Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black-clad riot squad deployed to repel possible attack by little old lady Tea Partiers. I know I'm scared, aren't you? Sheesh.

My thanks to the several Threepers who forwarded the story below.

Who's the moke who ordered this bit of martial law display? Be sure and watch the video. It is a hoot.



sofa said...

The display of martial force reveals their worldview.

They only have a hammer, so they deploy the hammer against blue haired old ladies. TSA and the fine black clad fellows in your photo are directed against the blue haired old ladies, to compel and train the serfs to be compliant.

And they hope that threat of martial force will discourage those blue haired ladies from attending rallies against tyranny.

In steps, they create the long train of abuses. And eventually, inevitably, that threat erupts into their 'Fort Sumpter'.

Charlie said...

So the left says it's not ok for police officers to confirm the immigrant status of individuals they stop, but they call out the riot squad for grandmothers congregating on sidewalks?

Charlie said...

Who's threatening who?

american4life said...

Well they do a good job of demonizing the tea party. The JBTS' have to be embarrassed. Look at how the "flyby" portrays the Illegals in Arizona and the Tea Party People... Nuff Said....

Anonymous said...

When these absurdities take place the people need to point at the armed assholes and double over laughing. THAT is something they won't be able to understand nor to handle but it will unnerve them and they will never forget it. Trust me. It works.

Anonymous said...

They can't keep doing's going to blow up eventually. And how come the REGULAR officers weren't out there instead? Didn't look like that big of a crowd to me.

David T. McKee said...

The question is, how can we leverage this blatant abuse of power to our advantage? How can we use this to make a laughing stock of the SWAT, the BATF, and more importantly, the idiots who order them to do these kinds of things? Frankly, Internet posts, YouTube Videos, and such only have so much power to convice - how do we do another "ACORN" on these guys? Two people pretending to be a pimp and a prostitute brought that establishment down, but I suspect poking holes in the BATF/SWAT and such will be more difficult.

But certainly not impossible.

-David T. McKee

Anonymous said...

Must not be Oath Keepers.

Sabre said...

Agreed, it looks like they'll just keep pushing until they get what they want.Deploying that kind of force against the elderly would, to me,show their train of thought. But, to me, they showed a lack of discipline.Where did they learn that lame style of march?I'd make all of them drop and give me 30!

Toaster 802 said...

What would have happened if the crook in charge ordered the cops to use less than lethal weapons to break up the crowd?

A bunch of old people would have been sting balled, sandbagged, tasered, gassed, and pepper sprayed.

The taxfeeders will always choose their paychecks, pensions, and bennies over doing the right thing. The one time they do not, they will be replaced with more "politically" reliable goons.

Grumpyunk said...

First thing that caught my eye was the lame cadence call by the guy in charge.
What ever happened to- "Sound off like ya got a pair!"

"We're callin' out the Swat Team, to march across the land.

And if you think it's overkill, We'll tell ya to pound sand.

We're marching for Obama, just to let you know.

You Patriots are dangerous, Bill Clinton said it's so.

We need to make a show of force, and keep you in your place.

So don't you get ideas, about who runs this place.

You treacherous old blue haired broads, you may look kind and sweet.

But don't you give us any lip, or we'll bounce you in the street!"

Thank you, remember to tip your waitress!

Anonymous said...

Brutus brings up a point, Oathkeepers. And that is a very good question....where there any oathkeepers in the bunch of SWAT or LEO's in that operation...if so they have some explain'in to do...

Anonymous said...

Government is FORCE. This is a show of FORCE.

The message is simple.
“We are allowing you the PRIVILAGE to peaceably assemble, but we can and will rescind that privilege with FORCE at any given moment.”


Now had they shown up, not shouting orders at The People, and lined up with their backs to The People………………….I could take that as………”We are here to protect your RIGHT to peaceably assemble”.

Unfortunately not SOP.


BrownWaterNavy said...

Maybe that lady on the right was carrying a rocket launcher or some other weapon of mass destruction...hahaha.

You can tell just by lookin' at her she's a real threat...yeah right.

Just imagine if she had given the finger to all those SWAT team members. Why that would have been considered armed insurrection.

We live in upside down land people.
Just another example of the tyranny that surrounds us and the usurping of our Constitution.

dennis308 said...

Somebody PLEASE!!! send this to Fox News I would but I don´t have the computer skills to do it myself.
I´m a dinosaur with technology, just learnt spell check.
Fox would eat´em alive. This is the STUPIDEST Display of Force I have EVER seen the Police pull off.
Send these Idiots to Arizona so they can deal with Protesters that are destroying public and private property.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Looks like they are going to leave old people alone soon and go after the militias.
< >

The above is an article about a new OK law.

Anonymous said...

Next to bommie bowing that's the most pathetic thing I've seen.

Every piss ant town in the country's got jack boots on the ground. What a country of commies and clowns.

Crucis said...

From some on-scene reports I've been reading, the "swat" cops weren't too happy about it either. The marching and supposed Jody calls were to ridicule their superiors.

Once in place, they just stood there. A few elderly ladies walked up and engaged in friendly conversation until the LT in charge arrived. Even the SS were against bringing in SWAT but the local politicians were in a frenzy to "do something."

Pilgrims Pride said...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

"They really are idiots, aren't they?" -- Madame Defarge to husband Ernest, Paris, 1775

johnnyreb said...

Those old ladies looked pretty tough, but I think I could take the one in the turquoise sweater.


CowboyDan said...

Here's a link to the Quincy Herald Whig (local paper) story on the Tea Party Patriot march.

Sounded like one Quincy PD assistant chief was a little embarrassed by the JBT showing up. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when he and the other deputy chief had their debriefing session.

My guess is somebody's not gonna get a raise this year, or maybe somebody's going back to the 12-8 shift to check ID's in alternative lifestyle bars and other such fine establishments.

Maybe he'll be looking for work after a few weeks of that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Brutus brings up a point, Oathkeepers. And that is a very good question....where there any oathkeepers in the bunch of SWAT or LEO's in that operation...if so they have some explain'in to do...

"We were just following orders and enforcing the LAW. The LAW is the LAW ... and enforcing it is what they pay us to do ... AND ... even if they were not breaking any LAWS, we were there to makes sure that they did not break any LAWS and if they did, we would be in the immediate position to arrest any LAW breakers ... now, just what does OK'ers have to do with that? If you don't like us enforcing unconstitutional BS or showing our superior presence ... go vote!"

(Not word for word. But the spirit is the same.)

straightarrow said...

Or maybe they were Brutus.

I see a similarity in their fealty to oaths.

Kyle said...

Too bad it wasn't an open carry Tea Party...I don't think the boys in, err, black, would have marched in formation like that. Although, someone's earlier comment makes me seemed as though nobody was stepping lively and the cadence was pussyfooted to say the least; a far cry from the G20 antics we have all seen footage of. Maybe these guys were not so happy to put on their jackboots for a gathering of old ladies singing Patriotic melodies, perhaps they were looking for some younger, stronger, more threatening looking men to beat upon.

Anonymous said...

The local citizens need to post flyers and buy ads to publicly shame the officers involved, especially the leadership, and openly shun them in public and refuse to allow them in their businesses or even to be polite to them or their families. Shame is a powerful weapon.