Monday, April 19, 2010

re: WaPo story reference -- a reader comments . . .

Folks, running against the clock this morning I accidentally deleted this comment and this is the quickest way to restore it. It is important to note that MAJ McTyreire is apparently not currently a contractor.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "From tomorrow's Washington Post.":

Rex McTyeire, retired Special Forces Major?

Well ...

Some interesting facts:

RDR Incorprated

# Privately held company, incorporated in 1986

# Cal Sasai, Founder and Chairman

# Headquartered in Centreville, Virginia with field sites in Florida, North Carolina and Hawaii

# Distinguished and competent staff, with over 200 cleared and seasoned members, including former military, intelligence and homeland security professionals

# Demonstrated skills and performance to support homeland and national security

# History of Serving the DoD, the intelligence community and the Department of State

#Experience in support and operations in over 150 countries and all regions of the world

Do you know who you are sleeping with? And who is passing what to whom ?

Posted by Anonymous to Sipsey Street Irregulars at April 18, 2010 10:12 PM


Anonymous said...

"Do you know who you are sleeping with? And who is passing what to whom?"

Yes I do.

"Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob will find himself much mistaken. They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about." --Lord Hugh Percy 1775

Happy Patriots Day!

Brock Townsend said...

"Board of Directors at Oath Keepers"

Anonymous said...

Rebellion must be managed with many swords; treason to his prince's person may be with one knife.

The Holy and Profane States -The Traitor, Thomas Fuller

J. Croft said...

Had a couple run-ins with him while I was over at Stewie Rhodes org. Basically he was a well trained gatekeeper who clamped down on anyone who wouldn't go along with their program... of doing about nothing. Not a good man and certainly not a good American.

Just because you can argue out of both sides of your mouth doesn't make you right.

On a more positive front, yes 50 people came to the rally but that's 50 more than what the enemy would care to have attended exercising their 2nd. The rule about empty rifles and chamber flags was a technicality that could be lived with given the supply of loaded mags Americans there carried.

Now that this form of protest has gone off without a hitch it's now imperative to expand the numbers of Americans willing to muster and exercise their 2nd. I'd bring a grille and a good supply of food next time.

As for me-no I couldn't attend but I DID get some shooting in with my MBR on a fine spring day.

Rex H. McTyeire said...

I have no idea why those facts seem interesting. Proves you can type into google. I sleep with my wife, with a Mosberg 500 Roadblcoker under the bed..and I don't do it anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Come on Rex! I posted this very thing on my OK'ers blog when I was a member. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind you saw it.

After all, weren't you busy at the time trolling for Patriots and verbally beating on them and threatening to disbar them for doing nothing more than holding the unwashed, the unread, the uneducated ... the "LAW is the LAW" types (Remember the NORTHCOM flunky?) ... accountable to the constitution, while these same unwashed, unread, uneducated were calling Patriots "twits", "pussies" and etc.?

Redleg said...

Here is something interesting to consider. It seems that the OK BOD's main source of intel, someone by the name of Dolphin, loves a good conspiracy theory and said that the entire BOD does as well. I proposed one for them in return as follows:


Since you like conspiracies so much here is a fun one for you. Elsewhere I have seen a reference to Mr. McTyeire’s work for a defense contractor that specialized in DATA MINING. You know the Mr. McTyeire that Elias referred to here in comment # 118 where he said that “Rex McTyeire, is a retired Special Forces Major with an exemplary career. He understands psy-ops, and other sensitive arts inherent in his work for the Army.”

Well what if Oath Keepers is no more than a DATA MINING outfit for the DOD and other alphabet soup agencies?

Perhaps Oath Keepers wants to compile a list of all of the like minded LEO’s and soldiers for the government so they know who to purge when the time comes. Perhaps Oath Keepers is nothing more than a government contract to do just that?

In comment #52 you said “What goes on is nothing less than blatent {sic} entrapment in many cases.”

Is that it? Is this a case of blatant entrapment (your words)???

Since you are the PSYOPS and Military Intelligence specialist perhaps you have an answer for all of us unenlightened beings.

This exchange took place here: