Friday, April 30, 2010

My Radio Interview with Scott Ott of PJTV



Brock Townsend said...

Excellent, and needless to say, you won him over. His final words were evidence of that. Congratulations!

dennis308 said...

I think that we could find a way to get this interview to a media outlet that is accepted by the conservative groups like the Tea Party they would understand who their real enemies are and that they really have nothing to fear from CONSTITUTIONAL Militias because we Really are on their side in this desperate battle.

Concerned American said...


PJTV is just that outlet, IMHO.

Pass the link.

dennis308 said...

posted about the interview on the Tea Party site. plant the sead and let it grow.


Anonymous said...

A very good interview, particularly the portion about Bill Clinton and his lack of moral standing to critique anyone else when it comes to non-violence. Our government today is indeed a gangster government. The politicians figured out a simple truth, namely, that if you rob a bank or pull a woman into an alley and rape her your fellow citizens will oppose you and the police will run you to ground. But, if you become the police, if you co-opt our Republic's immune system by taking over the very organs of society and state which are designed to fight crime and stifle tyranny then you can mask your crimes and spread your cancer unopposed. When that happens radical treatments are required, the social equivalent of radiation and chemotherapy. Otherwise the alternative is to stand by and wait for chains to be fastened upon you and your family before you ultimately die a terrible death after having lead a degraded life.

rexxhead said...

We don't have to call you "Your Eminence (gris)" yet, do we ;-)

Anonymous said...

Most excellent.

Parrothead Jeff said...

Great interview and great job of explaining the issues. Any word on the price of tar and feathers yet LOL?

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

I don't know if, as Mr. Townsend said, you actually "won [Scott] over". I believe that the things you (and many of us) say scare the piss out of folks like Scott Ott. Those things scare them for the same reason Jews deny the holocaust and in the book/film "The Right Stuff" all crashes of experimental aircraft are attributed to poor piloting.

If there was no holocaust then I as a Jew (if I really were a Jew) do not have to fear being caught up in one. If planes crash due to pilots screwing the pooch then as a good pilot I do not have to fear crashing and dieing.

If I am someone like Scott and many, MANY others, the implications of your call to minor disobedience are frightening. So frightening that I do not want to think about them. Frightening because we might actually BE so far down the road as to make such actions necessary.

BTW, using your bus with loony driver metaphor, even if the driver wrecks the bus as the result of your throwing the rock, and even if some children are injured in the wreck, that beats all the children being killed when the loony drives the bus into the chasm the bridge was supposed to span. Notice that I am not defending throw the rock as just a means to an end or because of my good intentions. I am defending throwing the rock because it is the lesser of two evils. If the universe (as it often does) offers me a choice not between "good" and "bad" but between "bad" and "terrible", I will take "bad" any day of the week.

Charlie said...

Finally got a chance to listen to this on my way to work this morning. Well done, Mike.