Monday, April 12, 2010

"We Are Everywhere" in Arizona: Flags on overpasses in Phoenix.

Hey Mike,

I have been a long time reader, never a commenter of your blog.

I figured you would like to know that many of these flags partnered up with upside down Betsy Ross's showed up on highways in and around the greater Phoenix area in Arizona today. As always feel free to publish the attached image as you see fit. (its real tough to get a picture of an overpass while driving on the highway)

WE estimate thousands upon thousands have seen these due to rush hour, Doubtful of any media coverage. But the word is getting out in a big way. Keep up the good fight sir!

Thank you,



Keep it up guys and gals.

We ARE Everywhere!



PKL said...

I saw a carving that said this in a McDonald's Bathroom stall: "We are III%". After that in different handwriting was written "Fuck Pelosi", seemingly in answer. I was pleasantly surprised to see them there all neat and tidy among the gang-related goboldy-guk that usually adorns such places. Kudos to whoever did it.

PHXIIIper said...

Bout time PHX got put on the map. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

"Among the gang-related goboldy-guk [sic]"

In the right company. Thugs is thugs.

III more than them said...

Thugs is thugs.... where's your perspective?

Gotta laugh. Figures that people well versed enough to understand personal liberty would also possess the skills to write legibly - among the collection of graffiti that most likely comes from the pens (and knives) of illegals and illegal supporters.

I'm guessing Anonymous would stand up for them first....

PHXIIIper said...

Well said III...Well said...