Friday, April 16, 2010

We have arrived. Bill Clinton denounces the Three Percenters by name.

Wolf Blitzer of CNN interviewed BC tonight and he denounced us Three Percenters as particularly dangerous folks. Here is the only link I can find at the moment (it does not have the Three Percenter quote). If any Threeper out there can find the transcript or the specific footage later tonight I would be grateful if they leave a comment or an email.


LATER: From page 10 and 11 of this transcript of Clinton's remarks today:

...But I think that all you have to do is to read the paper every day to see how many there are who are deeply, deeply troubled. We know, now, that there are people involved in groups -- these 'hatriot' groups, the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, the others -- 99 percent of them will never do anything they shouldn't do. But there are people who advocate violence and anticipate violence.

One of these guys the other day said that all politics is just a prelude to the ultimate and inevitable civil war. You know, I'm a southerner. I know what happened. We were still paying for that 100 years later when I was a kid growing up, in ways large and small. It doesn't take many people to take something like that seriously. So I don't want the whole story of this retrospective just to be about this, and to try to turn everything into politics...


Brock Townsend said...

The first page of comments are all anti-Clinton.

Anonymous said...

I guess there is a shortage of chubby interns now too - obviously he has nothing better to do.

Spirit of 1776 said...

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you. And me, I guess.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Don't have a clip or whatever from the Wolf Blitz thing but Shep Smith had a clip of BC spewing a similar if not the same spew!!

Just to add some 140 octane to the fire, I get posts from "Americans for Prosperity" honchoed by Tim Phillips this post said,"Gandhi was right."

"We're starting to win and the left knows it. I don't often quote the late Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, but speaking of his own countrys' fight for freedom from Great Britan he said the following,'First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.'

Gandhi may have been speaking decades ago, but he summed up where we stand pretty damn well!"

"Ignore," eg; Maxine Waters ignoring a speaker at a town hall this summer (talking on her cell phone!!)
"ridicule" ya' don't have to go to far to see or hear that!!
"Fight" It won't be long now. Megan Kelly's Fox news show this aftn showed a RNC fund raiser lady in New Orleans sustained a broken leg (5 places) in an alledged politically motivated attack. Hmmmm? 'Am looking for more info, anybody out there know anything else??


Anonymous said...

Your rocks got their attention.
You're the man!


Anonymous said...

We can count on Bill & Hill.

I'll see you all there, I'll be dressed up in patriot garb (is anyone else?). I know, my grenade launcher is a bit out of place.

You guys rock!


Anonymous said...

Here's some info on the beatings in New Orleans last weekend:

Justin said...

Threepers? Dangerous? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Who have we killed? This adulterous, lying weasel of a man has the unnecessary blood of the Branch Davidians and Randy Weaver's wife and kid ON HIS HANDS. WE'RE DANGEROUS???

But, OF COURSE Clinton thinks we're dangerous. Just like The Mayor of Chicago thinks people with guns are dangerous to politicians.


I agree with you son, Mike, if I remember correctly his response to Mayor Daley's comments. Methinks that maybe, just maybe, they're starting to understand.


Concerned American said...

Transcript is here:

Thanks, Mr. President!

Direct link to transcipt is here:

FPOTUS Speech 16 April 2010

Skip to bottom of page 10...

Anonymous said...

Did exPres. Dikhead ever consider that he and his are the cause of all this, not us?

BrownWaterNavy said...

skybill, There are two blogs that have been on the story from the beginning. The links are here;


Kyle said...

Slick Willy has always had the ability to use his southern roots to belay a "I'm one of you guys" image of himself...GW Bush played the dumb New Englander-turned-Texan card and Obama and now Obama is the beer summit Joe Six Pack.
Mr. Clinton seemingly makes some great and rational points; in fact, I would love to concede and say he at least believes every last word of what he said (because that would make this world a slightly less f-ed up place somehow), but I don't believe he is sincere. The mere fact that he uses the term "hatriot", which sounds an awful lot like something that shit stain Gossip Boy would say. Furthermore, I would have to ask Mr. Lewinsky, err, Clinton why he selected Oath Keepers and Three Percenters for such a title specifically. I was once the SoCal Regional Director of Oath Keepers and I have personally met and spoken to Stewart Rhodes personally; I can assure you he is not a hateful man at all and in fact, he champions the cause of freedom for ALL Americans. There may be some "ride the anti-Obama wave" Sean Insanity types in OK, but by-and-large it is made up of veterans who have seen enough bullshit from both sides of the aisle to say enough's enough already! How exactly are we merry band of three-pers "hatriots"? Are tyrants a protected group now? If that is the case, though I won't speak on behalf of Three Percenters or Oath Keepers (snicker, guffaw), please call me a proud "hatriot"!

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton is a has been.
Who the hell cares what the pervert says about anything?

Anonymous said...

BC sure has the number of the writer and readers of this blog: the delirious and the unhinged.

Anonymous said...

The king of liars has christened you, Mike. Congrats.
As Rush commented today, we are living in their heads rent free!

We must keep the pressure up. This is yet another indication they are sweating.

They will eventually fold, but it's gonna take continued hard core political action. As BO himself said, 'Get in their face'. Ok, if you say so.

