Friday, April 16, 2010

"I just can't stand by and watch this country go down the tubes."

According to Bob Wright, who was here, there were signs saying "III -- We Are Everywhere" at this event. He has promised me photos later today.



BCR said...

Yes sir there was. I had it on my megaphone which we used to hold a small impromptu rally on the Capitol lawn in the afternoon. It also followed me to the Tax rally at Freedom Square and later to the 'main event' near the Washington monument.

Someone did take a picture of my megaphone, perhaps it was him.

David T. McKee said...

I can't stand it either! By the way, apparently even Martin Luther King can't stand it... check this out:

Too Funny! But sadly, too true!

-David McKee

dennis308 said...

There we are again in FREEDOM SQUARE!!! We Are Everywhere!

TPaine said...

From a friend of mine who attended a Tea Party rally (in or around Phoenix, I believe):
LOVE IT! I went to a Tea Party this evening – there was a group of four leaving as I was walking to the staging area, carrying signs that said stuff like: OBAMA IS A PUBLIC MASTERBATER … but the funny thing was, there was ALSO a group of Tea Partiers walking them out, with signs that said: PROVACATEURS and INFILTRATORS! Complete with arrows pointing at the group … So the feeble attempt to usurp this Tea Party was unsuccessful…

So we definitely had infiltrators ATTEMPT to muck up the rallies, but they were pitifully outnumbered and defeated.

David T. McKee said...

Although I must admit - Obama IS a public MasterBater... From my perspective, it would seem these provocateurs shot themselves in the foot twice!

Great Work.

Dave McKee

Anonymous said...

I'm glad 3pers were at the Tea Parties - but gee whiz... The Tea Parties have now officially been taken over by the closet socialists from within the GOP!

Inform yourself, Watch:

CFR'er and closet socialist, Newt Gingrich, spoke at the Austin,TX Tea Party to crowds of cheering, but ignorant fans.

Please educate yourself! Beware of establishment hacks from within the GOP.-- DONT trust any of them. Don't be a "useful idiot"!


Anonymous said...

HAve you seen this: