Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smear job alert.

Julius Streicher in the dock at Nuremberg.

Folks, we're going to need somebody to capture a video snippet of this:

Potok proceeds to state that 'militias are the source for much of the criminal activity in America today.'

If he really said that, we can take it and shove it right back down his throat, figuratively speaking, of course. (Anything else comes after the victory in the Restoration War in the subsequent war crimes trials, with Potok playing the part of Julius Streicher.)

Nazi war criminal about to hang at Landsberg Prison, Germany, where Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Evil comes full circle.


Charlie said...

Is Potok conflating militias with criminal gangs and drug traffickers?

Charlie said...

Here's a link to the promo video:


It seems Potok was misquoted. What he actually said was, "those groups produced an enormous amount of criminal violence." Which is also demonstrably false, but it's important to quote people correctly.

Anonymous said...

Funny...the FBI states 80% of crime in the U.S. is attributed to more than 1 million gang members.


Tom Wolff said...

Although the tinfoil hat image is great,I think it would be more apropos to have one of Potok with huge bat ears and a full moon in the background, as in "Howling Moonbat".

OK, photoshoppers, you have your mission..

Anonymous said...

This may have been already covered, but it is time to do a in depth investigation and expose of the SPLC. Who these individuals are, where their money comes from, etc. I'd bet, if you dig deep enough, there is a government connection. They are undoubtedly taking their marching orders from someone in DC. That's why their outlandish lies are taken as gospel.

Anonymous said...

To add to Mr. Wolff, I'd like to see some talented photoshop artist (which I ain't) put an elongated Pinnochio nose on Dear Leader Obeyme. Wouldn't THAT be fun to paste around!!

B Woodman

Toaster 802 said...

It is time to remember that the Broadcast media (TV and radio) has to answer every couple of years for it's programming, that it is in the public good. I think it is clear these "people" are working very hard AGAINST the public good, and should have their permits yanked for life.

The station has to let the viewer know when the permits are up for review, and how people can respond to the FCC.

Time to hit them where it herts, in the wallet.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to remind that jackass Potok that Ted Kennedy's car has still killed more people than any of my guns ever has. Someone should seriously sue Potok as he is libeling and slandering lots of good, decent folks in militias.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to watch people become the enemy they say they are trying to fight. Just who am I talking about?...

dennis308 said...

After the Constitution Restorations War and Potok´s trial I want to pull the lever at the Gallows to send his soul to HELL.