Anonymous said...

First it was Rachel Mancow. Now it is Boy Clinton.

I think it's safe to say that you have finally arrived.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bubba, if you're looking in. . .

I wrote and published some articles about your anti-gun mentality during your "communitarian" days. And the funny thing is, I wrote them at work during my lunch hour at a law firm where your friend Jim "Whitewater" Lyons was partner.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Bill Clinton says. People who look to politicians for guidance deserve what happens to them.

tom said...

Maybe somebody should point out to him that they are the ones that keep firing on us?

None of us started a war. They are waging war on America and can't even see they are doing it.

Anonymous said...

Look for another OKC Reichstag fire any day now since they didn't get the violence they wanted from the Tea Party.

Wee Willie Klinton is probably teaching Obama how to do it right now - "Just instigate something hateful and blame the right wing like I did... Got me reelected, ya know"

ragman said...

Bill Klintoon is a disgrace. Who gives a shit what this loser says or thinks. We are certainly getting into their collective heads and they don't like it one bit! This is something new to them and the cries of "raciss or antisemite" just don;t scare us(if they ever did) anymore. I still think disarmament of Citizens in the cards, they can't totally control us if we have the means to resist. Also a small correction: Bush the first owns the Ruby Ridge murders not Klintoon.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, his comments are all to be expected from the likes that re-write history (a favorite pastime of the Soviets).

Did anyone note that one of the panelists was Jamie Gorelick? She more than any one single person is responsible for 9/11. See -

After which of course she was rewarded by being allowed to get rich at Fannie Mae.

And Bill Clinton has the stones to tell us that Waco and Ruby Ridge were the fault of those innocent dead.


MamaLiberty said...

Well, fellas, I don't know about you, but I DO have an awful lot of absolutely righteous and legitimate HATE.

I HATE being robbed and lied to. I HATE seeing innocent people railroaded, hurt and murdered. Over and over and over again!

I HATE seeing us all being forced into a corner where we will have to kill or be killed - since we will not roll over and pee on our bellies being "good dogs."

I HATE seeing the economy systematically gutted, hard working people and youngsters just coming along unable to find work or run businesses and being sucked into dependence on government stolen goods.

I HATE to see the disaster coming at us like a run away freight train - with my grandchildren tied to the rails - and nothing I can say or do will stop it.

Hate is only wrong when it is directed at the innocent. Righteous anger/hate should not be expressed in aggression, of course, but it is a necessary component of our response to that initiation of force by others.

Let's not allow our oppressors to rob us of the strength of our deepest and truly righteous response.

Elrod "Pliers" Firesign said...

Give the man another triple cheeseburger and supersize the fries; it's on the house.

idahobob said...

I agree with Babs.....

Who REALLY gives a shit what that bi-sexual pervert has to say?


aughtsix said...

OK, alright already...

It's "...the blood of Tyrants and 'hatriots' " now. is it?

Fine. Count me in.



spitnyri said...

Heres a link with his entire comment.. funny how all these Domestics have a finger pointing fetish.

lll Yank

Unknown said...

I am so very proud to count myself among you fine Threepers! HOOAH!

I'm a proud Oath Keeper too.

Happy D said...

"But there are people who advocate violence and anticipate violence."
Yes, they are calling themselves progressives now. They used to call themselves liberals.
They usually lie like when they call themselves pacifists.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Mike, I took the video of Clinton's speech to the Center for American Progress, and truncated it down to just the (54 second) part you highlighted from the transcript. Well, actually, I cut it off before the last sentence, because I thought that was a more logical point for a paragraph break.

Hope this is useful. Let me know if cropping it differently would be more useful to you.


Dedicated_Dad said...

"Tom" said: "...They are waging war on America and can't even see they are doing it."

They know damn well what they are doing.

It's 100% deliberate.


Phelps said...

Gratz to Mr. Billy Beck for getting his particular earworm in Clinton's head.

JimNYC said...

Gods wrath is upon this fella Clinton. Especially for his evil deeds against the Serbs in 1999. They will do something severe because they finally realized their empire is collapsing. In Order to turn attention away from the empire collapse, they will do something severe and falsely blame it on something/someone else. GET READY!

Anonymous said...

"Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct" Thomas Carlyle

Anonymous said...

Who are you going to shoot? Americans? Clinton is right to criticize you.

Anonymous said...

If Americans shoot at us, we'll shoot back. And if it turns out to be foreigners - even better. Any more questions MR. Anon?

You're right, they should FEAR us because they are pushing us to the bursting point and we're NOT Iranians.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

We intend, if at all possible, to let them take the first aggressive, violent action.

Then we will have our party and Freedom will prevail.

Unknown said...

Mike Church was playing the media of Bill Clinton on his show this morning and mentioned he had no ide what a 3 percenter was. I emailed Mike the link to this site and it explanation of "what is a Three Percenter?" A few minutes later Mike replayed BC fretting over the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters and then read your explanation of the Three Percent followed up by some favorable commentary....

We are everywhere....

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Nicely done, Dean!


Alex said...

I don't know if anyone is still watching this thread, but here is the video of Clinton calling the OK and Threepers "Hatriot Groups"