Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're "embarrassing Caucasians in this country," or so says Ed Schultz.

Thanks to Daniel Almond for this link. Why do these pukes always make it about race?


patriot_ohio said...

Because it is more comfortable than waking up to smell the burnt coffee.

That's my bet.


Cederq said...

I am so sorry Mike, I couldn't stomach more then 2 minutes of this nut bag, what a definite shill! I quote, "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."


Temnota said...

Honestly, Ed Schultz is the real reason they make Louisville Sluggers. You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

AWWW I think we got his panties all twisted!! What a waste this guy is.. And think the list keeps getting longer.....

Brett III

Darth Venomous said...

"Thanks to Daniel Almond for this link. Why do these pukes always make it about race?"

Because, Mike, it's the only card they have left. And they're going to beat it into the ground as long as they think they can make it work.

Jeff said...

"We have a black President..." Not so fast. He's half white. The other half is mostly Arab of the slave trading variety, and a little bit "black". So, if nuts for brains idjits like Shultz want to make some sort of racial hay, because they lack the ability to put together a rational argument to support their statist agenda, they should at least make the effort to get the race correct. But then again, what difference does it make what race he is? His something resembling a corporatist/fascist and is doing everything in his power to destroy the free market economy - I would fight against that no matter what color his skin is.

TdB said...

Blogger Temnota said...

Honestly, Ed Schultz is the real reason they make Louisville Sluggers. You can't fix stupid.

Sure can! U just need to upgrade to LouisSlug 2.0


"Boy, git me a bigger hammer & I believe I kin fix this," Grandpop Britton

Anonymous said...

Terrific own goal, dude.

"low information voter" -- I love it! What respect for your fellow man!

They spread our name to the wise, and use it to invoke fear in our enemies. Where's the lose?

Rhett III

dennis308 said...

You know something,It seems to me that it´s the Media and Government Officials or in some cases Ex-Officials (KLITON-KARTER)that keep the violent rhetoric at fever pitch.

BUT,I followed a couple of the video links and I found a piece with James Johnson a Militia Leader testifying before Congress back in 1995.
This guy (a Black Man) had some VERY interesting things to say.It seems like not much has changed PEOPLE of every race,creed,and religion did NOT trust the GOVERNMENT then any more than now.
And if you will remember back then there were a couple of very Unpopular laws that passed Clinton Assault Weapon Ban and NAFTA.And now we have Obamacare, and Crap and Trade, and the Bailout Express.
It would seem to me that maybe these Idiots in Washington would learn to listen that when the the American People say they don´t want something don´t try to force it down our throats.
I guess I´m just dreaming though. And all this will continue untill a Un-Civil War is a better option than living under the thumb of oppression.


rexxhead said...

Schulz' problem is that he hasn't yet realized we don't care what he thinks.


pdxr13 said...

Listeners to the "big Ed" political sportscasting show are the original "Low Information Voters".

My Great Grandparents left Minnesota because of the weather, a sod house, and people like Ed Schultz.

The relatively homogeneous "classic American" populations (Norwegian, Swedish, Lapplanders, Finns, etc.) in the central northern ice bowl States are not-stupid (pretty high average IQ), but they are overly-trusting and loyal to charismatic loud traitors who look and sound like them. They aren't alone in this failure which was a survival trait before the industrial revolution in a remote hostile climate.

There are other stations to tune-in in Portland Oregon besides the Voice of Submission, AM-620 KPOJ (formerly, Air America).


Dedicated_Dad said...

As noted, Dear Reader is MOSTLY WHITE, with the balance being mostly Arab of the slave-trading variety. IIRC, only his Paternal great-grandmother was an African of the Luo tribe. Again - IIRC - he's 1/2 White, 3/8 Arab and 1/8 black-African.

In sum, he's what once would be known as an "Octaroon." I mention this for one reason: Among REAL racists - those who adhere to the "one-drop rule" and come up with classifications like "Octaroon" - having even a drop of black blood means you are ALL BLACK.

Who are the ones who can't shut up about our "black" president? Who are the REAL racists here?

Here's what we REALLY have:

* An Apparently Adult Male Human ("AAMH" - I can't call him a MAN) with a few drops of black blood -- but notably not enough to get him any special-treatment through lib-mandated "programs."

* An AAMH whose childhood was spent in Indonesia being indoctrinated on the EVILS embodied in our great Republic.

* An AAMH whose adolescence was spent with his Maternal Grandparents in an upper-class life of private schools in a culture which despises white-people ("Haoles") and whose time was spent at the knee of avowed Marxists who he clearly idolizes to this day.

* An AAMH whose early "adult" years were spent first at Columbia University then at Harvard Law - where he continued reaping blessings and accolades he had not earned, experiencing further indoctrination into the radical marxist/communist ideology.

* An AAMH whose career since college consisted of high-paying jobs leveraging his "black-ish" appearance and his "white-ish" demeanor and speech patterns to advance socialist principles in Chicago and elsewhere.

Please tell me what part of his life-story gives him any ability to understand "the black experience" in this country?

In sum, we have a man who is deeply steeped in anti-American rhetoric despite being raised in a life of privilege unknown to most people of any race.

He's NOT "Black" - not by blood, not by origin and CERTAINLY not by experience -- but he LOOKS "black" and that's enough for some people.

IN any case, as I've said many times, **I DON'T CARE A CRAP IF HE'S BLACK -- my problem with him is that he's **RED**!!

I would have been at the march if Hitlery or even McStain were POTUS - if they... SCREW IT. There's no point in defending ourselves against this sickness because even our defenses will be cherry-picked and twisted to fit their propaganda-mission.

My response to "You're a RACIST!" will henceforth be as follows: In any not-in-person encounter, "FUCK YOU!" -- and in any IN-person, a punch in the mouth.

I'm as serious as I can be.

One of the BIGGEST problems we have is that nobody's afraid of being punched in the mouth.


Charlie said...

7,184 views? That's more than The ED Show gets on MSNBC.

Charlie said...

Ha, that makes the second MSNBC program to broadcast my backside nationwide!

Dan said...

Thanks for the lead re: James Johnson.
I'll watch the videos, too.
Is he still around?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I truncated that down to where Ed talked about his serious gas problem.


W W Woodward said...

45 Superman,

He DID say assmosphere. To quote a famous harebrain, "What a maroon!"


Happy D said...

Whoa! The President is black!
I really didn't give a flying Fu(k.

Why didn't someone tell me?