Friday, April 16, 2010

Larry Kudlow on America's "Constitutionalist Revolt."

Kudlow gets it. I'm not sure he gets that this is going to move beyond mere politics if it is to succeed against a determined collectivist enemy.


TPaine said...

The people who NEED to know what the Tea Party is saying are finally getting it - even the lame-stream media are grudgingly reporting some good points coming from us. This is a movement that is NOT going away, despite Obama and Pelosi/Reid, who thought this was a one-time, temporary uprising that would peter out once they showed their power. And they know it and are troubled that we might actually have some power.

How right they are. I am hearing on TV how the economy is coming back and how "the people" will now relax a little more, and how the Dems don't really have to worry anymore about November. Hate to tell them otherwise, but we're just getting started. The tar is boiling, and the feathers are being gathered. It will be a hot time in the ol' town in November.

Dan said...

TPaine, after reading about axelrod's frank statement re: the Brown victory causing us to lose steam and allow them to regroup and ram h/c through, you're absolutely right that we're not taking our eye off the ball.
We can not relax, in fact, our best days are ahead of us.
Vigilance and diligence need to be our watch-words.