much like France in WWII. On our side. The Germans win a few victories, they are on the Germans' side, when it goes bad for the Germans, they return to us and can't understand why we don't respect them???? Give me a fucking break.

I have suspected for a while that OK is of the same stripe, at least officially, not necessarily rank and file, but enough rank and file to relegate to the status of untrustworthiness. I would love to be wrong. Don't think I am.

Anonymous said...

I am also vey disappointed in Oathkeepers. Cowardice, no matter how strategic, is still cowardice.

Justin said...

Not going. Wish I could.

God speed, brothers.

I'll be there if need be.

Be safe.


Rhodes (not that one) said...

It would have been better for them if OK had never gotten involved than what happened.

OK walks a pretty thin line that I believe they are just realizing how thin. Yet we will have need of those that serve honor and the Constitution before all else.

I will not call any American soldier a kings man until he has shown himself to be, as once we were all soldiers.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Maybe Stuart Rhodes and his fellows have seen enough crap in their younger days. I know I have and if Mike knows what chieu hoy means it's because he's read it somewhere or a veteran has told him about it. I have about had enough of this "Dutchman6" shit from someone who's never heard the snap of a round over his head. In fact he may just be a plant from the Feds. If he's done as much bullshit as he talks about. I wish you boys well but I'm just a little over the hill and long in the tooth to be parading around toting a rifle hopeing someone will recognize me.

Anonymous said...

Great! Now that we are so far down the road toward open bloodshed we go into an operational pause in order to feed upon ourselves. This is just a single demonstration. Dont count anyone out yet and cut the fucking yipping at each other like little lap dogs just because some decided to sit this one out. Hell I will be on the job myself on the 19th. Not because I disagree with the RTC rally and not because I did not have the time or funds to attend. I chose to spend my funds on training rather than attend a rally that, while I respect the intent, I dont think will really make much of a difference. More power to those who attend and I hope all goes well but I will be on the side lines while your defense is on the field.


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